Anxiety and Depression Workbook For Dummies PDF Free Download [Direct Link]

Anxiety and Depression Workbook For Dummies PDF

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Here’s the complete overview of Anxiety and Depression Workbook For Dummies PDF:

From identifying your triggers to improving your relationships — manage your emotional wellbeing

Struggling to cope with anxiety and/or depression? Have no fear — this hands-on guide focuses on helping you pinpoint the root of your problems and find relief from your symptoms in a detailed, step-by-step manner. With concise, eye-opening exercises, you’ll understand how to assess your current situation, remove the roadblocks to change, face your fears, and improve your view of yourself and the world around you. You’ll see how to take direct action to alter negative or distorted thinking, lift your moods, and adopt positive habits that will lead you toward a more joyful, meaningful, and connected life!

Features of Anxiety and Depression Workbook For Dummies PDF

Here’s a quick overview of the essential features of this book:

* How to improve the way you feel about yourself
* Skills to face and overcome what makes you anxious or depressed
* How to determine whether medication is an option for you
* Practical ways to prepare for and deal with setbacks

Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents offered inside Anxiety and Depression Workbook For Dummies PDF:

Part 1: Dissecting Distress and Preparing a Plan 5

Chapter 1: Sorting Out Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression 7

Dwelling on Negative Thoughts 8

Blue and Anxious Behavior 10

Physical Funkiness 11

Emotions of Anxiety and Depression 12

Reflecting upon Relationships 13

Plotting Your Personal Problems Profile 14

Choosing Your Challenge 16

When and Where to Get More Help 17

Chapter 2: Discovering the Beginnings 21

Biological and Genetic Influences 21

Plotting Out a Lifeline 23

Surveying Current Stress 31

Drawing Conclusions 33

Chapter 3: Overcoming Obstacles to Change 35

Change-Blocking Beliefs 35

Detecting beliefs standing in your way 36

Blasting through beliefs blocking your path 39

Searching for Self-Sabotage 41

Stopping self-sabotage 42

Rewriting your self-sabotaging scripts 44

Chapter 4: Minding Your Moods 47

Deciphering Body Signals 47

Connecting the Mind and Body 50

Putting Events, Feelings, and Sensations Together 51

Becoming a Thought Detective 53

Part 2: Thinking About Thinking: Thought Therapy 59

Chapter 5: Untangling Twisted Thinking 61

Introducing the Reality Scramblers 62

Recording Reality Scramblers on Thought Trackers 64

Making the Wrong Judgment 67

Shoulding on yourself 68

Making critical comparisons 69

Tagging yourself with loathsome labels 71

The Blame Game 74

Doing What You Can to Solve the Problem 76

Chapter 6: Indicting and Rehabilitating Thoughts 79

From Arraignment to Conviction: Thought Court 79

Examining a sample case in Thought Court 80

Putting your thoughts on trial 83

Reviewing more Thought Court cases 86

After the Verdict: Replacing and Rehabilitating Your Thoughts 88

Getting a little help from a friend 89

Traveling to the future 91

Recalculating risks 93

Imagining the worst 96

Reflections on Chapter 6 99

Chapter 7: Looking at Problematic Assumptions 101

Examining Unhelpful Beliefs 102

Recognizing your problematic assumptions 103

How assumptions work 106

The origins of assumptions 108

Changing Your Assumptions 109

Distinguishing the past from the present 109

Tallying up costs and benefits 112

Taking direct action against problematic assumptions 115

Chapter 8: Managing Mindfulness and Achieving Acceptance 119

Making Space for Meditation 120

Thoughts are just thoughts 120

Practicing meditation 120

Start by Losing Your Mind! 121

Distinguishing between observing and evaluating 121

Tuning in and tuning out mind chatter 124

Playing with your mind chatter 125

Arriving at Acceptance 127

Connecting with Now 129

Part 3: Actions Against Angst: Behavior Therapy 133

Chapter 9: Facing Feelings: Avoiding Avoidance 135

What’s Wrong with Avoidance? 136

How do you avoid? 138

Interrupting avoidance 140

Exposure: Jumping in Feet First 141

Identifying your fears 141

Developing an exposure plan 141

Chapter 10: Lifting Mood Through Exercise 145

How Much Is Enough? 145

The Case for Health Improvement 147

Fitting Exercise into Your Life 149

Setting your personal goal 150

Committing to health 151

What to Do When Willpower Wilts 151

Fighting demotivating thoughts 151

Keeping track of your progress 153

Chapter 11: Entertaining Enjoyment 157

What’s Your Pleasure? 157

Poisonous Pleasures 160

Pleasure Busters 161

Deciding to deserve fun 161

Finding fun frivolous? 162

Pleasure-pooping predictions 164

Chapter 12: Moving and Tackling Life’s Problems 167

The Motivation Myth 167

Organizing Your Problem with S.O.C.S. 170

Sizing things up (S) 170

Collecting options (O) 172

Considering consequences (C) 173

Selecting the most reasonable options 175

Reviewing your work 176

Part 4: Focus on Physical Feelings 179

Chapter 13: Sleeping Soundly for Emotional Health 181

Recognizing the Importance of Sleep 182

Tracking Your Sleep 183

Sleep Guidelines 184

Drinking and eating before bed 185

Bedtime routines 185

Sleep setting 185

Associations and Sleep 186

Relaxation and Sleep 187

Dream Demons 188

Thinking About Sleep 189

Making Sleep More Efficient 190

My Sleep Plan 192

Chapter 14: Making the Medication Decision 193

To Take or Not to Take 194

Preparing Your Prescriber 196

Sizing Up Side Effects 199

Part 5: Relationship Therapy 201

Chapter 15: Restoring Relationships 203

Revealing the Emotion-Relationship Connection 204

Enhancing Your Relationship 205

Talking together 206

Delightful doings 208

Dealing with Relationship Loss 210

Moving on 211

Becoming active 211

Anxiety and Depression Workbook For Dummies PDF Free Download

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Anxiety and Depression Workbook For Dummies PDF


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