Study Material for HAAD, MOH, DHA and DHCC UAE Medical License Exams


In this article, we’re going to share with you the study material for HAAD, MOH, DHA DHCC license exams. These are the medical licensing exams of the United Arab Emirates for doctors and healthcare professionals who wish to practice medicine in UAE. All this information has been collected from our alumni (currently training in UAE) and partly from our research via social media and online forums. This article will suffice the study material you need for cracking UAE’s medical licensing exams. 🙂

But first, let’s take a look at what we already know about life as a doctor in UAE. We recommend reading the following articles for knowledge base if you’re seriously considering obtaining HAAD, MOH, DHA or DHCC license in UAE:

Salary of Doctors in UAE (Authentic and Fully Updated)

How to Apply for HAAD, DHA, MOH and DHCC License Exam of UAE

Exemption Criteria for HAAD, DHA, MOH & DHCC License Exams

After publishing the above-mentioned articles, we received too many emails asking for the study material for HAAD, DHA, MOH and DHCC license exams. Because the authorities have just provided a vague description of the paper which is JUST NOT ENOUGH when it comes to exam preparation. So, for making this clear, we contacted our alumnus, Dr. Yasir Ameer Baloch (currently working as a Physician-General Internal Medicine at Masafi Hospital, Ministry of Health & Prevention, Fujairah, UAE) for his assistance. And in addition, we also searched the web. And so, we have come across some seriously useful stuff that you can use for your preparation! 🙂

Here’s what you need for HAAD, MOH, DHA or DHCC license exam preparation:

Exam Pattern of HAAD, MOH, DHA or DHCC

The exam pattern is as follows (all of this based on experience and recall of doctor who recently took the exam):

  • Number of questions: 120 (Best of 4 MCQs)
  • Allowed time: 150 minutes
  • Passing: Around 60%
    1- Straight 1-2 line questions followed by multiple choice options
    2- They give two columns (3 lines/words in each column) and ask to choose the best option
    3- There will be 2-3 line scenarios of a disease (i.e Systemic Lupus Erythematosus was one) and then subsequently asked 3 questions, all of them were one line questions.

Time management is not an issue because the questions are of single line mostly.

Study Material for HAAD, MOH, DHA and DHCC Medical License Exam of UAE

Here are some of the experience-based recommendations for HAAD, MOH, DHA and DHCC Medical License Exam of UAE:

1. Master the Boards USMLE Step 2 CK

The USMLE Step 2 CK Books are highly recommended for HAAD, MOH, DHA and DHCC license exams!


Master the Boards USMLE Step 2 CK Book

CHECK HERE: Master the Boards Series Complete Free PDF Download [Direct Links]

2. Umm Al-Qura University SLE Questions

“Umm Al-­Qura University SLE Questions 2nd Edition” is based on questions collected and shared from Saudi License Exam (SLE) for doctors. It contains questions from various specialties, mentioned as follows:

  1. Cardiology
  2. Pulmonology
  3. Gastroenterology
  4. Neurology
  5. Nephrology
  6. Endocrinology
  7. Rheumatology
  8. General Surgery
  9. ENT
  10. Ophthalmology
  11. Dermatology
  12. Family and Community Medicine
  13. Basic Medicine
  14. Obstetrics and Gynecology
  15. Pediatrics
  16. Orthopedics
  17. Psychiatry

To prevent copyright issues, we have uploaded these file on Google Drive and shared them on Facebook. You can DOWNLOAD “Umm Al-Qura University SLE Questions” from our Facebook group:

 Medicos Republic (ALL STUFF: USMLE, MRCP, PLAB, AMC & More)

3. USMLE Step 2CK Question Banks

Good for practicing and core knowledge, really helpful for board exams and for medical licensing exams of UAE.

USMLE World Logo

4. First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 CK


Real Exam Questions from HAAD Medical License Exams

Here are a few recalls based on January 18th, 2017 HAAD Exam Paper. They’re all real and have been shared by doctors who took the HAAD Exam.

Here goes:

1- What percentage of Beta cells are lost when symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus appear?

a- 10%
b- 30%
c- 50%
c- 80%

2- In type 1 Diabetes Mellitus which cells are present in the pancreas?
a- WBC
b- Lymphocytes
c- Eosinophils
d- Macrophages

3- String sign is seen in?

a- Ulcerativ colitis
2- Chrons disease
c- CA colon
d- Intestinal obstruction

4- Which CA most commonly resembles adrenal gland?
a- Breast
b- Lung
c- Stomach
d- Pancreas

5- Type 1 Adrenalitis associated with?
b- Candidiasis
c- Cushing Syndrome



That’s all for now! 🙂

We hope you will find this blog post useful for your exam. Good luck! 🙂

Got any question? Please let us know by using the comment box below.



  1. Assalamualaikum Aurangzeb
    In order to get expemption from MOH licensing examination for becoming a GP in Sharjah. Is clearing PLAB 2 only is sufficient or MRCP is also required along with Plab 2 . Your kind reply will be really appreciated


  2. Hi! I am a Dermatologist currently working in India,I have 2 year experience post PG.Is 3 years compulsory for attending DHA/HAAD superspeciality? I have heard you can clear the exam and still work under a dermatologist and still get your license after a year?? Is it true?
    Also apart from PrometricMCQ, is there any other site/books where you can get Dermatology MCQ?

      • Hi, I am also Egyptian dermatologist and completed 2 years of my experience after the master degree.I ask about the sources for the exam

        • I’m final year student myself, don’t know much about syllabus and recommended books, but one of our relatives who is working in UAE and have passed DHA exam recommend me that MTB step 2(master the boards) with BnB lectures is enough for passing scores ,he also added that previous tests are important too bcz much portion is repeating every year.

    • Hi, I am a pediatrician from india with 1 and a half years experience post PG. I heard the same thing too…that is clear DHA and work under a Pediatrician as a registrar for 1 n half yrs more and then upgrade to Specialist afterward. Seeing that you posted your comment in 2017, I hope you landed a job as a specialist in UAE. In that case, would you be willing to spare some time and share details with me? Please mail me if you are okay with it. MY id is [email protected]

  3. Hi
    I am a German citizen and I have a German Fach Certificate in Clinical Pathology. …

    Swap to Arabic
    I am a German citizen and I have a German Fach Certificate in Clinical Pathology. Looking for a job in Dubai Do you have to apply for DHA and DHCC together or one is enough.
    And what is the benefit when I get both.
    I am in the first year after Al-Fakh how much will my salary in Dubai?
    Please reply to my inquiry

  4. Hi I am a M.D microbilogy and want to work in UAE as microbiologist my question is do I have to pass MOH and if yes which study material do you suggest and how many years of experience is needed to get the incense

  5. Hello please tell me im.doing fcps in paediatrics and after fcps part 2 im looking forward to do job in dubai how should i apply what should i do

  6. I am pediatrician currently working in Saudi Arabia .where to get study material for pediatrics for license exams of Dubai ,Abu Dhabi …..

  7. Hai, I am an Indian Ayurvedic Doctor having MSc Applied Psychology. I just want to know about the MOH exam. I have 4year 6months experience in my field. What can I do for getting a job in UAE? Which exam I attend and what are the syllabus for that?

  8. I’m physician (arabic board of internal medicine), for pass exam, must be study material for all specialities or for internal medicine only.

    • Excuse me, colleague, have you passed the DHA exam and do you perhaps have materials for studying and preparing for the exam, because I have to take it too. Every good

  9. Hi, i hope everyone is fine,i’am a general surgeon and i’am looking for DHA or HAAD previous exam’s questions in general surgery specialty?

  10. Hi, Myslef is a indian mbbs doctor with 7 yrs. of clinical experience. I want to give DHA license exam to get a job as GP in UAE…can u please guide me anyway for the same? i would be thankful to you if you can….

  11. Hi! I am a internal medicine currently working in India,I have 2 year experience post PG.Is 3 years compulsory for attending DHA/HAAD superspeciality? I have heard you can clear the exam and still work under a physician and still get your license after a year?? Is it true?
    Also apart from PrometricMCQ, is there any other site/books where you can get internal medicine MCQ? Recommended books for internal medicine

  12. MD in Pulmonary and TB medicine with 3 yr experience in India. i need to appear for any special test or HAAD is enough? kindly reply

  13. I am applying for the status of general practitioner through dha. please I would like to know the prospects of getting into the residency training in the UAE as a foreign trained doctor .

  14. Thank you for these amazing information. I’d like to ask about the qualifications required for getting a role of consultant, is a subspeciality fellowship training for 2 years in a developing country haplus mrcpch is enough? thanks

  15. hello sir im looking for dha surgery exam material.
    i have taken prometric mcq subscription.
    would that be enough to pass exam?

  16. Hi..iam a perfusionist working in india. Looking forward to write dha exam. Searching for study materials . Kindly plzz reply me

  17. Hi I m a physician from India with 5 years experience.. I need materials to study for dha exam for physicians.. pls help .

  18. Hi,
    This is Dr Ali with M.Phil Biochemistry, now working as an assistant professor in a medical college. want to pursue a career in dubai. guide me please. for guidance email me @ [email protected]

  19. Hello sir,
    The books which you recommended is for medical haad exam?I will apply for pharmacist haad exam.Can i study from those books or is there any other books for pharmacist?

  20. Hi………I ve finished my MBBS in 2011 and have 7 yrs experience in India… I want to move to Abu Dhabi since my hubby is working der……could u pls suggest me how to prepare for HAAD exam n get license and which material ll be useful for it……

  21. Hi,

    I am a Pulmonologist from India. I would like to know about HAAD exams for Pulmonologist. Can i take these exams from India?? The website shows it is an oral test. Is there a computer based test that can be taken from India?


  23. Plz tell me about study material for gynecologist, specialist, for Dha exam preparation, so that will be successful.

  24. i am dentist from Jaipur , India .
    Any Indian (who has cleared DHA exam )can suggest me procedure for clearing DHA exam for dentist

  25. Hi am MBBS doctor in india having 3 years experience ,any one can suggest me procedure to clearing DHA, HAAD exam and send study materials ?? thank you.

  26. I am India based Diploma Anaesthesia qualified doctor ,need to know about the licencing exam of HAAD.
    Is it the same exam for GP and Anaesthesia doctors for different?
    Can you guide me regarding the exam syllabus and patter for Anaesthesiologist

  27. Hello its rabia hanif from pakistan, Iam a pharmacist working as a regulatory affair officer and a product development officer in a reputed Pharma company in pakistan, i want to know that can i get any pharma job in dubai without passing DHA/ MOH exam?

  28. my name is ubaid from pakistan. i am a medical laboratory technologist.sir please guide me about DHA exam and license .thank you

  29. i am an emergency physician preparing for HAAD specialist exam can some one guide with study materials and method for passing the exam

  30. Hi
    I’m Dr. Md. Nazmul Hoda
    I wana take preparation for DHA & HAAD exam. Can someone provide me the study materials.

    Thanks in advanced.

  31. hello. i am Radiation oncologist from india. i have my oral assessment exam for DHA licensing. kindly let me know the details of the exam and how will it be and what can be asked and to clear the exam in one go.

  32. Can you please tell me that DHA prometric exam for gynecology also contains questions from basics,as u suggest USMLE so is it same for speciality also? As the sample questions u shared r not from gynae. Do I need to prepare it as well? Kindly guide

  33. Excuse me, colleague, have you passed the DHA exam and do you perhaps have materials for studying and preparing for the exam, because I have to take it too. Every good


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