How to Apply for HAAD, DHA, MOH and DHCC Medical License Exam of UAE


If you are looking forward to applying for jobs in UAE as a medical practitioner, consultant physician, specialist consultant, dentist or pharmacist then you have to apply for a medical license in UAE. A license to practice medicine is awarded by UAE’s healthcare regulatory authorities namely, HAAD, DHA, MOH and DHCC after successfully passing the license exam. In this article, we will discuss how you can apply for HAAD, DHA, MOH and DHCC license in UAE.

To help you understand the application procedure, we have added official videos released by the authorities where they explain the whole process in a step-by-step fashion. We hope this article will help all those who are interested in applying for a medical license in UAE. 🙂

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HAAD License Exam
DHA License Exam
MOH License Exam
DHCC License Exam

But before we start, let’s clear a few things:

Exemption From HAAD, DHA, MOH & DHCC Medical License Exams

Healthcare professionals can also apply for exemption from UAE’s medical license exams if they fulfill the required criteria. Yesterday, we published a blog post discussing the exemption criteria and how you can apply for it. You may read it here:

READ: Exemption Criteria for HAAD, DHA, MOH & DHCC License Exams 

QUESTION: I have cleared USMLE Step III/PLAB II/AMC/NZREX/MCCQE part II and have 1-year house job experience. Do I still need additional 2-years clinical experience for applying for a license to practice in UAE?

ANSWER: Yes, you are exempted from ALL COMPONENTS of the license exam but you still need to have additional 2-years clinical experience for obtaining a license.

MRCP/MRCS (complete) are eligible for an exemption as well. 🙂

We also wrote an article on the salary of doctors in UAE, so do check that out. 🙂

Requirements for Taking UAE Medical License Exam

  1. MBBS or equivalent qualification from a recognized institution.
  2. Completion of house job (internship).
  3. Additional two years of clinical experience.

All healthcare regulatory authorities in UAE follow a centralized Professional Qualification Requirement (PQR). So, the above-mentioned requirements satisfy all four authorities.

** Data Flow (a company providing screening services)

The HAAD, DHA, and MOH  have partnered with Dataflow for simplifying the process of verification of educational documents and credentials of applicants. Dataflow is responsible for running international background checks of international applicants.

Dataflow is a Hong Kong-based company that specializes in Primary Source Verification (PSV) and provides background screening and immigration compliance services.

You have to begin your online registration procedure for HAAD, DHA, or MOH license exam by submitting your application to the Data Flow company (as explained below).

For smooth registration and background screening process with DATA FLOW, please keep in mind:

  • In order to prevent lengthening of the screening process, you should upload “Experience Certificate” from an employer(s) who is easily reachable.
  • The address, phone numbers and email address mentioned on your experience certificate should be clear and make sure they are all ACTIVE because Dataflow will soon contact your employer and inquire about your background and everything.


  • There are three maximum number of allowed attempts for HAAD, DHA, MOH and DHCC license exams. Candidates failing on their third attempt will not be able to register for licensure.
  • Under the “Agreement of Unification of Licenses”, medical practitioners (including doctors, pharmacists, and nurses) with a valid license from any of the four authorities can practice anywhere in the United Arab Emirate.

Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) License Exam

If you are applying for HAAD license exam, please follow the steps mentioned below:


Step # 1. Open the Dataflow portal for HAAD (click here), then submit your application online with the required documents (mentioned below).

Step # 2. Once you have submitted your online application at Dataflow’s portal for HAAD, you will receive an email with “payment method instructions” and your “application number”.

Step # 3. After that verification process is complete, you will receive another email with a new USERNAME and PASSWORD. You have to use these credentials to log in at HAAD’s website and complete your application process.

Step # 4. Once your application status is approved, you can register for HAAD license exam.

Step # 5. After approval of your licensing request, you have to pay a required fees which will be communicated to you.

Step # 6. Your license will be sent to you through a courier service.

Please take a look at this video. It was released by HAAD officials, it explains the entire application process:



You have to translate all your documents to English. Below are the documents required for HAAD license exam:

Recent passport size photograph White background
Valid Passport (Copy Only)
Educational Qualifications

* Cover the minimum requirements of the Professional Qualification Requirement

*If applicant holds diploma or less, attaching high school certificate is required

Experience Certificates

* Cover the minimum requirements of the Professional Qualification Requirement

* To show the job title and duration

* To be signed by the human resources or Medical/Hospital director

Home country license or license from the country where the relevant qualification was obtained Cover the minimum requirements of the Professional Qualification Requirement (PQR)
Registration(s) or License(s) from each country where applicant have been employed Cover the minimum requirements of the Professional Qualification Requirement
Certificate(s) of Good Standing From the regulatory authority issuing the licenses (registrations) for experiences that cover the minimum requirements of the PQR
Official logbook for the past 2 years For surgeons (including Obstetrics & Gynecology) and dentist specialists
Transcript or residency programs May be required for evaluating the qualification
Staff Data clearance form  (Security clearance form) Applicant can start the process without Staff Data form, but it will be mandatory before license issuance
Nomination letter (from sponsoring facility in Abu Dhabi) Applicant can start the process without Nomination letter, but it will be mandatory before license issuance
Malpractice insurance for healthcare professionals Applicant can start the process without Malpractice, but it will be mandatory before license issuance
Privileges for the last 2 years Required from Physicians eligible for HAAD exam exemption
Privileges from the sponsoring facility in Abu Dhabi Required from Physicians eligible for HAAD exam exemption
United Arab Emirates Identification Card If Available
Family Book UAE nationals ONLY


For more details on HAAD License Exam and its fees, please check here.


Dubai Health Authority (DHA) License Exam


The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has the same requirements as mentioned in the centralized Professional Qualification Requirements (PQR), discussed already.

Here’s a quick flowchart of DHA license application process: 🙂

Create yourself an account by opening this link and follow the steps as seen below in the video:

Fees for DHA License Exam:

  • Physicians and Dentists: AED 3020
  • Others: AED 1020

For more information on DHA license exam and registration, please check here.


Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) License Test


The Dubai Healthcare City Authority has partnered with Prometric Examination Systems for its online licensing exams. Here’s how you can register for DHCC license exam:

STEP # 1. Open this link, and click on “Schedule my Test” tab from your screen.

STEP # 2. Now from here, please select your country and then click “Next”.

STEP # 3. Click “I agree” to the privacy policy.

STEP # 4. Here, on the Eligibility Information page, click “No” and proceed to the next step.

STEP # 5. Now you will be taken to the “Appointment Selection” page, enter your specialty and proceed to the next step.

STEP # 6. On the “Test Center Selection” wizard, type your address and the page will show you the nearest test centers where you can take the DHCC license test.

STEP # 7. Book your test appointment and that’s all! 🙂

Here’s a quick overview of the entire DHCC license process:

Fees for DHCC License Exam:

  • Initial review application processing = AED 200
  • Licensing fee for Physicians/ Dentists = AED 7,000
  • Licensing fee for Certificate = AED 1,500.00


Ministry of Health (MOH) License Exam

STEP # 1. Open this link and sign up for an account with Ministry of Health (MOH) for license exam registration.

STEP # 2. Once you have completed the registration process, you will be sent an “activation link” at your email address. Open it for activating your account.

STEP # 3. From here, access the E-Services page.

STEP # 4. Select the evaluation system and then fill in the required information.

STEP # 5. Upload your scanned documents (required list of documents will be mentioned here) and follow the on-screen instructions.

STEP # 6. Finally, proceed to the E-Payment page and then process your fees online. Done! 🙂


That’s all! 🙂

We have mentioned application procedure for license exams of all four healthcare regulatory authorities of the United Arab Emirate. Confused or got any question? Please let us know by commenting below. 🙂



    • You have to pay their fee online i.e either by VISA/Mastercard OR Western Union Cash. Hope things are clear to you now. Good luck! 🙂

      • A.a. I have Master of Public health from Australia and specialist Obsgyn (MMED) from Kenya. Currently pursuing MRCOG. Am I exempted from HAAD exams?

  1. If i am i correct? They don’t have any type of written exam or interview for license only documentation criteria. Isn’t it?

    • Sir, here you are registering for their licensure exam. Once you pass the said regulatory authority’s exam, then you can apply for a license to practice in UAE.

      • Aoa.
        Aurangzaib Baloch plz guide me about MOH exame .
        I’m dr Nasir Baloch from balochistan MBBS DA and completed my MS anesthesia training plz I want to find job as a anesthetist in Dubai how I can apply for anesthetist job in Dubai” thanks
        Dr Nasir Baloch anesthetist at Shaikh zayed hospital lahore ..

  2. I m now passing my 2nd year (1 year 7 months) of my experience after internship.can i start doing my data flow untill 2 years have passed?
    Why is that money thay are taking for?
    Is this one time payment?

  3. Do you know anything about a recruitment agency named “doctors in dubai”?
    I am a Doctor with four years post graduation experience and would like to know how it takes to have my documents verified?

  4. Hello, I would like to ask if how many years of working experience is needed for processing MOH data flow?Coz it was stated in my the data flow procedure that the standard package to be submitted is latest 3 years of employment.Hoping for your immediate response.Thank you

  5. what to do regarding logbook for speacialist registration. as FCPS trainee we maintained a log book that was submitted to CPSP before exam. and after exam cleared no one asked to keep a logbook.
    also what types of experience certificates need to be uploaded. during the training process or after training exp of job? and what if someone is not doing a job and only doing private practice?

  6. Hai. Myself optometrist, am from india, currently am in uae. I have one year experience only.what can i do to get license. Can i work as a trainee optometrist for one year in uae. Is it possible?

  7. Hello, i have obtained my MOH license and now i have applied for DHA , i wanted to know if i have to go through all PSV dataflow verification again or i can use the previously verified PSV REPORT that i used for MOH ???

  8. Greetings,

    I have applied for Consultant, Psychiatry license with MOH.
    I have received following message on my application—-
    (As per new PQR, please upload copy of Registration/passing exam mentioned in the exemption policy of PQR (if available). Please make sure your application is updated accordingly then submit your application for verification process. MOHAP will initiate process after Dataflow approval).

    I am requesting clarification for this message. Does it mean I need to upload dataflow report or some other document? I have already submitted USA registration/medical license copy on application. I am American board certified psychiatrist and I think I am exempt from exam per policy.
    Thank you very much. Would appreciate your suggestions.

    Amad Ud Din
    [email protected]

    • Hello Ahmed..
      I recived the same message and looking for an answer as it’s meaning is not clear to me. I suggest that you contact the Health authorities directly for inquiries about the solution which is what I’m planning to do soon..
      If you found out any new info abt the matter plz write them here on the comment section
      Much appreciated

  9. Hello I am 2nd year medical student in Philippines and I am planning to do my internship in Dubai so please tell me is it possible and if yes what will be procedure for that.?? Please let me know thank you.

  10. sir i am from india and i am doctor(MBBS) with three year government doctors experience and now i want to do job in dubai government hospital then i have to clear the exam?

  11. Dear
    I have completed b pharmacy in 2013july but my registration completed jun 2016 I have 3 year expiriance after degree.
    For moh exam experience count degree or registration..

  12. Thankyou for your information…But i cheaked the link to apply moh licence for the last 3month but it is’nt working.I would be Happy if someone helps me.Please.

  13. Please any opinion about
    Criteria for MOH UAE consultant ophthalmologist licence for Indian passport and medical degrees holder with working experience for more than 15 yrs in Ksa and Qatar.
    Currently having Qatar medical licence as consultant. .

  14. How can we find out if our country is listed in HAAD or DHA licensing exam eligible list.
    Example I am from Nepal. I have completed my MBBS and MD from Nepal university. How can I check my eligibility

  15. What if I am a gp in india and I have been working at my own clinic , how do I attach the experience letter in such a case? What information do I put in?

  16. i received the report of the data flow and i want now to apply for MOH exam what to do next that what confusing me . how to get a register number to register for the exam.

  17. I can only provide my ultrasound experience certificates of 10 yrs ,But there is 5 years gap after MBBS.
    As after passing MBBS, i did job as GP in my country.
    there will be gap in experience if i didnt mention it,does it matter.

  18. Hi
    I passed the AMC_MCQ exam ( part one)and have EICS verification and RACGP assesment .
    am I eligible to request for UAE medical permit?
    I have mire than 15 years experiance as a GP in Iran.

  19. Sir i am a registered nurse from trying for a job in uae..i prefering moh exam..sir can i write the exam while im working..??once we have registerd the moh page shall we get an exam date???what are the documents needed??is there any another exams to be wrote by me??

  20. Hi, A very useful information provided in the article. I am a resident orthodontist working in saudi arabia. I have completed the data flow as apart of obtaining licence here. In order to get a DHA licence do i have to do the data flow again, if not how do I proceed.

    In anticipation for your advice. Thank you

  21. Good day! I just want to ask if how long is the verification process for the docs when applying for MOH exam? Thanks!

  22. I am from India and I have a master’s in biotechnology so which exam I have to give for immigration. As I have 1 year experience of working in the same field. Which exam is more suitable for me ?

  23. I want clear Moh for Kuwait as Radiology Technician so please provide me the web address to create moh account as you have posted for HAAD , DHA etc.Thank you In advance

    my email address [email protected]

    Hope your consideration.

  24. Hi there;
    For the good standing, The GMC (UK) can only send it to a regulatory body and not individual .
    If I would like to apply for HAAD license How to upload it to the Data flow?
    Thanks in advance

  25. I am diploma in dialysis technician, can i apply moh exam, which exam is more suitable for me, getting job for this post in good salary

  26. not easy to get job in uae 🙂 though as specialist in our local university,but since not from american/british grad,mm..veey tough one..

  27. Good day! Is there a possibility that the facility will not be able to apply your moh license even if you have license certificate approved by moh

  28. Aurangzaib Baloch sir I am from India, know I complete PHARM-D (Doctor of pharmacy) no experience but I interested exam of MOH license my qualifications sufficient or Nooo plz guide me +918074127384

  29. I got my datflowflow report and HAAD Username & Password. Due to my Good standing certificate they disapprove my application (Dataflow report is correct for GSC). Let me know how to proceed from this to get exam date.

  30. Are the above mentioned examinations held in Dubai only? What if I am still doing my postgraduate course? Can I still give these exams?

  31. sir iam completely doubtful regarding this moh exam i have did my bpharmacy , mpharmacy from india and then i worked in a college as a part of teaching and now im in dilemna whether my 2years of teaching experience will be counted or not for moh exam and recently i did my bpharmacy registered from india.

  32. Hi…how can i obtain my HAAD USERNAME AND PASSWORD?i completed my dataflow and got positive result but they didn’t send me any username and password. I cant log in to haad to book for an exam

  33. Asa… I m registered with Irish medical council…am I exempted from haad… I didn’t get the requirements mentioned in the exemption list….

  34. I have registered with the MOH exam I have already paid 300 AED during the registration . I got a ,ail from dataflow to pay 1035 AED to go ahead with the verification process . Is this procedure correct do I have to pay 1035 AED for the data verification process .


  35. Hello. I have done MBBS from PAKISTAN and recently passed MCPS anesthesia. I want to apply for HAAD but I am not sure whether to apply for specialist or GP. Furthermore, if i apply for GP, will the two years training experience of anesthesia be acceptable? Kindly help

  36. I have passed my dha and finished my data flow also. Now i want to apply for haad exam …. howto apply … did the same data flow will be okay for haad.

    • I don’t think that you will have to take any additional exams. If you have a functional DHA license, you can apply for HAAD license directly.

  37. I finished my data flow for dha and passed exam also. But i didnt work in uae. And my eligibility letter is also expired. I want to apply for haad. What is the process to apply for haad data flow as i have my previous PSV report.

    Thank and regards
    Deepali saini

  38. I have clinical experience of 2 years as a GP in private hospital in pakistan. Ànd then i have done 2 yrs 6 months training for MCPS GYNAE OBS but didnt sit in exams .then i have a gap of almost 10 years…..Now i want to get into practice .i am residing in uae. Am i eligible for DHS…please guide .what should i do next…is there any way.?

  39. Does NBDE Part 1 and 2 also come under the exemptions for Licencure exam of UAE? NBDE Part 1 and 2 is like USMLE Step 1 and 2 but for Dentistry instead. These are licensure exams of USA.
    Thank you.

  40. i have complited M.Sc in clinical nutrition and dietetics(CND) , Please let me know how to get job in UAE,what are docments requerd ,

  41. HELLO,

  42. Respected Sirs,

    I have downloaded the Health Care Professionals Qualification Requirements (PQR) from your web site, which is listed with several Countries Medical Universities and Medical Degree Certifications.

    The American MD (Medical Doctor) Program (USMD) curriculum, which is from Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia (TSMU) is not listed in the PQR of HAAD.

    This USMD curriculum is cooperation of the Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU) and Emory University (U.S. Atlanta) School of Medicine (ESOM).

    Could you please clarify that this American MD Program curriculum (USMD) from Tbilisi State Medical University is accredited by HAAD. If it is then kindly provide the copy of accreditation certificate for Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU).

    If not which curriculum from Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU) or which Europe Union region universities are accredited by HAAD.

    Kindly reply your advice, your early reply will help my son who completing (2018) 12th grade CBSE curriculum in UAE to join the HAAD accredited Medical University.

  43. Hello sir apply for moh ,what is procedure ,I have passed DHMs in Pakistan I have 4years experienced about Homoeopathy pharmacy
    Please informe me that how to get MoH in UAE

  44. Hi!
    Thankyou for the details. I was wondering that I have already source verified all of my educational credentials through ECFMG. Do I still need to verify them again? or ECFMG number would work if I want to apply for MOH exam?.

  45. Hi.
    Can I get verification of my educational credentials through ECFMG ( ECFMG -certificated in 1998) and EPIC portfolio in DHA?

  46. I have done ms in clinical psychology having 3 years clinical experience am I illegible for the license for start practicing over there in Dubai kindly guide me please thank you.

  47. ASSALAMO ALAIKUM. Thank you sir for so Nice Guidance. i hope in the future you will guide us more in detail about Medical Lience Exam in other Arab Countries too.
    My WhatsApp +923337407439.
    E-mail:[email protected]

  48. I had a master degree inicrobiology and i want to apply for moh. Which category that i have to a0ly for? Medical microbiology or lab technician

  49. Hi sir ..
    Please xplain me about moh exam a dentist… what about the fee.. wer could i upload my certfcts.. if u hv vedio it ll b helpful.. thanku…

  50. Process to apply as gp in moh isn’t very clear as I am finding difficulty in finding links, please send me the link how to start with the registration process

  51. can you guide me regarding exemption i have cleared PREX exam at which step shall i provide PRES exam details after data flow verification or shall i send the details to data flow of PRES exam

  52. Dear Sir,

    Please let me know regarding MOH Licence as Retail Pharmacist:

    1- Do I need Arabic language certificate before registering MOH exam ?.
    2- Do I need to pass UAE pharmacy Law exam ?.
    3- How do MOH calculate my experience in Pakistan, is it from date of DMC or Degree issue date or Pharmacy Council Category Issue date ?.
    4- Can I appear in MOH exam in Pakistan or I have to come to UAE for this exam ?.
    5- Which documents I need for MOH exam registration and from which departments they need to be attested, kindly be specific for each document ?
    6- How many questions will be in MOH exam and from which subjects questions are asked ?.
    7- Is there any oral exam after written exam of MOH and what type, is it Viva or Situation based exam ?.

    Please share your exam preparation notes, if you have any, at [email protected].

    Thank you & Best Regards,

    Kiran Rabia Hafza
    Pharm D

  53. Greeting from Canada , I am a medical sonographer , ultrasound technologist and want to apply to uae how can I do that ? how much it cost me? I am 65 years old is my age ok to work in uae?
    saad ramzi ismail
    [email protected]

  54. I have DHA license and I have to transfer it to MOH.

    Can you please suggest step by step? and the requirement.

    Agent ask so much commission to do that which is online, but I am unable to find any proper steps on Google.

  55. Hello. I already had MOH license and I worked in Sharjah as a General Dentist for 10 years. But now for the last 3 years I was not in UAE. Do I need to give exams again or I can apply for re issuing my MOH Licence . What is the procedure.

  56. Hello,
    I have valid GMC but not acquired through Plab1 and 2,
    I got GMC registered through Royal College of Obs & Gynae.
    I have FCPS Obs & Gynae (Pakistan)

    Do i get the exemption from DHA exam to practise in Dubai?

    • Hello doctor,

      With your credentials, I strongly believe that you should be able to acquire full license and registration at UAE. Best thing you can do is to write their health authorities (the Emirate where you’re interested) and inquire them for your eligibility for exemption. Goodluck!

  57. Hello,
    If you are registered with General dental council through dental care route, do you get exemption from DHA to practise as either a dentist/dental care professional in Dubai?


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