15 Top Successful Global UGRAD Personal Statements that Made it to the USA [2023]


Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose (SOP) is considered as the missing part of the puzzle when it comes to the selection process of Global Undergraduate Exchange Program (Global UGRAD). And unlike a conventional puzzle board (which consists of blocks of the same size), the Global UGRAD personal statement is one giant block making most of the puzzle. A candidate’s selection into the PHASE II evaluation — the interviews — depends to a greater extent on his/her personal statement. A personal statement is a short account regarding one’s self. It works like a marketing strategy to attract buyers (in this case people working at the USEFP). It mainly includes your personal information (just a little so that the reader gets to know you, stuff like your interests and personality), your academic objectives and your aims & ambitions and the reason why you think Global UGRAD will be helpful in achieving them.

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In this article, we’re going to share with you personal statements which have actually been selected to participate in the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program (Global UGRAD). These personal statements have been voluntarily shared by candidates who have made it to the LUCKY 200 final participants who will be going to the USA this year for a semester exchange! 🙂

This article has been written in an effort to educate students regarding personal statement writing for the Global UGRAD program. It is not intended to promote plagiarism, at all! Period.

PHOTO: The Global UGRAD Fall 2017 Participants.

We hope that you find this article useful! 🙂


P.S: Please bear in mind that The United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP) has built a highly sophisticated anti-plagiarism system which tackles such mal-practices very efficiently. If their system detects plagiarism of as little as 10% then your application will be DISQUALIFIED even before it gets to the human evaluators. So please be careful! Your Global UGRAD Personal Statement should be written by you and must represent you in its entirety.

Global UGRAD Personal Statements that were Successful!

Below are 15 successful Global UGRAD personal statements that have made to the USA! 🙂

This is a random numerical arrangement of personal statements and it does not represent USEP’s ranking order. 


Global UGRAD Personal Statement #1


I being the pioneer female from a semi-conservative clan of the remote desert area of Tharparkar opted for male dominated field of electrical engineering want to set another milestone to independently visit the most advanced, diverse cultural country on the globe. The ultimate goal is to gain knowledge of latest advancement in the field of electrical technology especially low-cost renewable energy sector for improvement of poor people life standard in remote areas of Pakistan.

I also want to promote soft image of majority Pakistani people having peace loving nature
contrary to extremists/terrorists, and having historic rich cultural background.

I have always been an energetic, enthusiastic, creative and active student since my school life, be it debate competitions, sports, quiz or project competitions I always participate and won prizes. I enjoy sports and I was captain of basketball and throw ball team at school, I am also good at playing badminton, chess and other board games.

A chance to get one semester studies in USA can make me more confident, enhance my working capacity in the technological field, improve interpersonal skills and can make me broad perspective approach person. Also it can enhance my field knowledge and polish my present skills.

The whole event will be an opportunity to experience the approach of rapid change absorbing society compared to change resistant one.

Global UGRAD Personal Statement #2

Salman Ali Thepdawala (UGRAD FALL 2017 Candidate)

I am the kind of person who believes that hard work pays off. Being project oriented, I’m focused more on the task at hand. Furthermore, my ability to cope up with my team, responsibility, and affability has always earned me an extra credit.

Since my childhood, I have engaged myself in various activities. Besides, I have also a keen interest in sports and video games, with many certifications in the former.

Academically, I aspire to be at the top in my field. Therefore I do not want to limit myself to the current degree, instead, I want to explore the vastness of my field through participating in different programs such as this, which will help me develop my social and educational skills and reform my abilities to perform even better. So that one day I could be a part of something even better, which will hopefully serve the world in a best possible way.

As the United States is host to one of the World’s powerful Nation, traveling there and watching their ways of working things out will surely help in my personal grooming. Furthermore interaction with foreign culture will have a positive effect on my personality and experiencing their education system in person will surely bring about a useful change on my educational style. Therefore I think it’d be an ideal platform for me to go beyond the limits and experience something different, which will definitely boost up my creativity. Following which, I would be able to serve my community more effectively.


Global UGRAD Personal Statement (Medical Student) #3

Sobia Siraj, Final Year MBBS, Bolan Medical College, Quetta, Balochistan (UGRAD FALL 2017 Candidate)

Being from a remote area of Baluchistan it was very difficult for my family to establish ourselves in different fields based on higher education. My father, a true visionary led our family and brought us all up to the standards where we all are among very few of our relatives who are well educated and well settled. I consider myself to be an energetic, hardworking and ambitious individual. I have always enjoyed an unorthodox lifestyle among my friends. I joined Girls Guide when I was in 4th grade, I volunteered for helping 2005 Earthquake affected people while traveling right to the heart of the affected areas. I also participated in many “All Pakistan Camps” arranged at various locations in Pakistan and have learned a lot through interaction with people from diverse cultures. I joined Scouting Youth Council and participated in numerous youth program at SYC and finally became a member of their organizing committee. I am working with an event management organization as their coordinator. Their aim is to aid youth of Baluchistan in exploring the diversity of terrain and cultures. I have participated in numerous debate and declamation contests. I have participated in MUN (Model United Nations)-QTA twice and awarded as best delegate both times. I also became a part of MUN Club. I have also participated in conducting free medical camps in villages and around the Quetta city concerning the treatment of eyes, kidneys etc. Besides all these activities I am among brilliant students of my batch.

In the end, I would say that I am a medical student and I understand limitations being faced by our country especially in remote areas like mine. If I get a chance to visit developed nations and understand their methodology of medical care, I would be able to help my people better. The critical concern of Thalassemia in my division Zhob will be my prime point of focus. There is a lot of room for improvement in our methods and customs of treatment which I am sure would be easier to mend through a systematic approach.


Global UGRAD Personal Statement #4

Hadia Minhas, from Rawalpindi (UGRAD FALL 2017 Candidate)

As I lay in bed, my eyes were set on the raindrops grazing the roof. I began to think about how I managed to live here in Rawalpindi. The raindrops caressing the panels were like myself, falling from the sky as if it has finally escaped imprisonment of its predefined nature, rushing to anything within reach. When I went from Badin to Islamabad, I could see everything with my eyes closed. I pictured sitting carefree in a restaurant with my friends, standing on a rostrum delivering praise-worthy presentations, but I knew it was never going to be that easy. I was being ignored, rejected, and mocked at but I never gave up. Migrating here from Badin gave me a lot of inferiority complexes. Now that I have made improvements and developed a passion for English, I am set on being a journalist, English language professor, and a future novelist. Studying in an all female university is an issue as I don’t interact with a diverse group of people. Accordingly, I’ve made online friends from different countries and cultures. Being a literature and language student, the United States, a multi-cultural country will give me first-hand experience of interacting in diversified settings. I will be a representative of my country as I become an independent and more improved person. After returning, I will inform students of my journey and empower students who dream like I do. UGRAD is a perfect platform that I’ve absolutely been looking for.


Global UGRAD Personal Statement (Medical Student) #5

I have always felt that we as humans have an inborn desire to want to help others. This passion has blossomed into a responsibility. I am beginning to understand that medicine is my permanent source of satisfaction. The statement, “The most exquisite pleasure in the practice of medicine comes from nudging a layman in the direction of terror, then bringing him back to safety again”, by Kurt Vonnegut in a novel “God Bless You”. Gave me a thought that how being a doctor would feel and has convinced me to pursue medicine as a means for serving the community.

To further my insight into the medical field I participated in a work shadowing week at a local hospital. Here I gained insight into how MRI and other medicines work. I gained a valuable understanding of the workings of the surgery and observed the ward rounds, a skin biopsy, and an endoscopy clinic all which I found interesting and helped me pursue medicine.

My desire to study medicine is reflected in my intermediate choices. My interest in the human body led me to pursue Biology, Chemistry, and Physics at Intermediate, which significantly improved my study of diseases, confidence in a laboratory and practical skills.

I enjoy socializing and playing football having captained by the high school to numerous successes and played for the college football team. Partaking in a teamwork as both a member and a leader has improved my teamwork proficiency, leadership, competence, good teamwork abilities and communication skills

Besides admiring USA’s education and greenery, having my studies in the country having advanced and up-to-date technology would be my wish to have familiarized with and a chance to meet with USA’s students along the way and to know about their nature, culture, customs, and skills to show them ours would be an honour beyond words.


Global UGRAD Personal Statement (Medical Student) #6

Shaher Bano | 4th Year MBBS, Bolan Medical College, Quetta, Balochistan (UGRAD FALL 2017 Candidate)

I am a resident of [censored], Balochistan. Being one of the most important cities of the province, it still lags behind in basic literacy and healthcare facilities. The poor education system was not the only obstacle I had to overcome. I also had to fight gender discrimination. And due to lack of financial resources, I taught part-time which lead me to experience the harsh realities of our patriarchal society where women are stereotyped to be mothers and wives with no right to education.

I stood tall against all these adversities with consistent hard work, perseverance, and confidence. The sufferings and deaths caused by curable diseases sparked the passion in me to pursue a career in medicine.I worked hard with determination and finally succeeded reserving my admission at Bolan Medical College by scoring 1st position in terms of test scores in all Balochistan.

I have maintained outstanding achievements throughout my academic life. I was a member of science club at school and was selected to participate in Exchange & Excel Camps for scoring top grades. I was also invited by PEEF to attend personality development program for being a topper in district intermediate-exams. Besides medicine, I also like reading about philosophy, cosmology, and history and have published relevant articles in local blogs. I have excellent presentation skills and actively participate in debate competitions & volunteer work.

For a girl like me, UGRAD is a huge learning opportunity. I look forward to utilizing this program to study clinical medicine and learn from USA’s leading doctors to help improve local health care.

Global UGRAD Personal Statement #7

Hailing from a remote area at the verge of Pak-Afghan border where people don’t even dream about higher education, it’s not less than a miracle that today I am enrolled in Mechanical Engineering department of a prestigious Engineering University in Pakistan.

It wasn’t that easy as it may sound. I have tried hard to get admission in a University of good repute. If I’ll get more opportunities to excel; it would send a positive message to the youth and elders in my area that education is the ray of hope in the current bewildering situation.

From early childhood, I had to live at student hostels, far from my home because my village lacks even basic educational facilities. I have suffered but I can proudly say that my struggle has rewarded me with confidence, knowledge and most of all, the hope. I have experienced that how your struggle pays you back and that has made me more ambitious.

God has blessed me with a number of skills including the quality of being out spoken, have won different titles in several debating contests. I have been the best debater of school, college, and province. Recently won the 2nd position at Inter-department declamation contest and am selected for regional declamation contest from my university. Been the best player of cricket at the school level and played different domestic games.

I believe in Win-Win situations. I feel that it’s my duty to share what I have with those who can’t afford to acquire. That’s why I have voluntarily organized different seminars and workshops on career counseling and future planning. I have volunteered as a teacher in my village school. Worked as a volunteer, in the rehabilitation of earth quake and flood affected areas of Pakistan.

I believe in the power of youth and I consider youth as the symbol of success for a society. I m the youth activist and have attended different seminars, workshops, and conferences for the development and awareness of youth. I have recently attended international youth conference and seminar held in Islamabad.

The world, being a global village today needs harmony among people from different religions and races. This Student Exchange Programme seems to me as a perfect chance to meet with people from diverse ethnicities. If today’s Youth will avail such opportunities to understand and tolerate each other, tomorrow’s world would be more peaceful and prosperous. This exchange program will help me enhance my leadership skills and the myriad exposure of this program would enhance the effectiveness of my devotion to educate my people. This program will help me experience the eminent education standards of United States that can enhance my passion and love for my field. Moreover, from my example, People back here will know U.S.A as a friend who is concerned about the future of their youth instead of an unseen enemy who bombs them with unmanned air-crafts.

Global UGRAD Personal Statement #8

Being young and an ambitious boy, everything is an adventure and an opportunity to broaden my horizon. I have always craved for contact, friendships and a social circle as big as my love for food. So the appeal that USA has with all the freedom, the endless opportunities and the chance to take the joy of life that only a Pakistani experience was simply irresistible for me.

I am someone who can make friends even on a bus stop. Being congenial helps me meet new people and staying in touch with old ones keeps me busy. Learning Chinese and joining 6 societies at my university have been a huge workload but no regrets here. I am an active social worker and have organized various counseling sessions for high school students in my hometown.

My curiosity for machines, desire to construct something unique and the interest to work on mega projects with a variety of people, led me towards mechanical engineering. To improve Pakistan’s energy crisis, I have started making an efficient Human Powered Vehicle.

This program is a tremendous opportunity to interact with different cultures in the USA, representing Pakistan’s, turn my ideas into reality and understand the real applications of engineering. Foreign exposure will help me improve my knowledge of cultural differences and understand global issues through a different dimension. I hope to learn a new language there and know more about the land of the free and the home of the brave.
I will return with more than souvenirs and a trunk-full of experiences to share with everyone. I am going there as an ambassador of Pakistan but will return as an ambassador of USA in Pakistan.


Global UGRAD Personal Statement (Medical Student) #9

Rehan Iqbal | Mastung, Balochistan | Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore (UGRAD SPRING 2017 Candidate)

I hail from a small village in district Mastung, Balochistan. I was fortunate enough to be born in an educated and liberal family in a region where illiteracy and tribalism still have deep roots in the society. My father, despite his financial restraints, made sure that me and my siblings get the best possible education, and also trained us to stand and act on our beliefs in a pretty dogmatic society. As a child I was fascinated by science and scientists, and I believe my exposure to such material from an early age molded me to think logically, rationally and critically. Resultantly, pursuit of knowledge became the biggest motivation in my life.

I completed my matriculation from St. Mary’s School, Quetta, always securing the first position in my class. I went for my H.S.S.C to Tameer-i-Nnau College, Quetta, one of the most prestigious institutes of the province. I secured 6th position in the intermediate board of Balochistan. Later, I scored 8th highest position in the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) in the entire province and landed one of the three spots for admission in Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore, an Institute counted among the elitist Medical Colleges of the country. For that, I was selected for CM Punjab’s special scholarship for students of Balochistan, which bears expenses of my college and hostel fee. I am a regular student of AIMC, Lahore now.

I consider myself to be a Rubik’s-Messiah complex hybrid, I like the thrill of solving problems and I believe humanity is the only religion, that is why I choose medicine. In addition to the intriguing challenges it presents, it also gives me the opportunity to do something good for my fellow humans, and matter in an effective way to my people. After my MBBS, I want to specialize in Infectious diseases as it will allow me to be helpful to a large number of people given the poor hygienic and sanitary conditions in my province, due to poverty, illiteracy and an almost complete absence of infrastructure.

I have a curious mind, owing to which I have a number of hobbies and interests. I’m a passionate reader, I spend allot of time reading history, poetry, philosophy, psychology, and novels (Huckleberry Finn being my favorite). I love traveling and I have a special zeal for the archeology, anthropology, and wildlife of Balochistan, pursuing which has led me to acquire skills like off-road driving, hiking, and photography. I also watch a lot of movies.
I hold this opportunity in the highest esteem, and if given a chance, it will prove vital to my self-development and act as a catalyst in my growth as a person. This program will polish my social skills and help me achieve my future aspirations. I am really enthusiastic about the idea of blending in a new society, exposure to a new culture and the experience of studying in U.S.A. I will try to sponge all the goodness I come across and I wish to spread it in my community when I come back. I assure you, that I will contribute to the program with all my heart and reciprocate the experience by acting as a true ambassador of my country. I realize the potential this program offers and I am certain I will take full advantage of it.

Global UGRAD Personal Statement #10

Khushal Khan | Zhob | 4th Year MBBS, Bolan Medical College, Quetta (UGRAD SPRING 2017 Candidate)

“Talent deserves a chance” is what I was taught in my High School and still echoes around my ears several times a day. I opened my eyes in the darkest Scenario one can imagine. Since my childhood, I had the quest for knowledge but low financial status tried its best be a Hurdle. It was not far when I was one of the selected 04 candidates from Baluchistan for five years 100% Scholarship Program of O and A levels. I am a fast learner, highly motivated and open to experience new cultures and traditions.

Since my early days, I wished to be a Good human Doctor. At our college I am a part of a local Student organization, raise funds for patients with cancer or with any other chronic disease, donate blood frequently and try to heal and cure the society’s pain and sufferings. Once my anatomy teacher said, “Anyone can be a good Doctor but it is Difficult to be a good human doctor” that is what I am trying to be from the first day I stepped in the premises of Bolan Medical College.

I want to pursue in the field of Internal Medicine from a highly recognized Universities in US. That will help me in treating the patients with the new effective means not yet Introduced in my country.

There are a number of reasons I want to study in US the most favorite one is that every aspect of medicine (course, equipment, practice ) is up to date which is in contrast with my country especially Baluchistan. US homes many cultures and traditions, interacting with them will help me in presenting a positive outlook of my culture and in the same manner, I will clench the positive aspects of their culture. This opportunity will help me in the field of medicine, academically and socially.


Global UGRAD Personal Statement #11

“Bilal, you are a dexterous student with a lot of enthusiasm and talent. You should think of taking admission in GCU Lahore, you will dissipate talent here”. These words of my mentor, sir Niamatullah encouraged me to take admission in GCU Lahore. Being a native of Baluchistan, the least developed province of Pakistan, I grew in and one of the world’s most backward and poorly governed areas. As an inhabitant of this unsophisticated province I never enjoyed a healthy educational environment but the quest for knowledge always kept on pushing me further and I never lost hope and took first position in FA in FGDC Quetta.

Philosophy has shaped the foundations of all human life and thought. The importance of philosophical enquiry can be traced from the beginning of civilizations to the heart of today’s modern society. The society that I live in accepts blind beliefs without reasoning and asking questions and follows those rules that are made to bind human beings for no reason. I always hesitated in accepting blind beliefs without using my reason so I wanted to scrutinize blind faiths but I had no platform hence Philosophy provided me the platform that I needed.

I strongly believe that as long as I do not get an exposure to the most tolerant society of USA, My dream of becoming a good philosopher would remain just a dream. 4 months stay in the United States will provide me with many availing opportunities through which I could be capable enough to carry out debates regarding subjects such as God, Religion, knowledge, liberty, human rights etc. Without any hesitation because discussing such subjects is considered a sin back here in my home town and country. My interaction with the people of America would help me in presenting a positive outlook of my culture and i would clench the positive aspects of their culture. This will for sure help to bridge the gap between two different societies in inter-cultural and religious aspects.


Global UGRAD Personal Statement #12

Seeing the successful women in the world, I am lead to believe that I can do something substantial and make my life more meaningful for myself, as well as the others around me, if I put the knowledge and skills I have acquired over the years to good use.

A girl born in remote area of Baluchistan, where there is only one primary school. But luck favored me that the backwardness of my native village couldn’t stop me to find the meaning of life. My family migrated to city and initiative was taken by my father that his daughters would be enlightened with education instead of being imprisoned in a cage, which gave me the environmental support to study and reach to Bachelor class.

I have opted BS English Language and Literature, and am more inclined towards language and linguistics. Very less research has been conducted in this area of study in Pakistan and hence wants to explore this field of knowledge. I have always been interested to know about different cultures and no doubt language is the most important component of any culture. I want to know how language functions, how variations occur within same language, and how one language differs from another.

I, currently studying in BS English Language and Literature at BUITEMS and scoring a very good CGPA 3.95 out of 4, and would like to enhance my knowledge and skills by acquiring better educational opportunities in a country which should be abode of excellent research and education. In this direction, I find America the best place to know about its culture, to lessen the misunderstanding of our people towards them and above all to observe linguistic development as a culture and to have a comparative analysis of both my country and that of US. I wish to absorb the3 best of both cultures to become an active member of society. My exposure to US will surely turn my dreams into reality to find the meaning of my life. My ultimate goal will be to work for the betterment of those women who are still deprived of their basic right of education. Being the native of the society biased towards women, my visit will serve as something very positive with regard to women empowerment.


Global UGRAD Personal Statement #13

My name is Umaira and I am in the 5th Semester of 4 years Bachelor of IT program at the University of Sargodha, which is one of the esteemed and valued universities in Pakistan. My dream, to become a professional web developer, has urged me to come into this field and gain excellence through learning and developing these skills to face the fast paced changing world’s information technology structure. My love and enthusiasm has always motivated me to sharpen my skills and learn as much as possible within the limited resources provided and the evidence is that I have maintained a good CGP of 3.19 and I also topped in girls with GPA of 3.60 in Semester which started in September, 2009 which ended January, 2010. During the course of study I have worked on projects related to web development. I was awarded the first position in Web Programming Event held at an esteemed institution The Educators on 23rd November 2010.

I have gained excellence in Programming related languages which are the base of whole programming infrastructure. I believe change and this belief has strengthened my abilities to not only keep myself boosted in studies but have made me achieve a good position in the class and currently I am representing my Class as GR of the Class.

I am positive that I am making right decision and right time investment for my bright future and this will pay me back in the long run. I can see myself working with top organizations as manager where ever I find better opportunity and better use my skills for overall betterment of the environment.

When I think about an international level degree, the first thing comes in my mind is to study at any good globally renowned university. Many institutions of United States of America are famous for quality education all over the world, which indicates individual’s bright future.

On return to Pakistan and after the completion of my degree from University Of Sargodha I intend to start my professional career in relevant Multinational organization in Pakistan.
Please consider my application for US Undergraduate Exchange Program as a
student of BSIT.

Thank you,



Global UGRAD Personal Statement #14

I am Fahad Mushtaq, a student of BBA(Hons) at the Institute of Management Sciences, I
am young, enthusiastic and has passion for leaning about different people and cultures. I
want to make new friends, explore new avenues and want share may own cultural heritage
with others and want to gain insight into other cultures. I have strong desire to make the world better place to live and want to bridge the gaps between different cultures. All
human beings are descendants of Adam, therefore all humans are equal and cultural
differences should not cut us off.

I am currently studying business administration and wish to continue the same field of
study in future. I am interested in doing my graduate studies at a leading western university, and would like make and effective contribution to existing research work
in the field of Marketing.

I belong to society where people don’t like to take risk and after completing their studies
usually they look for stable government sector jobs. But, I am little different and want to take challenges. Instead of being hired by someone else, I want to start my own marketing
agency and want hire and mentor other peoples. I want to create a team of young individuals who have same passion, and who are committed undertake challenging assignments and are willing to compete in today’s highly competitive environment. The USA is trulyleader in all walks of life; whether it be science, technology or anything else. The whole world looks towards US when it comes to the state of art in any field. Though, to be very honest I have some disliking for some US government polices but have high degree of respect for US citizens and values that they hold. US without any doubt has a made significant impact in creating free and civilized world, this was the reason that our leader choose go for friendship with US from the right beginning. Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s speech to the US public in 1948 was the true reflection of this.

My uncle is living in USA for last 20 years and is now US citizen, it is he who has encouraged and inspired me about life at USA. Due to some financial problem I didn’t get a chance to do my undergraduate studies in US, but I am firmly committed to do my graduate studies in US. US universities like Harvard, Stanford, Berkley etc. has always attracted me, their research and teaching style has no match. I think this one year program to US will give me an opportunity to explore USA more closely, and would help me better understanding the US society, culture, politics and education environment. I remain committed, to succeed in this competition for short study tour to USA, I have firm trust in my abilities, and I sincerely hope that I would be able to convince the judges that I am right candidate for this position.


Global UGRAD Personal Statement #15

I am applying for this scholarship because I have strong urge for speedy growth and unmatchable success in my academic career. I consider this program a milestone to attain during this short span of undergraduate studies. I have always remained high-dreamer and achieve with passion during the course of my all life. Be it my school time or my university days, I have always remained pro-active and competitive with numerous awards in both academic and non-academic times. Be it highest scorer/ top I proved always by remaining outstanding. Currently, being enrolled in Pakistan’s prestigious engineering university, I am pursuing B.E. in Architecture at Mehran University of Engineering & Technology (MUET) Jamshoro, Sindh. I have secured

Currently, being enrolled in Pakistan’s prestigious engineering university, I am pursuing B.E. in Architecture at Mehran University of Engineering & Technology (MUET) Jamshoro, Sindh. I have secured highest position at my class in the university. I will further continue my studies in this field and will break the social barriers & stereotypes that Pakistani women can’t enter in the engineering field. Being a female architect, it requires extra courage and efforts to get

Being a female architect, it requires extra courage and efforts to get your-self accepted in this field of work, which is traditionally a male-dominated one. I envision of having my own firm of architects which get global recognition and bring benefit to the national economy. I also have been engaged in volunteer work at university level, I have been organizing events to promote art, showcasing the taken of newcomers, I also tend to tutor my fellows and juniors in my free time. I am also fulfilling the responsibilities as a co-ordinator in a newspaper “Technotimes”. I also write columns for same newspaper. I wish to pursue further studies at USA because it will provide a boost to my academic career and will add international exposure and global networking with like-minded people. It relates to my interest of having a highly successful career with creating value for the co-workers in special and the society in general. If I get chance, here, to study in USA, I will have a competitive edge in my career and will also help me to get chance of studying my master’s degree in USA in near future.

I wish to pursue further studies at USA because it will provide a boost to my academic career and will add international exposure and global networking with like-minded people. It relates to my interest of having a highly successful career with creating value for the co-workers in special and the society in general. If I get chance, here, to study in USA, I will have a competitive edge in my career and will also help me to get chance of studying my master’s degree in USA in near future.

This scholarship will be another successful milestone of my life with aim of having very positive impacts of in my whole life and career.

Best of luck everyone! 🙂


  1. U r doing a gud job n enhancing the capable students to get enormous facility to groom internationally .,.. Keep it up Thnkx a lot …, Sarwar baig .. Sialkot

    • Well, this is interesting because last year, the UGRAD application had a flaw. It was exploited by many and those who knew about it used it to their advantage and didn’t care about the word count. But unfortunately, this year their website is not accepting SOPs which even exceed a single word.

      Good luck! 🙂

  2. This year there is no personal statement and prompt, there is question: why you will be the great candidate for UGRAD. Without any instructions or prompts, Should we answer the question similar way as SOP?

    Thank you in advance

  3. Thanks for sharing. After reading these samples i am able to write my own one. I am a student of BUET khuzdar and it made me happy that you are also from this city.

  4. Thanks to all for sharing these personal ideas.with the help of these statements inshalah i will create my own one the best.

  5. First of all thank you sooo much..Secondly,you said that even 10 % plagiarism is not allowed that’s mean we shouldn’t use any quotes ?


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