Drugs that Cause Gynecomastia Mnemonic


Gynecomastia or more commonly known as “man boobs” is the abnormal enlargement of breast tissues in males due to an underlying endocrine system disorder. Young males account for about 70% cases of gynecomastia which resolves within 2 years after the onset of puberty. Gynecomastia is also observed in newborns due to the influence of maternal hormones. Moreover, gynecomastia is also seen in individuals with Klinefelter syndrome and testicular cancer as well (remember the character Bob in “Fight Club” who developed gynecomastia because of testicular cancer). 😀 In this article, we are going to share with you drugs that cause gynecomastia mnemonics so that you remember this commonly asked topic which often appears in USMLE and other major board licensing exams.

Bob (a character in Fightclub movie) got gynecomastia because he suffered from testicular cancer.

For ease of understanding, we have tabulated the drugs that cause gynecomastia mnemonics so that you do not forget the drug names.

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Drugs that Cause Gynecomastia Mnemonic

Below are the mnemonics for the drugs that cause gynecomastia:

Mnemonic: DISCO MTV

D: Digoxin
I: Isoniazid
S: Spironolactone
C: Cimetidine
O: Oestrogens

M: Methyldopa/metronidazole
T: Triple combination antiviral drug (TCAD)
V: Verapamil


Mnemonic: SACKED

S: Spironolactone
A: Alcohol
C: Cimetidine
K: Ketocanazole
E: Estrogen
D: Digitalis

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