Causes of CHF Exacerbation Mnemonic: “FAILURE”


The mnemonic “FAILURE” successfully encapsulates all major and most common causes contributing to congestive heart failure (CHF) exacerbation. Each letter represents a distinct factor—Fluid overload, Arrhythmias, Ischemia, Uncorrected hypertension, Infections, Respiratory triggers, and Endocrine disorders—that can precipitate worsening CHF symptoms. This mnemonic aids medical professionals in swiftly recalling the diverse array of factors that necessitate vigilant patient monitoring and tailored interventions to prevent or manage CHF exacerbations effectively and thereby maximizing patient survival.

CHF Exacerbation Causes Mnemonic

Letter Cause
F Forgot medication
A Arrhythmia/ Anaemia
I Ischemia/ Infarction/ Infection
L Lifestyle: taken too much salt
U Upregulation of CO: pregnancy, hyperthyroidism
R Renal failure
E Embolism: pulmonary


CHF Exacerbation Causes Mnemonic

This tabulated format provides a quick reference guide to the “FAILURE” mnemonic, listing each letter along with the corresponding cause of CHF exacerbation.


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