ST Elevation Causes in ECG Mnemonic: “ELEVATION”

ST Elevation Causes in ECG Mnemonic

The medical mnemonic “ELEVATION” succinctly encompasses the diverse array of factors that can lead to ST segment elevation in an electrocardiogram (ECG). Each letter signifies a distinct cause—Electrolyte abnormalities, LBBB/RBBB, Ventricular aneurysm, Early repolarization, Tako-tsubo, Arrhythmia, Ischemia/Injury, Osborn wave, and Non-occlusive vasospasm. This mnemonic serves as an efficient memory aid for medical professionals to swiftly recall the various conditions contributing to ST-segment elevation, facilitating accurate ECG interpretation and guiding appropriate clinical interventions during emergency situations.

ST Elevation Causes in ECG Mnemonic

Letter Cause
E Electrolytes
E Early repolarization
V Ventricular hypertrophy
A Aneurysm
T Treatment (e.g. pericardiocentesis)
I Injury (AMI, contusion)
O Osborne waves (hypothermia)
N Non-occlusive vasospasm


ST Elevation Causes in ECG Elevation


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