Spermatic Cord Contents Mnemonic (Easy & Fun)

Spermatic Cord Contents (Anatomy)

The spermatic cord (as the name suggests), is a cord-like structure comprising of a collection of vessels, nerves, and ducts that run to and from the testes. It begins in the inferior part of the abdomen (at the opening of the deep inguinal ring) and ends in the scrotum. In this article, we are going to share with you spermatic cord contents mnemonic so that you will be able to remember them easily.

But before we discuss the mnemonic for spermatic cord contents, let’s quickly take a look at its content:

Contents of the Spermatic Cord

Below are the spermatic cord contents which run to and from the testis in human males:

  1. Testicular artery
  2. Cremasteric artery and vein
  3. Artery to the vas deferens
  4. Pampiniform plexus of testicular veins
  5. Genital branch of the genitofemoral nerve
  6. Vas deferens
  7. Lymph vessels
  8. Processus vaginalis
  9. Autonomic nerves

And now that we have discussed the spermatic cord contents, let’s take a look at its mnemonic. 🙂

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Spermatic Cord Contents Mnemonic

We have got two mnemonics for spermatic cord contents. First, we’re going to share with you the one which is fun and easy-to-remember!

  • 3 Arteries: Testicular, ductus deferens, cremasteric
  • 3 Nerves: Genital branch of the genitofemoral, cremasteric, autonomic nerves
  • 3 Things: Ductus deferens, pampiniform plexus, lymphatics

And here’s the second one:

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  • P: pampiniform plexus
  • D: ductus deferens
  • C: cremasteric artery
  • T: testicular artery
  • A: artery of the ductus deferent (deferential artery)
  • G: genital branch of the genitofemoral nerve
  • S: sympathetic nerve fibers
  • L: lymphatic vessels

That’s it! We hope you found these mnemonics for spermatic cord contents useful and easy.

Happy learning! 🙂

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