Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus Mnemonic (Wet, Wobbly & Wacky Grandpa)


For Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH), the mnemonic “Wet, Wobbly & Wacky Grandpa” succinctly encapsulates the triad of hallmark symptoms. This medical trio, which encompasses urinary incontinence (Wet), gait disturbances (Wobbly), and cognitive impairment (Wacky), forms a concise diagnostic framework that guides doctors, med-students, and nurses in quickly identifying this treatable condition. The mnemonic reflects the underlying pathophysiology of NPH, involving cerebral ventricular enlargement without a significant rise in cerebrospinal fluid pressure. By recognizing the “Wet, Wobbly & Wacky Grandpa” mnemonic, healthcare practitioners can streamline the diagnostic process and initiate appropriate medical interventions to alleviate the often reversible debilitating symptoms of Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus.

The “Wet, Wobbly & Wacky” mnemonic signifies a high-yield and efficient approach to Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus diagnosis.

We, here at the Medios Republic, hope that you find this medical mnemonic useful in your day-to-day patient encounters! 🙂

NPH Mnemonic: Wet, Wobbly & Wacky

Mnemonic Component Symptom Description
Wet Urinary incontinence Involuntary loss of bladder control
Wobbly Gait disturbances Unsteady and unstable walking
Wacky Cognitive impairment Mental changes, confusion, memory issues
Grandpa Age-related factor Often seen in older individuals


Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus Mnemonic


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