MRCP Part 1 Questions Bank PDF Download (18,000+ Real Questions)


The world-wide-web conceals treasures within and this goes very much true for the medicine niche. A vast majority of extraordinarily good and high-yield learning material remain obscure and untraceable. However, if you have the right set of computing skills, you can uncover these treasures for yourself easily. It’s really hard finding the MRCP Part 1 Questions Bank on the internet. The ones that are available are costly and others that claim about being free-of-charge are spam. So, we took this to Google and started searching for MRCP Part 1 Questions Bank (QBank) and after a few minutes of searching, we came across a Google Drive repository owned by Dr. Khalid Yusuf El-Zohry. It felt like striking gold after browsing through the entire repository. 🙂 It was all purely dedicated to MRCP Part I and MRCP Part II high-yield study material. One of the folders that captured our attention was the MRCP Part 1 Questions Bank as it contained over 18,000+ MRCP Part 1 Questions. And this is exactly what we are going to share with you today. 🙂


This Google Drive repository contains MRCP Part 1 Questions from a number of sources which include the following:

  1. MRCP Part 1 Questions from previous examinations
  2. MRCPass
  3. OnExamination
  4. Pastest
  5. PassMedicine
  6. Revise MRCP
  7. MRCP Part 1 Notes

All of this culminates into a total of 18,351 MRCP Part 1 Questions making it one of the largest MRCP Part 1 Questions Bank on the internet! 🙂

But before that we proceed to the download of this MRCP Part 1 Questions Bank in PDF format, we would like to share with you our most popular articles related to the MRCP:

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Alright, now let’s get to the free PDF download of the MRCP Part 1 Questions Bank! 🙂

MRCP Part 1 Questions Bank PDF Download

Here you will be able to download the MRCP Part 1 Questions Bank in .pdf format by using our direct links that point to Dr. El-Zohry’s Google Drive repository. We have tested all these files, they are completely safe and you can proceed to the downloads directly.

Here’s the screenshot of the entire Google Drive repository which contains 7 files that make-up 18,000+ MRCP Part 1 Questions in total:

For downloading, you may simply: Select a file > Right Click > Download. That’s it! 🙂

Below are the direct links pointing to this Google Drive repository, once you click it, you will be taken to Dr. El-Zohry’s Google Drive repository containing the MRCP Part 1 Questions Bank:





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