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A Book For Midwives PDF

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Here’s the complete overview of A Book For Midwives PDF:

A vital resource for practicing midwives and midwifery training programs, A Book for Midwives covers the essentials of care before, during, and after birth. This illustrated guide equips midwives, birth attendants, and families with the information they need for healthier pregnancies and safer births.

Features of A Book For Midwives PDF

Here’s a quick overview of the essential features of this book:

  • staying healthy during pregnancy – eating well when there is limited access to food, understanding changes to the body, and preventing and treating malaria and HIV during pregnancy
  • having safer labors and births – cleaning and sterilizing tools to prevent infection, recognizing warning signs during labor, handling complicated deliveries like breech births or twins, and preventing and treating postpartum hemorrhage
  • successful breastfeeding – helpful suggestions, treating cracked nipples and painful abscesses in the breast, and what to do when the mother works outside the home
  • homemade tools and teaching materials – instructions for low-cost timers, stethoscopes, and scales, and patterns for simple teaching models that can be made from paper or cloth
  • family planning and sexual health – birth control methods, IUD insertion and removal, physical and emotional care for miscarriage, safe methods of abortion, performing pelvic exams, and treatment of HIV and other STIs
  • preventing and treating obstetric emergencies as well as advanced topics like administering fluids intravenously, inserting a catheter, and sewing a tear or episiotomy

    With their unique combination of knowledge and accessibility, midwives are essential to the worldwide struggle for maternal and child health. This trusted resource provides accurate information to support their vital work. Beyond clear depictions of pregnancy and birth, the hundreds of non-clinical, hand-drawn illustrations and plain language used in A Book for Midwives enables midwives and health trainers to involve families and communities in efforts to make pregnancy and birth safer and improve women’s health.

    About Hesperian Health Guides: Hesperian partners with health workers, community members, medical professionals, and others around the world to develop, publish, and share accurate health information. To help all people take greater control over their health, Hesperian’s books are written using plain, easy-to-understand language, feature plentiful illustrations and are regularly updated with the latest medical information.

Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents offered inside A Book For Midwives PDF:

Chapter Number Chapter Title Page Number
1 Words to midwives 1
Learning is lifelong 1
Share what you know 3
Respectful and compassionate care 6
Work to improve women’s health 8
Work for the joy of it 11
2 Treating health problems 12
Finding the causes of health problems 13
Finding the best treatment 16
Finding root causes of health problems 21
Midwives can make change 25
3 A woman’s body in pregnancy 26
A woman’s sexual and reproductive parts 27
How women become pregnant 29
4 Helping women stay healthy 32
Eating well 33
Caring for the body for good health 42
Things to avoid during pregnancy and breastfeeding 45
5 Preventing infection 48
Preventing infection saves lives 49
Prevent infection by keeping germs away 52
Clean your hands and wear protective clothing 53
Clean the space and bedding 57
Clean and sterilize tools 59
Get rid of wastes safely 67
PREGNANCY Introduction 70
6 Common changes in pregnancy 72
Changes in eating and sleeping 73
Body changes and discomforts 76
Changing feelings and emotions 82
7 Learning a pregnant woman’s health history 84
Questions in a pregnancy health history 86
Does she have signs of pregnancy? 86
How pregnant is she now? 88
Has she had any problems with past pregnancies or births? 93
Malaria 98
HIV and AIDS 99
What else in her life might affect her pregnancy and birth? 104
Making a transport plan 106
A Book for Midwives (2009)
8 Prenatal checkups 108
Talk with the mother 109
Check the mother’s body 116
Check for signs of anemia 116
Weigh the mother 118
Check the mother’s temperature 119
Check the mother’s pulse 120
Check the mother’s blood pressure 122
Check for signs of pre-eclampsia 125
Signs of bladder or kidney infection 128
Check the baby 130
Measure the mother’s womb 130
Find the position of the baby 135
Listening to the baby’s heartbeat 139
What to do if you find warning signs 142
After the checkup 144
Record of prenatal care 145
LABOR AND BIRTH Introduction 146
9 Getting ready for labor and birth 148
Signs that labor will start soon 149
When to go to the birth 151
What to bring to a birth 151
Sterilize your tools and wash up 153
10 Giving good care during labor and birth 154
What happens during labor and birth 155
Care for the mother during labor 157
Be ready for emergencies 163
Keep a record of what happens during labor 164
11 Opening: stage 1 of labor 166
What happens during stage 1 167
When you first arrive 168
Helping the mother relax in stage 1 169
Signs for the midwife to check in stage 1 170
The baby’s position 170
The baby’s heartbeat 172
The bag of waters 174
The mother’s pulse 178
The mother’s temperature 178
The mother’s blood pressure 180
Bleeding during labor 183
Pain in the womb 183
Watch for signs of progress 185
Safe ways to encourage labor 191
12 Pushing: stage 2 of labor 194
Watch for signs that stage 2 is near or starting 195
What happens during stage 2 197
Help the mother have a safe birth 199
Watch for warning signs 202
Help the mother give birth 206
Baby is breech 215
Delivering twins 219
Baby is very small or more than 5 weeks early 221
A Book for Midwives (2009)
13 The birth of the placenta: stage 3 of labor 222
Check the mother’s physical signs 223
Bleeding after birth 224
Watch for signs the placenta has separated 226
Help her push out the placenta 227
Watch for bleeding after the placenta is born 236
What to do for the baby 240
14 The first few hours

A Book For Midwives PDF Free Download

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A Book For Midwives PDF


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