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Football for Dummies PDF

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Here’s the complete overview of Football for Dummies PDF:

Learn how to tell a first down from a touchdown and get up to speed on the latest trends in the sport

Football For Dummies is a comprehensive fan’s guide to football and its many components. This updated edition includes coverage of new players, rules, and strategies. With deep explanations of every position, analysis of offense and defense, and detailed strategies for play, football legend Howie Long and established football analyst John Czarnecki present the basics of football for fans of all ages and experiences. Get the working knowledge that you need to follow the game of football and enjoy it with friends and family. The book covers everything you need to be the most knowledgeable spectator in the stadium!

Features of Football for Dummies PDF

Here’s a quick overview of the essential features of this book:

  • Learn the rules of football so you can follow what’s happening in the game
  • Increase your enjoyment of football by discovering the nuances you don’t know
  • Keep up with friends and family when you watch games together, in person, or on TV
  • Get up to date on the latest players, rule changes, and top strategies

This fun Dummies guide is for everyone who is interested in football and wants to get familiar with the sport, including its history, so they can watch games in person and on television, follow all the action, and enjoy football games to the maximum. It’s also a great reference for fans who need to settle bets about the official rules of play!

Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents offered inside Football for Dummies PDF:

Introduction 1

About This Book 2

Foolish Assumptions 2

Icons Used in This Book 3

Beyond the Book 4

Where to Go from Here 4

Part 1: Getting Started with Football 5

Chapter 1: America’s Greatest Game 7

Why Football Is the Best 8

Who’s Playing Football 9

How Football Began 10

Camp defines the rules 10

Grange helps spread the popularity of pro ball 11

How the Football Season Is Set Up Today 13

How Television Helped Increase Football’s Popularity 14

Why Millions Cheer Each Year for College Football 15

What Makes the Super Bowl Number One 16

Chapter 2: Meet Me on the Gridiron 17

The Big Picture: Stadiums 17

Getting Down to Business: The Field 18

Field dimensions 18

The marks on the field 19

The playing surface 21

Goalposts and other on-the-field equipment 23

Looking at That Funny-Shaped Ball 24

Meeting the Cast of Characters 25

What Football Uniforms Are All About 26

The jersey 26

Helmets and face masks 28

Pads 29

Shoes and cleats 30

Chapter 3: Them’s the Rules (And Regulations) 33

The Ins and Outs of the Game Clock 33

The Coin Toss and Kickoff 36

Downs Plus Yardage Equals Excitement 37

Scoring Points 38

Touchdowns 39

Extra points and two-point conversions 39

Field goals 40

Safeties 41

The Role of the Officials 42

Referee 42

Umpire 43

Head linesman 43

Line judge 44

Back judge 44

Field judge 45

Side judge 45

Familiarizing Yourself with Referee Signals 45

Penalties and Other Violations 50

Looking at 5-yard penalties 51

Surveying 10-yard penalties 54

Recognizing 15-yard penalties 55

Identifying specific pass-play penalties 58

Disputing a Call: The Instant Replay Challenge System 59

Part 2: Go, Offense! 61

Chapter 4: The Quarterback, Football’s MVP 63

Taking a Look at the Quarterback’s Job 64

Determining What a Quarterback Needs to Succeed 66

Arm strength 66

Accuracy 66

Competitiveness 67

Intelligence 67

Mobility 68

Release 69

Size 69

Vision 69

Quarterbacking Fundamentals 70

Settling into the stance 71

Dropping back 71

Handing off 72

Getting a grip 72

Reading a Defense 73

Cover one 73

Cover two 74

Cover three 74

Cover four 75

Calling Plays and Audibilizing 76

Acing Quarterback Math 77

Chapter 5: The Passing Game 79

Getting to Know the Passing Game 79

Recognizing the Role of Receivers 81

Achieving the proper stance 82

Lining up correctly 83

Catching the ball 83

Beating man-to-man coverage 84

Defining Important Passing Terms 85

Looking at Passing Patterns 88

Getting into the Shotgun Formation 91

Chapter 6: Hitting the Ground Running 93

An Overview of the Ground Game 94

Meeting the Men Who Play the Ground Game 95

The halfback, a team’s principal ball carrier 95

The fullback, protector of the halfback 96

Exploring Running Back Fundamentals 98

The basic skills 98

The job description 100

The stances 101

The number one priority 103

Lining Up: The Formations 104

Split-back formation 104

I formation 105

Offset I formation 106

Walking through the Basic Running Plays 107

Blast or dive 107

Counter 107

Draw 108

Off-tackle 108

Pitch 108

Reverse 109

Slant 110

Sweep 110

Fly sweep 111

Stretch 112

Trap 112

Veer 112

Run-pass option 113

Chapter 7: The Offensive Line at Work in the Trenches 115

Looking Down the Line 116

Centers 118

Guards 118

Tackles 119

The Lineman Physique: Fat Guys Doing the Job 120

Understanding the Keys to Successful Offensive Line Play 122

The proper stance 122

A solid base 123

Leverage 124

Toughness 124

Repetition 125

Uncovering a Lineman’s Worst Offense: Penalties 126

Getting Acquainted with Blocking Terms 127

Chapter 8: Offensive Plays and Strategies 129

Offense Begins with Players 130

Specialized Pass Offenses 131

West Coast offense 131

Shotgun offense 132

Some Newfangled Offenses 134

The wildcat 134

The spread 135

The pistol 135

Beating a Defense 136

Battling a 3-4 front 136

Running against a 4-3 front 136

Defeating the four-across defense 138

Beating press coverage 139

Passing against a zone coverage 140

Attacking a zone blitz 141

Throwing the post versus blitzing teams 142

Wearing out a defense with the no-huddle offense 143

Gaining Better Field Position 143

Throwing a field position pass 143

Opting for possession passes 144

Moving downfield with play-action passes 145

Offensive Strategies for Sticky Situations 145

Deciding whether to gamble on fourth-and-1 145

Running the two-minute drill 147

Scoring Offenses 149

Making the best run play on the goal line 149

Scoring inside the opponent’s 10-yard line 149

Going for two-point conversions 150

Disguising a Successful Play 152

Part 3: The Big D 155

Chapter 9: These Guys Are Huge: The Defensive Line 157

Those Big Guys Called Linemen 158

A close look at the D line 159

The types of defensive linemen 159

What makes a good defensive lineman 161

D-line lingo 162

The keys to a defensive lineman 164

Linebackers: The Leaders of the Defense 165

What linebackers do 166

How linebackers operate 166

The types linebackers 167

Defensive Alignments 169

Sacks, Tackles, and Other Defensive Gems 170

Chapter 10: The Secondary: Last Line of Defense 173

Presenting the Performers 174

Cornerbacks 174

Safeties 177

Nickel and dime backs 179

Studying Secondary Tricks and Techniques 180

Doing a bump and run 180

Staying with a receiver 181

Stemming around 181

Making a Mark: A Good Day in the Life of a Defensive Back 182

The Problem of Pass Interference and Illegal Contact 183

Examining the Two Types of Coverage (And Their Variations) 184

Man-to-man coverage 184

Zone coverage 186

Eight men in the box 186

The Nickel 40 defense 187

Football for Dummies PDF Free Download

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Football for Dummies PDF


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