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Occupation-Centred Practice with Children PDF

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Here’s the complete overview of Occupation-Centred Practice with Children PDF:

Occupation-Centred Practice with Children remains the only occupational therapy book which supports the development and implementation of occupation-centred practice with children.  Drawing on the latest occupational therapy theory and research, this new edition has been fully updated throughout, and includes new chapters on occupational transitions for children and young people, assessing children’s occupations and participation, intervention within schools, the arts and children’s occupational opportunities, as well as using animals to support children’s occupational engagement.

Features of Occupation-Centred Practice with Children PDF

Here’s a quick overview of the essential features of this book:

  • Written by an international expert team of contributors.
  • Each chapter begins with preliminary questions to assist with consideration of current knowledge, and then reflection questions at the conclusion to allow revision of key content in order to support independent learning.
  • Highly practical, with a range of case studies, key point summaries, reflective questions, best practice guidelines, and a range of tools, interventions and techniques to aid applications to practice.
  • A new appendix outlining all the assessments referred to in the book has now been included.

Occupation-Centred Practice with Children is a practical, theoretically grounded and evidence based guide to contemporary occupational therapy practice, and is important reading for all occupational therapy students and therapists wishing to make a real difference to children and their families’ lives.

Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents offered inside Occupation-Centred Practice with Children PDF:

Section Chapter Topic
Part 1: Introduction to Occupation-centered Practice with Children Chapter 1 Occupation and Cognitive Rehabilitation
Re-affirming occupation: the core of occupational therapy
External influences impacting occupational therapy practice
The evolution of occupational therapy practice with children
Chapter 2 Becoming more Occupation-centered When Working with Children
Theoretical underpinnings of occupational therapy with children
Top-down and bottom-up approaches to occupational therapy practice with children
Characteristics of occupation-centered practice for children
Chapter 3 Child- and Family-centered Service Provision
Defining the client: who and how many?
Client-centered practice
Child-centered practice
Family-centered practice and service provision
Becoming a child- and/or family-centered practitioner
Developing family-centered services
The extended family and community
Chapter 4 Cultural Influences and Occupation-centered Practice with Children and Families
Culture and the occupations of the child
The privilege of occupational therapy
Cultural safety in occupational therapy
The Kawa Model: a tool for culturally safe practice
Culturally appropriate goal setting
Making the invisible visible
Relationship: the art of occupational therapy
Chapter 5 Enabling Children’s Spirituality in Occupational Therapy Practice
Spirituality and children
Why does spirituality matter in occupational therapy practice?
The art of occupational therapy practice
Children’s contexts and spirituality
Chapter 6 Occupational Goal Setting with Children and Families
Giving children a voice
Goal setting and motivation
Tools to facilitate goal setting with children
Goal setting contributes to outcome measurement
Chapter 7 Occupation-centered Assessment with Children
Bottom-up and top-down approaches to assessment
Implementation of occupation-centered assessment with children: assessment in action
Occupation-centered assessment with children: tools
Chapter 8 Cognitive Orientation for Daily Occupational Performance (CO-OP): A Uniquely Occupation-centered Intervention created for Children
CO-OP: a brief overview
CO-OP: an occupation-centered intervention
Chapter 9 Perceive, Recall, Plan and Perform (PRPP): Occupation-centered Task Analysis and Intervention System
Information processing and occupational performance
The Perceive, Recall, Plan and Perceive (PRPP) System of Task Analysis and Intervention
Using the PRPP System of Task Analysis and Intervention: David
‘Perceive’: observing and prompting sensory processing behaviours during task performance
‘Recall’: observing strategies used for storage and retrieval of information during task performance
‘Plan’: processing information for organising and problem-solving
‘Perform’: processing output and performance feedback
Chapter 10 Occupational Performance Coaching: Enabling Parents’ and Children’s Occupational Performance
Theoretical and philosophical basis
Three enabling domains
Structured problem-solving process
Chapter 11 Occupation-centered Intervention in the School Setting
Understanding the occupations of the school student
Educationally relevant occupational therapy in schools
Ways of working in schools
Planning educational programmes for diverse learners
Occupation-centered information gathering in educational settings
Occupation-centered programme planning and intervention in schools
Collaboration in service delivery
Chapter 12 Enablement of Children’s Leisure Participation
Outcomes of healthy leisure engagement
EACH-Child: model of leisure coaching
Step one: creating successful engagements
Step two: coaching to promote personal growth
Chapter 13 Acute Hospitals: A Challenging Context for Occupation-centered Practice with Children
Occupation-centered practice in hospital settings: lessons from the literature
Occupation-centered practice in hospitals: lessons from the frontline
Challenges to occupation-centered practice in hospitals
Strategies to foster occupation-centered practice in children’s hospitals
Examples of occupation-centered practice in children’s hospital settings
Chapter 14 Enabling Children’s Occupations and Participation using Assistive Technology
What is assistive technology?
What can assistive technology offer children and families?
A theoretical model for understanding assistive technology
Information gathering for augmentative and assistive technologies
Utilizing assistive technology for children as an occupation-centered intervention
Specific assistive technology interventions for children
Evaluating AT outcomes
Chapter 15 Decision Making for Occupation-centered Practice with Children
Decision making and information sources
Information about clients, families and their contexts
Information about the practice context
Information from empirical research
Information from clinical experience
Integrating information despite alternatives and uncertainties
Shared decision making

Occupation-Centred Practice with Children PDF Free Download

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Occupation-Centred Practice with Children PDF


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