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Here’s the complete overview of Costanzo Physiology 7th Edition PDF:

Through six highly regarded editions, students and instructors alike have come to appreciate Dr. Linda Costanzo’s clear, helpful writing style, logical organization, and easy-to-follow presentation of a challenging and complex topic in medical education. Costanzo Physiology, 7th Edition, retains the step-by-step, to-the-point approach that makes this text ideal for coursework and USMLE preparation. Complex concepts are presented in a simple, easy-to-digest manner, and are accompanied by well-designed figures and tables that provide handy visuals for procedures or physiologic equations. Fully updated throughout, this edition remains the students’ choice for concise, clear instruction and a strong foundation in human physiology.

Features of Costanzo Physiology 7th Edition PDF

Here’s a quick overview of the essential features of this book:

  • Offers a comprehensive and consistent overview of core physiologic concepts at the organ system and cellular levels, making complex principles easy to understand.
  • Presents information in a short, simple, and focused manner – the perfect presentation for success in coursework and on exams.
  • Provides step-by-step explanations and easy-to-follow diagrams clearly depicting physiologic principles.
  • Contains new coverage of SARS CoV-2 physiology, renal handling of uric acid, delta/delta analysis is acid-base physiology, endolymph physiology, respiratory distress syndrome, compensatory bronchiolar constriction, and more.
  • Includes high-yield online features such as student FAQs with thorough explanations, animations, and video tutorials from Dr. Costanzo.
  • Integrates equations and sample problems throughout the text.
  • Features chapter summaries for quick overviews of important points, boxed Clinical Physiology Cases for a more thorough understanding of application, and end-of-chapter questions to reinforce understanding and retention.
  • Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.

Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents offered inside Costanzo Physiology 7th Edition PDF:

Cover image
Title page
Table of Contents
Video Contents
List of Tables
List of Illustrations
1. Cellular physiology
Volume and composition of body fluids
Characteristics of cell membranes
Transport across cell membranes
Diffusion potentials and equilibrium potentials
Resting membrane potential
Action potentials
Synaptic and neuromuscular transmission
Skeletal muscle
Smooth muscle
2. Autonomic nervous system
Organization and general features of the autonomic nervous system
Autonomic receptors
3. Neurophysiology
Organization of the nervous system
Cells of the nervous system
General features of sensory and motor systems
Sensory systems
Somatosensory system and pain
Vestibular system
Motor systems
Higher functions of the nervous system
Cerebrospinal fluid
Blood-brain barrier
4. Cardiovascular physiology
Circuitry of the cardiovascular system
Cardiac electrophysiology
Cardiac muscle contraction
Cardiac cycle
Relationships between cardiac output and venous return
Regulation of arterial pressure
Special circulations
Temperature regulation
Integrative functions of the cardiovascular system
5. Respiratory physiology
Structure of the respiratory system
Lung volumes and capacities
Mechanics of breathing
Gas exchange
Oxygen transport in blood
Carbon dioxide transport in blood
Ventilation/perfusion relationships
Control of breathing
Integrative functions
Hypoxemia and hypoxia
6. Renal physiology
Anatomy and blood supply
Body fluids
Renal clearance
Renal blood flow
Glomerular filtration
Reabsorption and secretion
Terminology associated with the single nephron
Sodium balance
Potassium balance
Phosphate, calcium, and magnesium balance
Water balance—concentration and dilution of urine

Costanzo Physiology 7th Edition PDF Free Download

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