Spinal Anesthesia Agents Mnemonic: “Little Boys Prefer Toys”

Spinal Anesthesia Agents Mnemonic

The mnemonic Little Boys Prefer Toys” concisely captures a sequence of spinal anesthesia agents. Each word corresponds to a specific class—Lidocaine, Bupivacaine, Procaine, Tetracaine—that guides the anesthesia team in selecting appropriate agents for spinal anesthesia procedures. This medical mnemonic serves as an efficient memory aid, streamlining the choice of agents based on their distinct pharmacological properties (mechanism of action) and enhancing patient safety and comfort during procedures.

Spinal Anesthesia Agents Mnemonic

Little Boys Prefer Toys”

Letter Agent Mechanism of Action
L Lidocaine Blocks sodium channels, inhibiting nerve conduction and inducing numbness.
B Bupivacaine Blocks sodium channels, producing local anesthesia and pain relief.
P Procaine Blocks sodium channels, leading to reversible loss of sensation.
T Tetracaine Blocks sodium channels, causing sensory and motor blockade.


Spinal Anesthesia Agents Mnemonic


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