Guidelines For MRCP Part 2 Exam (Dr. Syed Ali Raza’s Experience)

MRCP Part 2 Guidelines

The MRCP Part 2 exam turned out to be the most difficult exam of my career till now as far as preparation is concerned. You have to raise your knowledge and have a standard approach; from a medical officer to Specialist level for this exam. So you must make a firm commitment before you embark on your mission to cracking this competitive exam!

MRCP should be your PASSION, your DREAM!

Book Selection for MRCP Part 2 Exam

You will get a lot of suggestions from different sides about many book series. I am going to share you the simplest regime which I followed and cleared the exam with a very decent score.

1) SANJAY SHARMA: This is your textbook for MRCP Part 2 so revise it as many times as you can. It should be at your fingertips. This is the first book you are going to open.

2) PASTEST SERIES: This is the second most important book series for MRCP Part 2 exam. It’s very close to your papers so read every question and explanations at least 3 times. No need to do past papers at the end as not even a single MCQ is repeated in MRCP 2 exam from past pools.

3) DATA INTERPRETATION By Steve Hughes: This is your most effective weapon as it gives you the practice to solve the difficult MRCP Part 2 scenario questions in the exam. Also, it clears your concepts about all the difficult topics, for example, cardiac catheterization studies, acid-base balance etc.

4) 150 ECG Cases By John Hampton: Your 3 papers will have at least 9-10 ECGs so your ECG interpretation skill should be very strong.

5) RADIOLOGY IN MEDICAL PRACTICE by A.B.M. Abdullah: X-rays, CT Scan, MRI films, Echocardiography form an integral part of the MRCP Part 2 exam in all the 3 papers. And these were quite difficult so go prepare well.

6) DERMA PICS: I Googled them and I recommend same to you as on Google you can see a lesion in many types/views so, that if it appears in the exam, you will diagnose them at a glance.

7) On Examination/Pass Medicine for MRCP Part 2: It is also another option if you have time, you can solve it too. A good addition to your knowledge and skill. (I did not have the time so I studied Pastest and Sanjay multiple times instead).

Duration of Preparation for the MRCP Part 2 Exam

I recommend at least 5 months of day and night preparation. I did it in 3 months because I had a good study partner with me so we did it a bit more efficiently. But my advice to the readers is to give at least 5 months time with maximum hours every day.


Your strategy should be to study targeted material but you must develop a strong grip on everything that you study. No need to read multiple books. Read only a few and necessary ones but do them multiple times so that every single information and concepts should be very clear and at your fingertips.

The most important thing is that you should nurture your belief in this principle of nature that everything is in the hands of God. It is only HIM who can give you or who can take from you (for some better reason). So believe in God if He is with you and your parents and people around you are happy, you can get through any exam in the world! 🙂



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