Head & Neck Anatomy Important Viva Questions


The Head and Neck Anatomy is considered one of the toughest chapters when it comes to studying gross anatomy of 2nd Year MBBS. You have to memorize everything pertaining to each bony structure and soft part and all the subtle details (relationships etc) related to them. The Head & Neck often makes up the most part of the 2nd Year MBBS Viva and exam and so it is highly recommended that you develop a thorough understanding in this area of gross anatomy.

You gulp looking at the amount of detail which you have to memorize. 😀

This blog post contains important questions of Head and Neck which are frequently tested in viva and prof exam. They were collected from stages and prof viva stations by the students of Bolan Medical College, Quetta (Pakistan).

Important Viva Questions of Head and Neck Anatomy

Here are the most important and frequently asked viva questions for Head and Neck Anatomy (2nd Year MBBS). We hope this article will help you prepare well for your oral exam.


  1. You will be presented with a skull, you have to identify various foramina and name the structures passing through them (very important)
  2. Attachments of Mandible
  3. Bones – mandible, cervical vertebrae and skull
  4. Differences between A-typical and Typical Cervical Vertebrae
  5. Name of Nuclei of 5th cranial nerve
  6. 5th cranial nerve divisions and sub divisions
  7. Nerve supply of tongue ****
  8. Course of fascial nerve ***
  9. Name the extrinsic and intrinsic muscles of the Tongue?
  10. Peculiarities of newborn skull?
  11. The geniohyoid is innervated by which nerve?
  12. Enumerate the contents of Anterior, Middle and Posterior Cranial Fossa?
  13. Innervation of the Platoglossus? (ANSWER: Vagus Nerve and Pharyngeal Plexus)
  14. Name the muscles involved in facial expression? And tell me their innervation?
  15. Surface anatomy of thyroid
  16. Course of recurrent laryngeal nerve
  17. Differences between right and left Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve
  18. Surface anatomy of Fascial artery
  19. Surface anatomy of parotid gland
  20. Name the structures that pierce the PAROTID GLAND? **
  21. Branches of external and internal carotid artery ***
  22. Triangles of the neck contents and boundaries *****
  23. Name the Parasympathetic ganglion > Which one is the largest of the four parsympathetic ganglia?
  24. Name the CRANIAL NERVES? (You must learn their courses, supply and important clinical conditions related to each one of them)
  25. Tell me the relations of the THYROID GLAND?
  26. Enumerate the structures layer-by-layer that you will see as a surgeon during THYROIDECTOMY?
  27. What will happen if the external laryngeal nerve is damaged due to trauma or pathology?
  28. What is the innervation of the PAROTID GLAND?
  29. What is the innervation of the SUBMANDIBULAR GLAND?
  30. What is the nerve supply of Trechea?
  31. Effect of thrombosis at the Cavernous Sinus?
  32. Tell me the nerve supply of the DURA MATTER?
  33. Arterial supply of the Meninges?
  34. Middle Meningeal Artery?
  35. How would you identify EXTRADURAL HEMORRHAGE?
  36. How would you test the integrity of the VAGUS NERVE?
  37. Mastoid Antrum
  38. Distribution and branches of TRIGEMINAL NERVE?
  39. Relations: Digastric Nerve?
  40. Enumerate the branches of EXTERNAL CAROTID ARTERY?
  41. Pterygopalatine Ganglion
  42. Enumerate the layers of SCALP and tell me the blood supply, innervation and lymphatics of the scalp?
  43. What is the DANGER AREA of the face? And why it is called so?
  44. What is Epistaxis?
  45. How the inhaled air is warmed up before it reaches the lungs? Name the arterial plexus? (ANSWER. Kiesselbach’s plexus)
  46. Tell me the following pertaining to the FACE: Cutaneous nerves, sensory, arterial supply, venous drainage and lymphatics
  47. What is Bell’s Palsy?
  49. CAROTID SHEATH > It’s contents and formation?
  50. Weakest spot in the skull?
  51. Structures passing through the floor of the CAVERNOUS SINUS?
  52. Name the venous sinuses?
  53. Ophthalmic Artery Course
  54. What is Ansa Cervicalis?
  55. Enumerate the muscles of Muscles of Mastication, their innervation and movements?
  56. Tell me the branches of MAXILLAR ARTERY and its branches?
  57. Otic and Submandibular Ganglion
  58. Extra Ocular muscles **
  59. Larynx blood supply
  60. Cartilages of larynx
  61. Orbit boundaries and walls
  62. Relations of thyroid gland
  63. Relations of parotid gland
  64. Pathway of fascial nerve
  65. Pterion
  66. Fascial muscle nerve supply
  67. Contents of the Infratemporal Fossa?
  68. Tell me the boundaries of the Pterygopalatine Ganglion?
  69. What is the Lacrimal Appratus?
  70. What is “Torticollis”?
  71. What are “Flax Cerebri” and “Tentorium”?
  72. Extradural and Subdural Hemorrhages?
  73. What are the contents of orbit?
  74. Enumerate the extrocular muscles and their movements?
  75. Tell me the course of OPTHALMIC ARTERY and its branches?
  76. Dislocation of Temporomandibular Joint?
  77. Clinics pertaining to CHORDA TYMPANI
  78. What are the extrinsic muscles of the Tongue?
  79. What is “Little’s Area” and it’s importance?
  80. Horner’s Syndrome and it’s manifestation?
  81. What is Ansa Subclavia?
  82. What are the Suprahyoid Muscles?
  83. Tributaries of Internal Jugular Vein?
  84. Origin, Insertion and Nerve Supply, Action of the Extrinsic Muscles of the Eyeball?
  85. What are the boundaries and contents of the Digastric Triangle?
  86. Clinics related to Nasal Septum?
  87. What is the age at which the POSTERIOR FONTANELLE closes?
  88. At what point (embryology) does the Mastoid Process develop?
  89. What are the functions of the facial bones sinuses?
  90. Name the important structure which lies beneath the Pterion?
  91. Which structure(s) are transmitted through the Optica Canal?
  92. Name the largest and strongest bone of the face?
  93. Innervation of the Platymsa Muscle?
  94. Differences between male and female Mandible?
  95. What do you know about the EMISSARY VEINS?
  96. What do you know about the “Capsule of the Thyroid”?
  97. Supra and infraorbital foramen and their contents?
  98. Internal Acoustic Meatus
  99. What are the important branches of the Facial Nerve?
  100. Enumerate the important branches of VAGUS NERVE in the neck region?
  101. Auditory Ossicles
  102. Arterial supply of the Tympanic Membrane?

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