Dr Khaled Magraby MRCP Notes: Step Up to MRCP Review Notes (PDF Download)


Dr Khaled Magraby MRCP Notes also known as Step Up to MRCP Part 1 & 2 Review Notes by Dr Khaled El Magraby are one of the most popular MRCP review notes on the internet. Dr Khaled Magraby MRCP Notes have been written in an effort to provide aspiring doctors important pearls in the Internal Medicine and high-yield knowledge for the preparation of both MRCP Part 1 and MRCP Part 2 exam. One of the compelling reasons that why you should trust these review is that Dr Khaled El Magraby has used rich and authentic material in creating these high-yield MRCP Part 1 and Part 2 notes. These sources include PassMedicine, OnExamination, and Pastest. Today, in this article we are going to share with you Dr Khaled Magraby MRCP Notes PDF for free download.

About Dr Khaled El Magraby

Dr. Khaled El Magraby is a Specialist of Internal Medicine & Nephrology (M.Sc. Internal Medicine) from Cairo University, Egypt. He also provides his valuable services as an Assistant Researcher at National Research Center, Egypt.

Dr Khaled Magraby MRCP Notes: Tabel of Contents

Below is the table of contents in Dr Khaled Magraby MRCP Notes:

Chapter 1: Cardiology
Chapter 2: Pulmonology
Chapter 3: Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Chapter 4: Endocrinology
Chapter 5: Haematology
Chapter 6: Nephrology
Chapter 7: Rheumatology
Chapter 8: Pharmaceuticals & Therapeutics
Chapter 9: Infectious Diseases & STDs
Chapter 10: Neurology
Chapter 11: Psychiatry
Chapter 12: Ophthalmology
Chapter 13: Dermatology
Chapter 14: Basic Sciences, Biostatistics & Miscellaneous

Dr Khaled Magraby MRCP Notes for both MRCP Part 1 and MRCP Part 2 are high-yield and totally exam oriented notes and so are highly recommended to doctors who aspire to take the MRCP Exams.

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Dr Khaled Magraby MRCP Notes: Step Up to MRCP Review Notes PDF Download

Here you will be able to download the Dr Khaled Magraby MRCP Notes (also known as Step Up to MRCP Review Notes) in a .pdf format directly from a Google Drive repository.

PAGES: 1283

Here’s the Google Drive link you may use to download Dr Khaled Magraby MRCP Notes. Please use a PC for quick and easy downloading. 🙂


Best of luck! 🙂



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