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CLEP Biology Book PDF

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Here’s the complete overview of CLEP Biology Book PDF:

Earn College Credit with REA’s Test Prep for CLEP Biology. Everything you need to pass the exam and get the college credit you deserve!

REA leads the way in helping students pass their College Board CLEP exams and earn college credit while reducing their tuition costs.

With 25+ years of experience in test prep for the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), REA is your trusted source for the most up-to-date test-aligned content. Whether you’re an adult returning to finish your degree, a traditional-age college student, a military service member, or a high school or home-schooled student looking to get a head start on college and shorten your path to graduation, CLEP is perfect for you.

REA’s expert authors know the CLEP tests inside out. And thanks to our partners at Proctortrack (, you can now take your exam at your convenience, from the comfort of home.

Prep for success on the CLEP Biology exam with REA’s personalized three-step plan: (1) focus your study, (2) review with the book, and (3) measure your test-readiness.

Features of CLEP Biology Book PDF

Here’s a quick overview of the essential features of this book:

  • Diagnostic exam: Pinpoint what you already know and what you need to study.
  • Targeted subject review: Learn what you’ll be tested on.
  • Two full-length practice exams: Zero in on the topics that give you trouble now, so you’ll be confident and prepared on test day.
  • Glossary of key terms: Round out your prep with must-know vocabulary.

Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents offered inside CLEP Biology Book PDF:

About Our Author and Editor vii

About REA vii

Acknowledgments viii

Chapter 1 Passing the CLEP Biology Exam 1

Getting Started 3

The REA Study Center 4

An Overview of the Exam 5

All About the CLEP Program 5

Options for Military Personnel and Veterans 7

SSD Accommodations for Candidates with Disabilities 7

6-Week Study Plan 8

Test-Taking Tips 8

The Day of the Exam 10

Online Diagnostic Test

Chapter 2 The Chemistry of Biology 11

Chemical Basis of Life 13

Chemical Structure of Organic Compounds 19

Chapter 3 Cellular and Molecular Biology 25

Cell Structure and Function 27

Properties of Cell Membranes 29

Cell Organelles of Plants and Animals 32

Animal Cells 32

Plant Cells 36

Enzymes 38

Energy Transformations 40

Molecular Basis of Heredity 43

DNA Replication 43

Structural and Regulatory Genes 45

Transduction and Transformation 45

Cell Division 45

The Cell Cycle 47

Mitosis 48

Meiosis 49

Restriction Enzymes 51

Chapter 4 Plants (Botany) 53

Plant Anatomy 55

Angiosperms 56

Plant Physiology 62

Water and Mineral Absorption and Transport 62

Food Translocation and Storage 62

C3 and C4 Plants 63

Plant Reproduction and Development 63

Asexual Plant Reproduction 65

Plant Growth and Development 67

Chapter 5 Animals (Zoology) 69

Animal Anatomy 72

Tissues 72

Systems 73

Homeostatic Mechanisms 82

Animal Reproduction and Development 83

Chapter 6 Principles of Heredity (Genetics) 87

Modern Genetics 90

The Law of Segregation 92

The Law of Dominance 92

The Law of Independent Assortment 92

Incomplete Dominance 93

Multiple Alleles 93

Linkage 94

Polygenic Inheritance 95

Chapter 7 Population Biology 97

Ecology 99

Ecological Cycles 100

Population Growth and Regulation 105

Limiting Factors 106

Community Structure 109

Biomes 110

Island Biogeography 112

Principles of Behavior 113

Social Behavior 114

Social Biology 116

Human Population Growth 116

Chapter 8 Evolution 119

History of Evolutionary Concepts 121

Darwinian Concept of Natural Selection 122

Modern Concept of Natural Selection 122

Mechanisms of Evolution 123

Genetic Drift or Neutral Selection 124

Hardy-Weinberg and Allele Frequencies 124

Speciation 126

Genetic Diversity 127

Plant and Animal Evolution 128

Evolution of the First Cells 128

Plant Evolution 130

Animal Evolution 131

Human Evolution 132

Evolutionary Ecology 133

Diversity of Life 135

Classification of Living Organisms 135

Practice Test 1 (also available online at 139

Answer Key 165

Detailed Explanations of Answers 166

Practice Test 2 (also available online at 185

Answer Key 211

Detailed Explanations of Answers 212

Appendix: Laboratory Information 231

Mathematics, Measurement, and Data Manipulation 233

Measurements and Accuracy 233

Interpreting Results 237

Reporting Results 237

Laboratory Procedures and Safety 239

General 239

Apparel 240

Substance Control 240

Fire Control 241

Accidents 241

Handling Live Organisms 241

Answer Sheets 243

Glossary 247

Index 253

CLEP Biology Book PDF Free Download

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CLEP Biology Book PDF


Please use the direct link mentioned below to download CLEP Biology Book PDF for free now:

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Happy learning, people! 🙂

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