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Deep Tissue Massage PDF

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Featuring more than 250 photographs and 50 anatomical drawings, this revised edition of Deep Tissue Massage is the standard guide to the essentials of touch, biomechanics, and positioning options for a multitude of strategies to treat all major conditions encountered in a bodywork practice. The book is divided into three sections. “Fundamentals” covers basic skills of palpation, explaining the deeper layers of the body and presenting detailed instruction on working with these layers to release tension. This section gives clear information on the proper use of knuckles, fist, forearms, and elbows in preventing injury to the therapist. “Strategies” offers more precise protocols and treatment plans for the entire body with emphasis on client positioning options to stretch muscles rather than just kneading tissues. “Caveats” details areas in which the practitioner needs to exercise caution. Deep Tissue Massage presents a wealth of information in a way the therapist can immediately utilize. This new edition has been thoroughly revised and includes a preface to the new edition, a foreword, an index, a Suggested Reading list, and extended sections on integrating deep-tissue massage into bodywork practice and the psychology of treating injuries.

Features of Deep Tissue Massage PDF

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Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents offered inside Deep Tissue Massage PDF:

Title Page
List of Figures
Preface to the 2007 Edition
Foreword by Thomas W. Myers
What Is Deep Tissue Massage?
Why Study Deep Tissue Massage?
Safety First: Caveats
Areas for Caution
Chapter One. General Theories
Principles of Deep Tissue Massage
Reading the Body
Refining Your Touch
Quality of Touch
How to Cultivate Your Touch
Receive Work from Accomplished Bodyworkers
Take Continuing Education Classes
Schedule a Tutorial
Practice Palpation
Some Aspects That Define Touch
A Soft Touch
The Distinction Between Compressing and Stretching Tissue
Proper Working Distance from Client
The All-Important Melt of Muscle Tissue
A Few Words about Pain
Direction of Strokes
Some Basic Stroke Strategies
Lengthening Strokes
Anchor and Stretch
Working in the Direction of Stretch
Cross-Fiber Strokes
Separating Muscle Compartments
Freeing Muscles from Entrapment
Allowing a Muscle to Shorten
Chapter Two. General Techniques
The Hierarchy of Power
Just Say “No” to Thumbs
Proper Use of the Fingers
Use of Knuckles Instead of Thumbs
An Example: Knuckles and Fingers—Occiput, Forehead, Temple
Use of the Fist
Use of the Forearm
Use of the Elbow
General Strategies
Placing Muscles in a Stretched Position
Making Use of The Side-Lying Position
Working the Adductors in the Side-Lying Position
Other Uses of Side-Lying
Using a Full Range of Alternatives in Position
Chapter Three. Specific Strategies
Working with the Foot and Lower Leg
High and Low Arches
The Plantar Surface of the Foot
Ankle Retinaculum
Anterior Leg
Posterior Leg
Prone Position
Side-Lying and Supine Position
Working with the Upper Leg
Working the Adductors in Side-Lying Position
Upper Leg Variations
Abductors of the Leg
Tensor Fasciae Latae
Working with the Pelvis
Gluteus Maximus Muscle
External Rotators of the Leg
Other Pelvic Options
The Sacrum
The Coccyx
The Sacrotuberous Ligament
Working with the Pelvis and Low Back
Quadratus Lumborum
Working with the Abdomen
Psoas and Iliacus Muscles
Working with the Breath
Working with the Upper and Mid-Back
Vertebrae, Ribs, and Paraspinal Muscles
Side-Lying Techniques
Back Extension
Back Flexion
Spinal Rotation Techniques
Working with the Shoulder Girdle and Chest
The Chest
The Rotator Cuff
The Scapula
Freeing the Lateral Scapula
Freeing the Medial Border of the Scapula
Working with the Arms
Working with the Hands
Working with the Neck
The First Rib and Its Importance for Neck Work
Working with the Anterior Neck
Strategies for Prone Neck Work
Working with the Skull
The Occipital Ridge
General Skull Work
Anterior and Medial Skull Work
Working with the Jaw and TMJ
Cranial Decompression
Chapter Four. Your Role in Looking out for the Health of Your Clients.
An Ounce of Prevention
Back Pain
Neck Pain
More Serious Conditions
Malignant Melanoma
Breast Cancer
Emotions and Massage
Chapter Five. Therapeutic Strategies for Addressing Common Complaints and Injuries
Troubleshooting Guide
Treating the Person and Not Just the Injury
Planning Your Session
The Intangibles—Your Healing Manner
Red Tape
The Ankle
Soft Tissue Strategies
Working in Gravity
Strengthening Strategies
Stretching Strategies
Plantar Fasciitis
Soft Tissue Strategies
Stretching Strategies
The Knee
Patellar Alignment
Soft Tissue Strategies
The Iliotibial Band
Working with the Adductors
Knee Tracking
Strengthening Strategies
Stretching Strategies
Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow
Soft Tissue Strategies
Strengthening Strategies
Stretching Strategies
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
The Low Back
Soft Tissue Strategies
Working the Low Back in Flexion and Extension
Strengthening Strategies
Stretching Strategies
Soft Tissue Strategies
Strengthening and Stretching Strategies
Piriformis Syndrome and Sciatica
Locating the Piriformis
Soft Tissue Strategies for the Piriformis
The Shoulder
Soft Tissue Strategies
Strengthening Strategies
Determining Restrictions in Arm Rotation
Stretching Strategies
PNF Stretches
Chapter Six. Planning Your Session
Establishing a Strategy for Your Session
Primary and Secondary Tightness
A Short and Tight Muscle Versus a Long and Tight Muscle
Front-to-Back Balance
Side-to-Side Balance
Internal Versus External Patterns
Active Versus Passive Movements
Seated Work
Seated Trapezius Work
Seated Scapula Work
Extending the Thoracic Spine
Stretching the Lumbar Fascia
Shoulder Girdle Work
Integrating Strokes and Strategies into Your Massage Style
Chapter Seven. Fulfillment Through a Thriving Practice
Moving Forward with Your Knowledge
Time Management
Other Pitfalls that Limit Growth
The Realities of Entering the Bodywork Profession
Practical Matters

Deep Tissue Massage PDF Free Download

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Deep Tissue Massage PDF


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