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Advanced Organic Chemistry PDF

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Here’s the complete overview of Advanced Organic Chemistry PDF:

Written by a master teacher, Advanced Organic Chemistry presents a clear, concise, and complete overview of the subject that is ideal for both advanced undergraduate and graduate courses. In contrast with many other books, this volume is a true textbook, not a reference book.

Features of Advanced Organic Chemistry PDF

Here’s a quick overview of the essential features of this book:

Uses a unique method of categorizing organic reactions that is based on reactivity principles rather than mechanism or functional group, enabling students to see reactivity patterns in superficially widely disparate systems

Emphasizes fundamental physical organic concepts that reinforce themes, giving students the foundation to understand both mechanisms and synthesis

Covers asymmetric methodologies, a topic that is now ubiquitous in the current literature

Numerous in-chapter worked problems and end-of-chapter additional exercises allow students to apply concepts as they learn them

More than 2500 references to the primary literature in the body of the book(along with another 750 references in the problems) encourage students to become familiar with real scholarship as they master the concepts

* Brief historical vignettes about relevant chemists reinforce a historical and humanizing approach to learning science

Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents offered inside Advanced Organic Chemistry PDF:

  1. The Fundamentals Revisited: Structure, Bonding, and Reactivity
  2. Stereochemistry
  3. Organic Shorthand: Acronyms and Name Reactions
  4. Orbitals and Reactivity
  5. Frontier Orbitals and Chemical Reactions
  6. Organic Reactions I: Pericyclic Reactions and the Conservation of Orbital Symmetry
  7. Aromaticity: The 150-Year Riddle
  8. Physical Organic Chemistry and Reaction Mechanisms
  9. Reactive Intermediates I: Carbocations
  10. Organic Reactions II: Synthesis Using Carbocations to Form C—C Bonds
  11. Reactive Intermediates II: Carbanions and Their Reactivity
  12. Organic Reactions III: Synthetic Reactions of Carbon Nucleophiles: Substitution and
  13. Addition
  14. Reactive Intermediates III: Free Radicals, Carbenes, Arynes, and Nitrenes
  15. Organic Reactions IV: Applications of Free Radical Chemistry in Synthesis
  16. Organic Synthesis: Retrosynthetic Analysis, Protecting Groups, and the Strategy of
  17. Organic Synthesis
  18. Organic Reactions V: Condensations and Cascade Reactions of Carbon Nucleophiles
  19. Organic Reactions VI: Metal-Catalyzed Reactions for C—C Bond Formation
  20. Redox Reactions I: Oxidation
  21. Redox Reactions II: Reduction with Molecular Hydrogen or Its Equivalent
  22. Redox III: Reduction with Complex Metal Hydrides and Active Metals
  23. Asymmetric Oxidation and Reduction
  24. The Organic Compounds of Silicon, Phosphorus, Sulfur, Selenium, and Tin
  25. Modern Asymmetric Synthesis

Advanced Organic Chemistry PDF Free Download

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Advanced Organic Chemistry PDF


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Happy learning, people! 🙂

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