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Kisner's Therapeutic Exercise PDF

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Here’s the complete overview of Kisner’s Therapeutic Exercise PDF:

Thoroughly revised and updated throughout in a long-wearing, hard cover binding, Kisner & Colby s 5th Edition offers the most up-to-date guidelines for managing musculoskeletal conditions. Now, with even more illustrations, it provides principles of therapeutic exercise and manual therapy. This renowned manual remains the authoritative source for exercise instruction for the therapist and for patient self management.NEW TO THIS EDITIONNew, long-wearing, hard cover binding. No more spiral binding! 3 brand-new chapters Prevention Health and Wellness Exercises for Impaired Balance, and Peripheral Nerve Disorders and Management. Newboxes to highlight Focus on Evidence, Management Guidelines, and Outcome. More clinical examples and more cases studies. More “guide” language. More illustrations including anatomical reviews, clinical photographs, and line drawings. And, much more!

Features of Kisner’s Therapeutic Exercise PDF

Here’s a quick overview of the essential features of this book:

Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents offered inside Kisner’s Therapeutic Exercise PDF:

PART I: General Concepts 1
CHAPTER 1 Therapeutic Exercise:
Foundational Concepts 1
CHAPTER 2 Prevention, Health, and
Wellness 37
Karen Holtgrefe, DHS, PT, OCS
PART II: Applied Science of
Exercise and
Techniques 43
CHAPTER 3 Range of Motion 43
CHAPTER 4 Stretching for Impaired
Mobility 65
CHAPTER 5 Peripheral Joint
Mobilization 109
CHAPTER 6 Resistance Exercise for
Impaired Muscle
Performance 147
CHAPTER 7 Principles of Aerobic Exercise
Karen Holtgrefe, DHS, PT, OCS
Terri M. Glenn, PhD, PT
CHAPTER 8 Exercise for Impaired
Balance 251
Anne D. Kloos, PT, PhD, NCS
Deborah Givens Heiss, PT, PhD,
CHAPTER 9 Aquatic Exercise 273
Robert Schrepfer, MS, PT
PART III: Principles of
Intervention 295
CHAPTER 10 Soft Tissue Injury, Repair, and
Management 295
CHAPTER 11 Joint, Connective Tissue, and
Bone Disorders and
Management 309
CHAPTER 12 Surgical Interventions and
Postoperative Management
CHAPTER 13 Peripheral Nerve Disorders and
Management 349
PART IV: Exercise Interventions
by Body Region 383
CHAPTER 14 The Spine and Posture:
Structure, Function, Postural
Impairments, and Management
Guidelines 383
CHAPTER 15 The Spine: Impairments,
Diagnoses, and Management
Guidelines 407
CHAPTER 16 The Spine: Exercise
Interventions 439
CHAPTER 17 The Shoulder and Shoulder
Girdle 481
CHAPTER 18 The Elbow and Forearm
Complex 557
CHAPTER 19 The Wrist and Hand 589

CHAPTER 25 Management of Pulmonary
Conditions 851
APPENDIX Systematic Musculoskeletal
Examination Guidelines 883
Glossary 889
Index 897
CHAPTER 20 The Hip 643
CHAPTER 21 The Knee 687
CHAPTER 22 The Ankle and Foot 759
PART V: Special Areas of
Therapeutic Exercise 797
CHAPTER 23 Women’s Health: Obstetrics
and Pelvic Floor 797
Barbara Settles Huge, BS, PT
CHAPTER 24 Management of Vascular
Disorders of the
Extremities 825

Kisner’s Therapeutic Exercise PDF Free Download

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Kisner's Therapeutic Exercise PDF


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