A Citizen’s Guide to Ecology PDF Free Download [Direct Link]

A Citizen's Guide to Ecology PDF

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Here’s the complete overview of A Citizen’s Guide to Ecology PDF:

The earth is continuously changing and evolving yet it is unclear how environmental changes will affect us in years to come. What changes are inevitable? What changes, if any, are beneficial? And what can we do as citizens of this planet to protect it and our future generations?
Larry Slobodkin, one of the leading pioneers of modern ecology, offers compelling answers to these questions in A Citizen’s Guide to Ecology. He provides many insights into ecology and the processes that keep the world functioning. This important guide introduces observations that underlie arguments about all aspects of the natural environment–including both global and local issues. To clarify difficult concepts, Slobodkin uses lake, ocean, and terrestrial ecosystems to explain ecological energy flows and relationships on a global scale.
The book presents a clear and current understanding of the ecological world, and how individual citizens can participate in practical decisions on ecological issues. It tackles such issues as global warming, ecology and health, organic farming, species extinction and adaptation, and endangered species.
An excellent introduction and overview, A Citizen’s Guide to Ecology helps us to understand what steps we as humans can take to keep our planet habitable for generations to come.
“This beautifully written book brings together careful observation, personal reflection, and theoretical understanding to explain the major environmental problems that confront us. Dr. Slobodkin’s superb and sweeping work invites us to contemplate a great many facts and a few large values to motivate a clear and compelling response to losses of biodiversity, the problem of invasive species, global warming, and other environmental concerns.”–Mark Sagoff, School of Public Affairs, University of Maryland

Features of A Citizen’s Guide to Ecology PDF

Here’s a quick overview of the essential features of this book:

Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents offered inside A Citizen’s Guide to Ecology PDF:

Section Title Page
Acknowledgments ix
Introduction 3
Defining Ecology 3
Changes 5
Why Another Ecology Book? 12
Who Are Ecologists? 22
1 The Big Picture 33
Water and Energy: Life’s Necessities 33
The Origin of Life and of Atmospheric Oxygen 43
Big Systems 52
Lakes 52
Lakes Through the Seasons 60
Oceans 73
Dry Land 81
How Independent Are Ecological Systems? 95
2 How Do Species Survive? 101
Populations 101
Individuals and Populations 115
Species Diversity 127
Species Extinction 139
Are All Invasive Species Villains? 144
3 Two Major Current Problems 155
Global Warming and Endangered Species 155
What Can Be Done About Global Warming? 156
Protecting Endangered Species 166
Applying Ecology 177
Experts, Pseudoexperts, and How to Tell Them Apart 177
The Importance of Being Natural and Vegetarian 189
Medicine and Ecology as “Health” Sciences 195
Conclusions 205
Appendix 213
References 215
Index 231

A Citizen’s Guide to Ecology PDF Free Download

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A Citizen's Guide to Ecology PDF


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