Herbal Radiomodulators: Applications in Medicine, Homeland Defence and Space PDF Free Download [Direct Link]

Herbal Radiomodulators PDF

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Here’s the complete overview of Herbal Radiomodulators PDF:

Despite years of research world-over, non-toxic and effective radiomodulators remain elusive. In recent years, there has been a shift towards the use of herbals, which are also apparently being viewed as sources of promising radiomodulatory drugs. This book discusses the potential of radiation countermeasure agents and radiosensitizers of herbal origin, their multifaceted mode of action, specifically the use of the former in a nuclear theatre of operations, rescue operations and deep space missions in addition to their application during radiotherapy.

Features of Herbal Radiomodulators: Applications in Medicine, Homeland Defence and Space PDF

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Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents offered inside Herbal Radiomodulators: Applications in Medicine, Homeland Defence and Space PDF:

Section Chapter Number Chapter Title Page Number
About the Editor
1 Highlights of Neurological History and Examination 1
2 Neurological Formulation 25
3 Some Neurological Signs of Interest 31
4 Approach to the Patient with Suspected Hysteric Conversion 47
5 Neuroanatomy of Localization 67
6 Some Common Neurological Constructs 83
7 Neurodiagnostic Tests and Procedures 87
8 Cerebrovascular Accidents 101
9 Seizure and Epilepsy 111
10 Central Nervous System Infections 125
11 Alteration of Mental Status 141
12 Demyelinating Disorders 151
13 Neurological Complications of Alcohol 163
14 Dizziness and Vertigo 175
15 Headaches and Facial Pain 181
16 Peripheral Neuropathy 189
17 Movement Disorders 197
18 Sleep Disorders 205
19 Neuromuscular Diseases 209
20 Back and Neck Pain 211
21 Coma 227
22 Status Epilepticus 243
23 Brain Edema, Transtentorial Herniation, and Increased Intracranial Pressure 255
24 Metastatic Epidural Spinal Cord Compression 271
25 Acute Meningitis and Encephalitis 279
26 Delirium Tremens 287
27 Wernicke’s Encephalopathy 307
28 Myasthenia Gravis Crisis
29 Guillain-Barré Syndrome
30 Temporal Arteritis
Index 307

Herbal Radiomodulators PDF Free Download

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Herbal Radiomodulators PDF


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