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Brief Atlas of the Human Body PDF

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This full-color atlas is packaged with every new copy of the text, and includes 107 bone and 47 cadaver photographs with easy-to-read labels. This edition of the atlas contains a comprehensive histology photomicrograph section featuring over 50 slides of basic tissue and organ systems. Featuring photos taken by renowned biomedical photographer Ralph Hutchings, this high-quality photographic atlas makes an excellent resource for the classroom and laboratory, and is referenced in appropriate figure legends throughout the text.

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Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents offered inside Brief Atlas of the Human Body PDF:

Part I
BASlC TISSUES 3 Connective Tissues-Blood 10
Epithelial Tissues 3 Plate 22 Blood smear 10
Plate I Simple squamous epithelium, surface view 3 Plate 23 Blood smear, neutrophils 10
Plate 2 Simple squamous epithelium, section 3 Plate 24 Blood smear, eosinophil 10
through a renal corpuscle in the renal cortex Plate 25 Blood smear, basophil 11
Plate 3 Simple cuboidal epithelium, l.s. 3 Plate 26 Blood smear, lymphocytes 11
through renal medulla
Plate 27 Blood smear, monocyte 11
Plate 4 Non-ciliated simple columnar epithelium 4
from the small intestine-jejunum
Plate 5 Ciliated simple columnar 4 Muscle Tissue-Skeletal Muscle 12
epithelium from the oviduct Plate 28 Skeletal muscle l.s. 12
Plate 6 Pseudostratified columnar 4 Plate 29 Skeletal muscle c.s. 12
epithelium from the trachea Plate 30 Neuromuscular junction (motor end plate) 12
Plate 7 Stratified squamous epithelium from 5
the mucosa of the esophagus
Plate 8 Stratified cuboidal epithelium from 5 Muscle Tissue-Cardiac Muscle 13
the duct of a sweat gland Plate 31 Cardiac muscle 13
Plate 9 Stratified columnar epithelium from 5
a duct in the parotid gland Muscle Tissue-Smooth Muscle 13
Plate IO Transitional epithelium from the ureter 6 Plate 32 Smooth muscle, from the uterus 13
Connective Tissues-Connective Tissue Proper 6 Nervous Tissue 13
Plate II Areolar connective tissue 6 Plate 33 Neuronal cell body in central 13
Plate 12 Adipose tissue from the external ear 6 nervous system
Plate 13 Reticular connective tissue, lymph node 7 Plate 34 Peripheral nerve, c.s. 14
Plate 14 Dense irregular connective tissue 7 Plate 35 Peripheral nerve, l.s. 14
from the submucosa of the large intestine
Plate 15 Dense regular connective tissue, tendon 7 Select Organs 15
Plate 16 Elastic connective tissue from the aorta 8 Plate 36 Spinal cord c.s. through lumbar region 15
Plate 37 Thick skin showing epidermal 15
Connective Tissues-Cartilage 8 and dermal regions
Plate 17 Hyaline cartilage from the trachea 8 Plate 38 Muscular artery and vein 16
Plate 18 Elastic cartilage 8 Plate 39 Spleen 16
Plate 19 Fibrocartilage, within a tendon 9 Plate 40 Trachea 16
Plate 41 Lung 17
Connective Tissues-Bone 9 Plate 42 Gastroesophageal junction 17
Plate 20 Compact bone 9 Plate 43 Stomach, l.s. 18
Plate 21 Spongy bone 9 Plate 44 Small intestine, c.s. through duodenum 18
Plate 45 Mucosal layer of small intestine, 19 Plate 51 Testes 21
from the jejunum Plate 52 Ovary 22
Plate 46 Pancreas 19
Plate 47
Plate 53 Uterus, secretory stage 22
Pig liver 20
Plate 48
Plate 54 Thyroid gland 23
Renal cortex 20
Plate 49 Renal medulla 20
Plate 55 Adrenal gland, section 23
Plate 50 Urinary bladder 21
Figure I Skull, anterior view 27 Figure 17 Articulated vertebral column 44
Figure 2 Skull, right external view 28 (a) right lateral view 44
of lateral surface (b) posterior view 45
Figure 3 Skull, internal view of left 29 Figure 18 Various views of vertebrae C1 and C2 46
lateral aspect (a) atlas, superior view 46
(b) atlas, inferior view 46
Figure 4 Skull, external view of base 30 (c) axis, superior view 47
Figure 5 Skull, internal view of base 31 (d) axis, inferior view 47
(e) articulated atlas and axis, 47
Figure 6 Occipital bone, inferior external view 32 superior view
Figure 7 Frontal bone 33 Figure 19 Cervical vertebrae 48
(a) anterior view 33 (a) right lateral view of articulated 48
(b) inferior surface 33 cervical vertebrae
Figure 8 Temporal bone 34 (b) fifth (typical) cervical vertebra, 48
(a) right lateral surface 34 superior view
(b) right medial view 35 (c) fifth (typical) cervical vertebra, 48
Figure 9 Sphenoid bone 36 posterior view
(d) fifth (typical) cervical vertebra, 49 (a) superior view 36 right lateral view (b) posterior view 36 (e) vertebra prominens (C7), 49 (c) anterior view 36 superior view
Figure 10 Ethmoid bone 37 Figure 20 Thoracic vertebrae 50 (a) left lateral surface 37 (a) articulated thoracic vertebrae, 50 (b) posterior view 37 right lateral view (c) anterior view 37 (b) seventh (typical) thoracic 50
Figure II Mandible 38 verterbra, superior view
(a) right lateral view 38 (c) seventh (typical) thoracic 50
(b) right medial view 38 vertebra, posterior view
Figure 12 Maxilla 39 (d) comparison ofT1 , T7 , and 51
(a) right lateral view 39 T 12 in right lateral views
(b) right medial view 39 Figure 21 Lumbar vertebrae 52
Figure 13 Palatine bone 40 (a) articulated lumbar vertebrae 52
(a) right lateral view 40 and rib cage, right lateral view
{b) right posterior view 40 (b) second lumbar vertebra, 52
superior view
Figure 14 Bony orbit 41 (c) second lumbar vertebra, 53
Figure 15 Nasal cavity, left lateral wall 42 posterior view
(d) second lumbar vertebra, 53 Figure 16 Fetal skull 43 right lateral view
(a) anterior view 43
(b) lateral view 43
Figure 22 Sacrum and coccyx 54 (d) articulated male pelvis, 69
(a) posterior view 54 posterior view
(b) right lateral view 54 Figure 29 Right femur 70 (c) anterior view 55 (a) anterior view 70
Figure 23 Thoracic cage 56 (b) posterior view 70
(a) anterior view 56 (c) proximal end, anterior view 71
(b) posterior view 57 (d) proximal end, posterior view 71
(c) sternum, right lateral view 58 (e) proximal end, medial view 71
(d) sternum, anterior view 58 (f) distal end, anterior view 72
(e) typical rib, posterior 59 (g) distal end, posterior view 72
(f) articulated typical rib and 59 (h) articulated right femur and patella, 73 vertebra, superior view (left) inferior view with knee extended and lateral view (right) (i) right patella, anterior surface 73
Figure 24 Scapula and clavicle 60 U) articulated right femur and patella, 74
(a) right scapula, anterior view 60 inferior posterior view with knee flexed
(b) right scapula, posterior view 60 (k) right patella, posterior surface 74
(c) right scapula, lateral aspect 61
(d) right clavicle, inferior view (top) 61 Figure 30 Right tibia and fibula 75
and superior view (bottom) (a) articulated right tibia and fibula, 75
(e) articulated right clavicle and 61 anterior view
scapula, superior view (b) articulated right tibia and fibula, 75
Figure 25 Right humerus 62 posterior view
(a) anterior view 62 (c) right tibia, proximal end, 76
(b) posterior view 62 anterior view
(c) proximal end, anterior view 63 (d) right tibia, proximal end, 76
(d) proximal end, posterior view 63 posterior view
(e) distal end, anterior view 63 (e) right tibia, proximal end, 77
Figure 26 Right ulna and radius 64 articular surface
(f) articulated right tibia and fibula, 77 (a) articulated right ulna and 64 proximal end, posterior view radius, anterior view
(b) articulated right ulna and 64 (g) articulated right tibia and fibula, 77
radius, posterior view distal end, posterior view
(a) articulated right humerus, ulna, 64 (h) right fibula, proximal end, 78
and radius, anterior view anterior view
(d) articulated right humerus, ulna, 64 (i) right fibula, proximal end, 78
and radius, posterior view posteromedial view
(e) right ulna, proximal end: anterior, 65 U) right fibula, proximal end, 78
posterior, medial, and lateral views medial view
Figure 27 Bones of the right hand 66 Figure 31 Bones of the right ankle and foot 79
(a) lateral aspect 66 (a) superior surface 79
(b) dorsal aspect 66 (b) inferior (plantar) surface 79
Figure 28 Bones of the male pelvis 67 (c) medial view 80
(a) right hip bone, lateral view 67 (d) lateral view 80
(b) right hip bone, medial view 67 (e) right calcaneus, superior aspect 81
(c) articulated male pelvis, 68 (f) right calcaneus, posterior aspect 81
anterior view (g) right talus, inferior view 81
Figure 32 Superficial muscles of the thorax, 85 Figure 34 Abdominal muscles 86
posterior view
Figure 35 Right shoulder from right, showing 87
Figure 33 Superficial muscles of the thorax, 85 deltoid muscle and biceps
anterior view
Figure 36 Triceps of the left arm, posterior view 87 Figure 57 Heart and pericardium, anterior view 109
Figure 37 Right forearm and wrist 88 Figure 58 Coronal section of the ventricles, 110
(a) palmar surface 88 anterior view
(b) dorsum surface 89 Figure 59 Heart, posterior view {blood 111
Figure 38 Wrist and hand 90 vessels injected}
(a) dorsum surface of the right 90 Figure 6o hand and wrist Pulmonary, aortic, and mitral valves 112
(b) palmer surface of the left 91 of the heart, superior view
hand and wrist Figure 61 Fibrous framework of the heart 113
Figure 39 Superficial muscles of the 92 {atria removed}, posterior view,
superior gluteal region from the right
Figure 40 Superficial muscles of the left 93 Figure 62 Tongue and laryngeal inlet 114
lower thigh, anterior view Figure 63 Diaphragm, superior view 115
Figure 41 Right upper thigh, posterior view 93 Figure 64 Upper abdomen 116
Figure 42 Leg 94 (a) upper abdominal viscera, 116
(a) medial view 94 anterior view
(b) lateral view 94 (b) transverse section of upper 117
abdomen, from below, showing
Figure 43 Foot 95 liver, stomach, and spleen in situ
(a) anterior view 95 Figure 65 Liver, posteroinferior view 118
(b) medial view 95
Figure 44 Right lower face and upper neck 96 Figure 66 Lower abdominal organs 119
Figure 45 Muscles, blood vessels, and nerves 97 Figure 67 Small intestine and colon 120
of neck, anterior view Figure 68 Vessels of the gastrointestinal organs 121
Figure 46 Sagittal section of the head 98 Figure 69 Internal surfaces of the stomach 122
and small intestine
Figure 47 Left nasal cavity, lateral wall 99 (a) frontal section of the internal 122
Figure 48 Right cerebral hemisphere 100 surface of the stomach
{arachnoid mater removed} (b) small intestine, cut open to 123
show plicae circulares
Figure 49 Ventral view of the brain 101
Figure 70 Retroperitoneal abdominal structures 124
Figure 50 Midsagittal section of the brain 102
Figure 71 Kidney, internal structure in 125
Figure 51 Transverse section of the brain, 103 frontal section
superior view Figure 72 Male pelvis, saggital section 126
Figure 52 Brainstem and cervical region of 104 Figure 73 Sections through male 127
the spinal cord, posterior view reproductive structures
Figure 53 Cervical region of spinal cord, 105 (a) section through right testis and
ventral view epididymis, and the penis
(b) transverse section through penis
Figure 54 Vertebral column and spinal cord 106
(a) cervical and upper thoracic 106 Figure 74 Female pelvis, sagittal section 128
regions from the left {uterus points forward in this view}
(b) lower thoracic and upper 106 Figure 75 Female pelvic cavity showing the 129
lumbar regions from the left position of the uterus relative to
Figure 55 Spinal cord and cauda equina, 107 other structures
dorsal view of lower end
Figure 56 Heart and associated structures 108
in thorax

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