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Marks' Basic Medical Biochemistry A Clinical Approach 2nd Edition PDF

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Here’s the complete overview of Marks’ Essential Medical Biochemistry A Clinical Approach PDF:

Patients have unique and humorous names that serve as mnemonics to help students remember the vignettes. Facts and pathways are also emphasized, showing how the underlying biochemistry is related to the body’s overall physiologic functions. The result is a clear, comprehensive, and easy-to-read text that helps medical students understand the all important role the patient plays in the study of biochemistry.

Features of Marks’ Essential Medical Biochemistry PDF

Here’s a quick overview of the essential features of this book:

  • A new back-of-book CD offers 9 animations on biochemical topics (oxidative phosphorylation, DNA replication, DNA mutation, protein synthesis, PCR, TCA cycle) as well as patient “files,” disease links, and over 200 additional review questions not found in the book.
  • A well-organized icon system quickly guides you to the information you need.
  • Marginal notes provide brief clinical correlations, short questions and answers, and interesting asides.
  • Each chapter ends with “Biochemical Comments” and “Clinical Comments”; both sections summarize the key biochemical and clinical concepts presented in the chapter.
  • USMLE-style questions at the end of each chapter help students review for course or board exams.
  • Two-color art program includes illustrations of chemical structures and biochemical pathways as well as conceptual diagrams.
  • A new section on tissue metabolism has been added that summarizes common clinical problems such as liver disease and alcoholism.

Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents offered inside Marks’ Essential Medical Biochemistry PDF:

Section One: Fuel Metabolism

Chapter 1: Metabolic Fuels and Dietary Components
Chapter 2: The Fed or Absorptive State
Chapter 3: Fasting

Section Two: Chemical and Biological Foundations of Biochemistry

Chapter 4: Water, Acids, Bases, and Buffers
Chapter 5: Structures of the Major Compounds of the Body
Chapter 6: Amino Acids in Proteins
Chapter 7: Structure-Function Relationships in Proteins
Chapter 8: Enzymes as Catalysts
Chapter 9: Regulation of Enzymes
Chapter 10: Relationship between Cell Biology and Biochemistry
Chapter 11: Cell Signaling by Chemical Messengers

Section Three: Gene Expression and Protein Synthesis

Chapter 12: Structure of the Nucleic Acids
Chapter 13: Synthesis of DNA
Chapter 14: Transcription: Synthesis of RNA
Chapter 15: Translation: Synthesis of Proteins
Chapter 16: Regulation of Gene Expression
Chapter 17: Use of Recombinant DNA Techniques in Medicine
Chapter 18: The Molecular Biology of Cancer

Section Four: Oxidative Metabolism and the Generation of ATP

Chapter 19: Cellular Bioenergetics: ATP and O2
Chapter 20: Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle
Chapter 21: Oxidative Phosphorylation and Mitochondrial Function
Chapter 22: Generation of ATP from Glucose: Glycosis
Chapter 23: Oxidation of Fatty Acids and Ketone Bodies
Chapter 24: Oxygen Toxicity and Free Radical Damage
Chapter 25: Metabolism of Ethanol

Section Five: Carbohydrate Metabolism

Chapter 26: Essential Concepts in the Regulation of Fuel Metabolism by Insulin, Glucagon, and Other Hormones
Chapter 27: Digestion, Absorption, and Transport of Carbohydrates
Chapter 28: Formation and Degradation of Glycogen
Chapter 29: Pathways of Sugar Metabolism: Pentose Phosphate Pathway, Fructose, and Galactose Metabolism
Chapter 30: Synthesis of Glycosides, Lactose, Glycoproteins, and Glycolipids
Chapter 31: Gluconeogenesis and Maintenance of Blood Glucose Levels

Section Six: Lipid Metabolism

Chapter 32: Digestion and Transport of Dietary Lipids
Chapter 33: Synthesis of Fatty Acids, Triacylglycerols, and the Major Membrane Lipids
Chapter 34: Cholesterol Absorption, Synthesis, Metabolism, and Fate
Chapter 35: Metabolism of the Eicosanoids
Chapter 36: Integration of Carbohydrate and Lipid Metabolism

Section Seven: Nitrogen Metabolism

Chapter 37: Protein Digestion and Amino Acid Absorption
Chapter 38: Fate of Amino Acid Nitrogen: Urea Cycle
Chapter 39: Synthesis and Degradation of Amino Acids

Marks’ Essential Medical Biochemistry A Clinical Approach PDF Free Download

Alright, now in this part of the article, you will be able to access the free PDF download of Marks’ Essential Medical Biochemistry A Clinical Approach PDF using our direct links mentioned at the end of this article. We have uploaded a genuine PDF ebook copy of this book to our online file repository so that you can enjoy a blazing-fast and safe downloading experience.

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Marks' Basic Medical Biochemistry A Clinical Approach 2nd Edition PDF


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