Foramen Magnum Contents Mnemonic: “VAMPS-ATM”

Foramen Magnum Contents Mnemonic VAMPS-ATM

The mnemonic “VAMPS-ATM” very comprehensively covers all the contents of the foramen magnum (a major opening found at the base of the human skull). Each letter represents a specific structure—Vagus nerve, Accessory nerve, Meninges, Posterior inferior cerebellar artery, Spinal roots of accessory nerve, Anterior spinal artery, and Transverse sinus—that aids medical professionals as well as med-students in rapidly recalling the anatomical components traversing this crucial opening at the base of the skull.

This mnemonic proves invaluable memory tool in clinical settings, enhancing accurate identification and understanding of the foramen magnum’s contents.

Foramen Magnum Contents Mnemonic

Mnemonic: “VAMPS-ATM”

Letter Structure Anatomical Course
V Vertebral arteries Ascend through the transverse foramina of the cervical vertebrae.
A Anterior Spinal artery Descends along the anterior surface of the spinal cord.
M Meningeal branches of the cervical nerves Enter the spinal canal to provide sensory innervation.
P Posterior spinal arteries Supply the dorsal aspect of the spinal cord.
S Spinal part of the accessory nerve Pass through the foramen magnum to innervate neck muscles.
A Alar and Apical ligaments of the odontoid process Stabilize the dens and connect to the occipital bone.
T Tectorial membrane Attaches to the occipital bone and provides ligamentous support.
M Medulla oblongata Descends through the foramen magnum into the spinal cord.


Foramen Magnum Contents Mnemonic


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