HAAD License Exam Past Paper for Medical Practitioners 2017

HAAD License Exam Past Paper

In this article, we’re going to share with you real HAAD License Exam Past Paper MCQ Questions for medical practitioners. These MCQs are based on recalls of Dr. Malik Khan, who appeared in HAAD license exam on 18 January 2017 and passed it in his very first attempt. You can use these HAAD license exam past paper MCQs for understanding the paper pattern and type of questions you are likely to encounter on the test day. 🙂

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Here is the paper pattern of HAAD License Exam for medical/general practitioners:

Paper Pattern of HAAD License Exam

The paper pattern of HAAD License Exam is as follows (based on experience and recall of doctors who recently took the exam):

  • Number of questions: 120 (Best of 4 MCQs)
  • Allowed time: 150 minutes
  • Passing: Around 60%
    1- Straight 1-2 line questions followed by multiple choice options
    2- They give two columns (3 lines/words in each column) and ask to choose the best option
    3- There will be 2-3 line scenarios of a disease (i.e Systemic Lupus Erythematosus was one) and then subsequently asked 3 questions, all of them were one line questions.


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HAAD License Exam Past Paper for Medical Practitioner 2017

Alright, so these are the HAAD License Exam Past Paper MCQs based on the January 2017 exam. We hope you will find them useful for your exam preparation. 🙂


1- What percentage of Beta cells are lost when symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus appear? 

a- 10%
b- 30%
c- 50%
c- 80%

2- In Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus which cells are present in the pancreas?
a- White Blood Cells
b- Lymphocytes
c- Eosinophils
d- Macrophages

3- “String sign” is seen in?

a- Ulcerative colitis
b- chrons disease
c- CA colon
d- intestinal obstruction

4- Which CA most commonly resembles adrenal gland
a- breast
b- lung
c- stomach
d- pancreas

5- Type 1 adrenalitis is associated with?
b- candidiasis
c- Cushing Syndrome

6- Which vitamin is deficient in chronic alcoholics?
a- B12
b- B6
c- B1
d- D

7- What type of tremor is present in alcoholic withdrawal syndrome
a- myoclonus
b- simple partial
c- complex partial
d- generalized

8- When alcoholic withdrawal tremor risk is at max after withdrawal
a- immediately
b- after 48hrs
c- after two weeks
d- after one month

9- Treatment of alcohol withdrawal
a- phenytoin
b- diazepam
c- carbamazepine
d- ethosuximide

10- Type of Membranoproliferative Glomerulonephritis in SLE
a- type 1
b- type 2
c- type 3
d- all of above

11- Immune deposits in SLE
a- epithelial
b- subepithelial
c- endothelial
d- mesangial

12- There was a question related to SLE, which I cannot recall.

13- Drug that can aggravate acne
a- tretinoids
b- steroids
c- doxy
d- benzyl peroxidase

14- Anti-acne drug with adverse effect of hypertriglyceridemia
a- doxycycline
b- minocycline
c- tretinoids

15- Most common area involved in acne vulgaris
a- upper back
b- face
c- chest
d- abdomen

13- Wickham striae is found in
a- pityriasis rosae
b- lichen planus
c- psoriasis
d- acne

14- Drug of choice for blood pressure control in proteinuria
a- Beta blockers
b- Calcium Channel Blockers
c- ACE-Inhibitors
d- hydrochlorothiazide

15- Patient of GERD, which food should he avoid?
a- spicy
b- fatty
c- tomato
d- all of the above

16- Best match following features that present in a patient with TB ARTHRITIS (in exam I was asked to select the best combination of choices out of followings, it was best match question )
a- monoarthritis and progressive
b- small joints only
c- mycobacteria not found in the synovial fluid analysis
d- systemic symptoms are common

17- Cause of Waterhouse fried ritchsen syndrome
a- pneumococcus
b- gonorrhea
c- meningococcus
d- H Influenzae

18- Cause of occult, Asymptomatic Urinary Tract Infection?
a- MTB
b- mycobacterium hominis
c- urealyticum
d- Ecoli

19- Treatment of the first choice for Urinary Tract Infection?
a- ciprofloxacin
b- nitrofurantoin
c- augmentin
d- metronidazole

20- Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy
a- dot hemorrhages
b- soft exudates
c- neovascularization
d- papilledema

21-Most common cause of compartmental syndrome
a- blunt trauma
b- sharp trauma
c- close fracture
d- open fracture

22-Most common muscles involved in compartmental syndrome
a- thigh
b- abdominal
c- forearm
d- facial

23- Which is reduced in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease?
fev1/fvc ratio

24- Which is increased in Interstitial Lung Disease

25- Cause of restrictive cardiomyopathy
a- sarcoidosis
b- amyloidosis

26- Treatment of protein urea in Diabetes Mellitus
> ACE inhibitor

27- One matching question involving somatotroph, galactotroph, dopamine, Insulin-like growth factor 1

28- Which area of brain is involved in converting words into language
a- Broca’s Area
b- temporal
c- Wernick
d- frontal

29- In parkinsonism pathogenesis which neurotransmitter is involved
b- Dopa
c- Acetylcholine

30- Typical sign of compartmental syndrome
a- tender to touch
b- passive movements painful
c- active movements painful
d- paresthesia

31- Antidote of warfarin
a- protamine
b- Fresh frozen plasma
c- Vitamin-K
d- cryoprecipitate

32- Case of pneumothorax with chest x-ray

33- Guttate psoriasis is associated with pre-infection
a- staph
b- strep
c- CMC
d- HIV

34- Agent increased in all forms of ILD
a- ace
b- antinuclear factor
c- DH

35- Drug acting through blocking prostaglandin receptors
a- misoprostol
b- mifepristone

36. A drug that will delay need of surgery in AR:
a- Digoxin
b- Verapamil
c- Nifedipine
d- Enalapril

37- A “best match” question about bells palsy

38- Best match question about acyclovir, amphotericin-B and Amikacin mechanism of injury

39- Treatment of narcolepsy

40. Which is not true in emergency management of stroke?
a- Give IVF to avoid D5 50% à Hyperglycemia can increase the severity of ischemic injury whereas hypoglycemia can mimic a stroke
b- Give diazepam in convulsions
c- Anticonvulsants not needed in if seizures
d- Must correct electrolytes
e- Treat elevated blood pressure à Treat if SBP>220 or DBP>120 or MAP>130

41. Which of the following side effect is not associated with phenytoin?
a- Hirsutism
b- Macrocytic anemia
c- Osteomalacia
d- Ataxia
e- Osteoporosis

42- main feature of anxiety disorder
a- impaired concentration
b- tachycardia
c- palpitations

43- Generalized anxiety disorder is associated with
a- OCD
b- panic attack
c- major depression

44- SSRI that does not interfere with cytochrome P-450 system
a- sertraline
b- escitalopram
c- fluoxetine
d- evoxapimine

45-cause of dystrophic calcifications
a- renal failure
b- sarcoidosis
c- dermatomyositis
d- hyperparathyroidism

46- tumor calcinosis associated with
a- dec vit D3
b- inc calcium
c- inc ALP
d- incPO4

47-In vit-D deficiency what should be supplemented along with Vit-D
a- calcium
b- PO4
c- calcium phosphate

48- drug causing bone marrow suppression
a- linezolid
b- chloramphenicol
c- indomethacin
d- all

49- The mechanism of action of Aspirin:
Correct answer was: Inhibit cycloxgenase

50- drug for heart failure with euvolemia
a- frusemide
b- spironolactone
c- thiazide
d- chlorthalidone

50- What intake should be restricted by pt of heart failure with good EF
d- MG
e- K


52- Drug for suppression of afib in pt with CCF
a- sotalol
b- nifedipine
c- flecainide
d- Dronedarone

53- Diuretic that acts on distal sodium ( epithelial channels )

54. Peripheral neuropathy can occur in all EXCEPT:
a- Lead poisoning.
b- DM.
c- Gentamycin.
d- INH

55- Which one is X-linked
a- Tay Sach
b- Fabry disease
c- Gaucher disease

56- Alcoholic malabsorption results in deficiency of
a- niacin
b- thiamin
c- pyrido

57- Risk for Delirium tremens
a- inc blood alcohol level
b- the associated psychiatric disorder

58- Patient is a known case of CAD the best exercise:
Correct answer was: Anaerobic exercise

59. One of following true regarding systolic hypertension:
a) In elderly it’s more dangerous than diastolic hypertension

60. The commonest initial manifestation of increased ICP in patient after head trauma is
Answer was: Change in level of consciousness

61. Treatment of opioid toxicity
a) Naloxin

62. Strongest factor for intracerebral hemorrhage
a- HTN



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