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The Emergency Survival Manual PDF

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Here’s the complete overview of The Emergency Survival Manual (Outdoor Life): 294 Life-Saving Skills PDF


Travel bans. Quarantines. Global Pandemics. Wildfires. The modern world is beset by disasters that governments and emergency services are ill-equipped to handle. In 2020 the best defense against these threats is to prepare yourself and your family against the ever-increasing dangers of the modern world.

Survival and preparedness expert Joseph Pred and the editors of Outdoor Life magazine share 294 tips and plans to deal with dangers and scenarios that can affect your and your family’s safety. Be prepared – in today’s America, your best defense is to be ready.

Features of The Emergency Survival Manual (Outdoor Life): 294 Life-Saving Skills PDF

Here’s a quick overview of the essential features of this book:

  • Protect against viruses and pandemics. Learn about antibiotics, CPR, and the CORRECT way to wear a safety mask.
  • Everyday items to the rescue. Instructions on how superglue can treat wounds, how bleach can disinfect almost anything and how duct tape is one of the greatest survival tools in existence.
  • Self Defence. Expert tips on how to throw a power punch, defend against home invasion and how to exploit the brutal efficiency of Krav Maga
  • Prepare for when the grid goes down. Should the power, internet or phone system go down, learn how you can provide warmth, shelter and security to your family and friends.
  • Expert Advice. Joseph Pred is one of America’s leading safety and security experts and is fully certified by DEMO, OHSA and POST. Together with the expert editors of Outdoor Life magazine, Joseph has created the modern blueprint on how to protect your family and community in an increasingly dangerous modern world.

Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents offered inside The Emergency Survival Manual PDF:


“Each man’s home is his safest refuge.” This 17th-century English legal concept has been interpreted as meaning that you can exclude whomever you wish from your home. To deter criminals, you’ll want more than the law on your side.

BE ALARMED Install a burglar alarm with a mix of sensor types, including motion, shock (to detect windows being broken), smoke, heat, and contact sensors.

TAPE IT Install security cameras that record to cloud storage so you’ll have evidence if anything happens. You can even view your camera feeds via a smartphone app or Web page if you want to check in on your property remotely.

TRICK THEM You can buy phony alarm company stickers and even fake cameras (which come complete with red LED indicators). Burglars generally make a split-second decision as to whether a target is worth the trouble, so you really

LIGHT ’EM UP Install a set of motion sensor lights or bright floodlights outside so that no one can hide in the shadows or sneak up to your house.

PRETEND YOU’RE HOME Install timers that turn lights, TVs, and radios on and then off at preprogrammed times to make it appear that you’re home.

LOCK UP Don’t make it easy; lock all doors and windows when you leave your home. Make sure all entrance doors have a deadbolt lock to better secure against intrusion.

KEEP YOUR KEYS Avoid hiding a key outside; if you do, don’t hide it in a flowerpot or other obvious place a burglar might check. Consider asking a trusted neighbor to hold duplicate keys for you instead.

BAR THE DOOR If you have sliding glass doors or windows, install security bars or wooden dowels cut to fit into the tracks so that they can’t be popped open. Add decorative reinforcement or kick plates to any entrance door to strengthen it.

WATCH OUT Create or join a neighborhood watch program so that people in your neighborhood will help keep an eye on each other’s property.

The Emergency Survival Manual PDF Free Download

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The Emergency Survival Manual PDF


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