Free PLAB 1 Mock Tests With Answers (Mocks Made from 1700 by Dr. Khalid Saifullah)


Mock tests are a great way to prepare for the exam. They help prepare the aspiring test takers by subjecting them to exam-like conditions. To cut things short, the mock tests serve as a “simulation” thus helping test takers to experience test-like conditions and pressures prior to the real exam thus boosting confidence and lowering chances of mistakes caused as a result of nervousness and fright. In this article, we are going to share with you Free PLAB 1 Mock Tests with answers in PDF format. We hope that readers preparing for the PLAB 1 exam will find this article useful. 🙂

These free PLAB 1 mock tests have been prepared using 1700 by Dr. Khalid Saifullah PLAB 1 MCQs. For those who have not been visiting our blog, the above-mentioned link consists of real PLAB 1 MCQs with reference-based answers explanations. These are two mock tests (in two separate PDF files). One of these PLAB 1 mock tests has been prepared by Naseer Khan and the other one by an anonymous author.

One important thing to keep in mind is that these Free PLAB 1 Mock Tests do not have answers explanations. But don’t worry, we have got it all covered for you! 🙂 Since we know that these PLAB 1 mock tests have been prepared using the “1700 by Dr. Khalid Saifullah PLAB 1 MCQs”, you can easily look up the answers by opening Dr. Khalid Saifullah’s 1700 file and pressing “Ctrl + F” and then pasting the mock test question into the FIND bar and then press ENTER. You will find the exact question followed by its authentic answers explanations! 🙂

Here’s what it would look like when you press “Ctrl + F”.

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Free PLAB 1 Mock Tests With Answers

Here you will be able to download the Free PLAB 1 Mock Tests in .pdf format via a Google Drive repository. These files have been tested and were found completely safe! 🙂

Here’s the download link which you may use to instantly access the PLAB 1 mock tests for free download:


Good luck! 🙂


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