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Here’s the complete overview of NFTs For Dummies PDF:

Get a grip on NFTs and learn how to get in the game

It’s not often that a brand-new investment comes along that revolutionizes how we buy and sell digital assets. But that’s what non-fungible tokens (NFTs) did. Built on blockchain tech, NFTs are shaking up the world of digital commodity investing. And you can get your slice of the pie before everyone jumps into the arena.

In NFTs For Dummies, you’ll find straightforward answers to critical aspects of the NFT phenomenon. You’ll learn exactly what non-fungible tokens really are, how you can find them, and even how to create your own valuable NFTs.

Features of NFTs For Dummies PDF

Here’s a quick overview of the essential features of this book:

  • How to find reliable and safe NFT marketplaces where you can be sure you’re dealing with reputable buyers and sellers
  • A peek behind the NFT curtain to see how NFTs work and what, exactly, you own when you buy or make an NFT
  • Discussions of the kinds of digital properties that can be converted into an NFT

Perfect for anyone who wants to learn about the market for buying, selling, and creating crypto collectibles, NFTs For Dummies is the only resource you’ll need to get a handle on this cutting-edge tech and start making it work for you.

Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents offered inside NFTs For Dummies PDF:

Introduction 1

About This Book 1

Foolish Assumptions 2

Icons Used in This Book 2

Beyond the Book 3

Where to Go from Here 3

Part 1: Getting Started With NFTS

Chapter 1: Introducing Non-Fungible Tokens 7

Beginning at the Beginning: What Is a Non-Fungible Good? 9

Exploring Uses for NFTs 10

Finding Out How an NFT Works 11

Buying NFTs 14

Why buy NFTs 15

NFTs as investments 15

Proceeding on Your NFT Journey 16

Chapter 2: Owning Your Own NFT 17

Where It All Began: Non-Fungible Kitties 18

Blockchain for the masses 18

Not just a passing fad 20

The impact of NFTs 20

The game mechanics of CryptoKitties 23

What’s In Your Wallet? Setting Up MetaMask 24

Setting Up Coinbase 26

Creating your Coinbase account 27

Verifying your phone number 27

Adding your personal information 28

Verifying your identity and adding your bank account 28

Adding funds to your wallet 29

Collecting, Breeding, and Selling Your Very Own Non-Fungible (Crypto)Kitties 30

Buying your first CryptoKitty 30

Using the Offer function 31

Breeding your kitties 31

Chapter 3: The Future of NFTs 33

Dissecting the Anatomy of a $69 Million NFT 33

Redefining Property Rights (NFTs Are Not Just about Digital Art and Kitties!) 36

NFTs and Digital Property 37

Music, movies, and books 37

Photos and other digital art 38

Game assets 39

NFTs and Real Property 39

Homes, cars, and nondigital pets 40

Art, jewelry, wine, and other collectibles 41

Imagining the Possibilities 41

Part 2: Buying and Selling NFTS 43

Chapter 4: Getting In on the NFT Game 45

Knowing the Ins and Outs of Buying NFTs 46

Examining the success of early NFTs 46

Thinking about NFTs as an investment 47

Understanding the Risks of Hot Wallets like MetaMask 49

Comparing hot wallets 50

Weighing the pros and cons of hot wallets 50

Uncovering Your MetaMask Wallet 52

Installing MetaMask 52

Securing your MetaMask wallet for Chrome and Firefox 55

Buying Ether for Your MetaMask Wallet 55

Exploring NFT Marketplaces 56

Navigating the OpenSea of NFTs 57

The Nifty Gateway 62

Rarible’s decentralized governance 64

Chapter 5: Investing In NFTs 69

Understanding NFTs Are Not Cryptocurrency 70

Introducing NFT Investing 71

Deciding Whether NFT Investing Is for You 72

NFT Investing Strategies for Beginners 73

Valuing your NFT 74

Choosing your strategy 76

Discovering the Best-Performing NFTs 77

Exploring Popular NFT Types 79

Digital art 79

Collectibles 79

Games 79

Music 80

Popular memes 80

Reporting NFT Gains and Paying Taxes on NFTs 81

Part 3: Developing Your Knowledge: A step-by Step Guide to Programming Your Own NFTS 83

Chapter 6: What Is Ethereum? 85

Revealing the Ethereum Virtual Machine 86

Ether: The Gas That Fuels Your Transactions 88

The journey of a transaction 89

Compensating the (proof-of-) workers: What’s in it for the miners? 91

From happy hour to surge pricing: Determining a reasonable gas price 92

Setting your budget: Is the sky the (gas) limit? 94

Transaction fees 96

The Blockchain: Where It’s All Stored and Secured 99

Ethash and proof of work: What makes Ethereum tamper-proof? 100

Miners and nonces and bears — oh, my! 102

How many “confirmations” until I’m actually confirmed? 102

Uncles and orphans 104

Hard forks: Updates to the underlying protocol 105

Smart Contracts Make the EVM Go Round 106

The nascent life of a smart contract 107

Exciting possibilities 108

Notable limitations 109

Oracles: How to Connect to the “Outside” World 109

Shining a Light on Ethereum’s Fundamental Structure 111

The big picture 111

Nuts-and-bolts of the blockchain 112

Gas essentials 113

Things that make the EVM an interesting place 114

Chapter 7: Creating an Ethereum Account 115

Understanding Externally Owned Accounts 116

What it means to create an account 117

Private versus public keys 118

Digital signatures 121

Discovering Contract Accounts 123

Knowing the Difference Between Public Networks and Private Environments 126

Local development environments 126

Test networks 127

Main network 127

Preparing Your Accounts (on MetaMask) 128

Renaming accounts on MetaMask 129

Adding different ETH to different accounts 131

Funding your test net account 132

Exploring the Ropsten testnet blockchain 135

“Disappearing” balances 136

Chapter 8: Setting Up a Development Environment 139

Exploring Your Ethereum Solution Stack 140

Elements of the Ethereum stack 140

Here a stack, there a stack: Pre-made stacks 142

Put On Your Hard Hat: Constructing Your Environment 143

Setting up your local blockchain test environment 143

Connecting a custom (Ganache) network to your MetaMask wallet 147

Adding local (Ganache) accounts to your MetaMask wallet 150

Synching the Remix IDE to your MetaMask wallet 158

Chapter 9: Deploying Your First Smart Contract 163

Working with Smart Contract Languages 164

Starting with the Solidity version pragma 165

Going from source code to bytecode 166

Key Elements of a Smart Contract 168

Data 168

Functions 169

Event logs 170

No Need to Reinvent the Wheel: Using Smart Contract Libraries 171

Ready for Takeoff: Launching Your Smart Contract 171

Beginning with a simple template 173

Compiling before takeoff 175

Deploying 176

Chapter 10: Discovering Token Standards 185

Introducing Ethereum Development Standards 185

Ensuring interoperability and composability 186

Learning the ABCs of EIPs and ERCs 186

Understanding Standard Token Interfaces 189

ERC-20 token standard 190

ERC-721 non-fungible token standard 192

Other token standards on Ethereum 194

Chapter 11: Building an ERC-721 Token 197

Writing and Compiling Your NFT 197

The code 198

The play-by-play 201

Deploying Your NFT 205

Deploying on Ganache 205

Deploying on Ropsten 208

Deploying on Mainnet 217

Nurturing Your NFT 219

Following your NFT on the blockchain 220

Interacting with your NFT 222

Part 4: The Part of Tens 225

Chapter 12: Ten Marketplaces for Your NFTs 227

The OpenSea Marketplace 228

The Axie Infinity Marketplace 229

The CryptoPunks Marketplace 230

The NBA Top Shot Marketplace 231

The Rarible Marketplace 232

SuperRare Marketplace 233

The Alcor NFT Marketplace 234

The Binance NFT Marketplace 235

The Foundation NFT Marketplace 236

The Crypto com NFT Platform 237

Chapter 13: The Ten Most Expensive NFTs 239

Everydays: The First 5000 Days 240

CryptoPunk #7523 241

CryptoPunk #3100 242

CryptoPunk #7804 243



CryptoPunk #5217 246

World Wide Web Source Code 247

Stay Free 248

CryptoPunk #7252 249

Index 251

NFTs For Dummies PDF Free Download

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