Body Massage: Therapy Basics 2nd Edition PDF Free Download [Direct Link]

Body Massage Therapy Basics 2nd Edition PDF

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Here’s the complete overview of Body Massage: Therapy Basics 2nd Edition PDF:

This new edition of Body Massage: Therapy Basics has been thoroughly updated to meet the requirements of the following awarding bodies: NVQ/SVQ Beauty Therapy Level 3; Edexcel National Diploma in Beauty Therapy; VTCT and ITEC. This book features a brand new colour section and up-to-date diagrams and photographs throughout.

Written by an expert in the field, this edition is aimed primarily at Level 3 students, and includes new material on health, safety and hygiene to meet the legislative requirements for massage practitioners. A new section introducing advanced massage techniques and passive movements provides additional information for the student interested in studying beyond Level 3. Comprehensive assessment guidance is also included.

Features of Body Massage: Therapy Basics 2nd Edition PDF

Here’s a quick overview of the essential features of this book:

Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents offered inside Body Massage: Therapy Basics 2nd Edition PDF:

  1. Book title
  2. Contents
  3. Introduction
  4. Learning and assessment guidance
  5. Brief history of massage
  6. Part A: Underpinning knowledge
  7. 1 Health, safety and hygiene
  8. Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
  9. The therapist’s role in maintaining health and safety in their place of work
  10. Safety considerations when dealing with hazardous substances
  11. Safety considerations when using electrical equipment
  12. Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1985 (RIDDOR)
  13. First aid at work
  14. Manual handling
  15. Fire precautions
  16. Risk assessment
  17. Hygiene
  18. 2 Body systems and the physiological and psychological effects of massage
  19. Organisational levels
  20. The integumentary system
  21. The skeletal system
  22. The muscular system
  23. The cardio-vascular system
  24. The lymphatic system
  25. The respiratory system
  26. The digestive system
  27. The nervous system
  28. The urinary system
  29. The endocrine system
  30. Psychological effects of massage
  31. Part B: Consultation, preparation and massage movements
  32. 3 Professional conduct, ethics and preparation
  33. Ethics
  34. Client consultation
  35. Contra-indications to massage
  36. Referring clients to a medical practitioner
  37. Preparation for massage
  38. 4 Classification of massage and the effleurage group
  39. Classification of massage movements
  40. The effleurage group
  41. Effleurage
  42. Stroking
  43. 5 The petrissage group
  44. Kneading
  45. Wringing
  46. Picking up
  47. Skin rolling
  48. Muscle rolling
  49. Frictions
  50. 6 The percussion and vibration groups
  51. The percussion (tapotement) group
  52. Hacking
  53. Cupping
  54. Beating
  55. Pounding
  56. The vibration group
  57. Shaking
  58. Vibration
  59. Part C: Massage routines and adaptations
  60. 7 Massage routines
  61. Basic guidelines
  62. Leg
  63. Arm
  64. Chest and abdomen
  65. Back
  66. Face and head
  67. 8 Adapting massage for specific conditions
  68. Conditions that benefit from massage
  69. Reducing stress and tension
  70. Combating mental and physical fatigue
  71. Relieving oedema
  72. Reducing cellulite
  73. Male clients
  74. Evaluation of treatment
  75. Home advice
  76. Diet
  77. Relaxation
  78. Posture
  79. Breathing exercises
  80. Evaluation of own performance
  81. 9 Additional techniques
  82. Massage techniques for musculo-skeletal problems
  83. Neuromuscular-skeletal techniques
  84. Passive movements
  85. Body brushing
  86. 10 Mechanical massage
  87. Gyratory vibrator
  88. Percussion vibrator
  89. Audio-sonic vibrator
  90. Heat treatment
  91. 11 Introduction to sports massage
  92. Training
  93. Benefits of sports massage
  94. Use of massage in sport
  95. Pre-event massage
  96. Post-event massage
  97. Training massage
  98. Treatment massage
  99. Contra-indications to sports massage
  100. Answers to questions from Health, safety and hygiene chapter
  101. Appendix: Terminology of surfaces and structures
  102. Glossary

Body Massage: Therapy Basics 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

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Body Massage Therapy Basics 2nd Edition PDF


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