1700 by Dr. Khalid Saifullah PLAB 1 MCQs Explanations [PDF Download]


Dr. Khalid Saifullah is one popular figure in the online PLAB Community (a.k.a PLABbers) because of his kind and supportive attitude towards the International Medical Graduates (IMGs) who aspire to train medicine in the U.K. He is known for writing authentic and reference-backed answer explanations of PLAB 1 Past Paper MCQs. He has published his work into an easily accessible free PDF file titled as, “1700 files explained by Dr. Khalid Saifullah (Question 1 to question 1707)”. This is a 670+ paged document which contains acceptable and proven explanations of 1700 PLAB 1 MCQs. Dr. Khalid Saifullah’s work quickly became a hit among the students and thus his passion for teaching served as a “ray of hope” to many in the strenuous effort for survival. Personally, what made us truly appreciate Dr. Khalid Saifullah’s work was his excellent command over the subject and his unprecedented generosity. He made public his 1700 PLAB questions with explanations as a free PDF download without even charging a single penny! 🙂

We at the Medicos Republic, really appreciate Dr. Khalid Saifullah’s efforts and generosity! 🙂

About Dr. Khalid Saifullah

Dr Khalid Saifullah

Born in 1969, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Dr. Khalid Saifullah completed his basic education from Nawabpur Govt. High School. He received his MBBS degree from Chittagong Medical College. That’s all that we have about him.

He is a very kind and polite person and can be easily approached on Facebook or by email: khalid01sa [at] gmail.com.



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1700 files explained by Dr. Khalid Saifullah (Question 1 to question 1707) PDF Free Download

In this article, we are going to share with you Dr. Khalid Saifullah’s 1700 PLAB Questions with solved answer explanations as a free PDF download. These questions are very high-yield and so are recommended to all those plan to take the PLAB 1 exam in near future. This file has been uploaded to Google Drive for user safety and ease-of-access.

Here’s the direct link you may use to quickly access the free PDF download of 1700 PLAB Questions by Dr. Khalid Saifullah:




Disclaimer: Please bear in mind that we do not own rights or credit to any of these PLAB 1 study material. All these files have been shared after permission granted by the real copyright owners.


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