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Rugby For Dummies PDF

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Here’s the complete overview of Rugby For Dummies PDF:

Rugby For Dummies, Fourth Edition teaches you the essential elements of the fast-growing sport of rugby, so you can follow all the action―and get ready for the U.S.-hosted 2031 and 2033 Rugby World Cups. This helpful Dummies guide also gives you the information that you need to start playing or coaching rugby. You’ll get clear explanations of the rules, insight into strategy and tactics, and info on all the most popular tournaments around the globe. Learn about the rugby greats of yesterday, plus get updates on the most significant changes at every level, from high school to international level. This new edition covers the evolution of the laws that govern play and looks at how the women’s game and the sevens version of the sport have grown.

Features of Rugby For Dummies PDF

Here’s a quick overview of the essential features of this book:

  • Learn how rugby is played, including necessary skills and strategies for winning
  • Take a look at the most entertaining North American and international rugby competitions
  • Get tips for joining a rugby team or becoming a rugby coach
  • Familiarize yourself with the history of previous World Cups in time for the next one

Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents offered inside Rugby For Dummies PDF:

Introduction 1

Part I: Rugby: Roots, Boots and All 7

Chapter 1: Rudimentary Rugby 9

Chapter 2: The Aim of the Game 19

Chapter 3: Grab Your Rugby Gear 35

Part II: Getting Down and Dirty 45

Chapter 4: Location, Location, Location: Positions on the Pitch 47

Chapter 5: Laying Down the Laws 63

Chapter 6: Honing Your Skills 83

Chapter 7: Breaking Down the Breakdown 107

Chapter 8: Leaping Lineouts 123

Chapter 9: Talking Tactics 135

Chapter 10: Talented Training 151

Chapter 11: Coaching 167

Part III: Welcome to Planet Rugby 183

Chapter 12: The World Cup 185

Chapter 13: The International Scene 201

Chapter 14: Magnifi cent Sevens 217

Chapter 15: Home and Away 227

Chapter 16: The Domestic Scene 243

Part IV: Following the Game: The Informed Fan 255

Chapter 17: Compulsive Viewing: Rugby on the Screen 257

Chapter 18: Keeping Up with the News 269

Chapter 19: Spectating and Sobriquets 281

Part V: The Part of Tens 293

Chapter 20: The Ten Best British Players of All Time 295

Chapter 21: Ten Matches Made in Rugby Heaven 305

Chapter 22: Ten Peculiar Facts About Rugby 315

Part VI: Appendixes 325

Appendix A: Honour Boards 327

Appendix B: Glossary 347

Appendix C: Key Rugby Organisations 361

Index 367

Rugby For Dummies PDF Free Download

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Rugby For Dummies PDF


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