Best Free MCAT Question Banks [5000+ Practice Questions]

Best Free MCAT Question Banks

Questions banks or Q-Banks form an important part of your MCAT preparation. Practicing a lot of MCAT questions is very important as it helps you to identify your weak areas so that you can improve them. The majority of the time, these medical college admission test question banks come paid (which are definitely not cheap), thus posing a huge financial burden on college students.

So, to help students, we have gathered a list of the best free MCAT question bank downloads for the students. You can access and use these free MCAT study resources to boost your MCAT score while also saving money.

Here’s a list of the free best MCAT question banks you can use:

  1. Varsity Tutors (3000+ questions)
  2. (700+ questions)
  3. Union Test Prep (200 questions)
  4. Khan Academy MCAT (1500+ questions)

Excited? πŸ˜€ Let’s dive into the topic!

Varsity Tutors Free MCAT Q-Bank

Varsity Tutor MCAT Question Bank is one of the most famous MCAT q-bank available out there and the best part about them is that they offer MCAT question bank which is absolutely free of cost! πŸ™‚

Below is a breakdown of their MCAT Question Bank:

  1. MCAT Biology (335 Practice Tests & 10 Diagnostic Tests)
  2. MCAT Physical (303 Practice Tests & 8 Diagnostic Tests)
  3. MCAT Verbal (65 Practice Tests & 6 Diagnostic Tests)
  4. MCAT Social and Behavioral Sciences (133 Practice Tests)

You can repeat solving this high-yield MCAT Question Bank as many times as you want as there are virtually no restrictions. The best part about this website is that it offers diagnostic tests which come up with a set of 50-60 questions that are ranked based on their level of difficulty. In addition, you will also be able to access the average time spent by the students taking each test (helpful for planning your MCAT preparation schedule).

The portal also offers separate MCAT practice tests in the form of sub-topics.

So, what are you waiting for? πŸ™‚ Immediately start here if you’re searching for a high-yield MCATT question bank.

Click the button below to access the Varsity Tutors Free MCAT Question Bank: πŸ™‚

Access Here

Test-Guide.Com Free MCAT Question Bank website is renowned among college students for its free MCAT question bank. This Q-Bank is broken down / categorized into specific practice quizzes so that you can maximize your learning experience.

By using their study material, you will be able to access their free MCAT quizzes for each of the below-mentioned sections:

  1. MCAT Biological and Biochemical
  2. MCAT Chemical and Physical Foundations
  3. MCAT Psychological, Social, and Biology Foundations
  4. MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning

When we tried exploring their free MCAT practice tests, we discovered a great number of high-yield topics which were well-versed with the latest MCAT exam guidelines and appeared very similar to the real exam questions in terms of difficulty.

Click the below-mentioned button to check out’s Free MCAT Question Bank:

Access Here


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Union Test Prep Free MCAT Practice Tests

Union Test Prep Free MCAT Practice Tests

Union Test Prep offers a high-yield free MCAT question bank (200 questions) which are very comprehensive and a must-have for preparation purposes.

Below is this q-bank has been organized:

  1. Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems
  2. Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems
  3. Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills
  4. Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior
  5. Scientific Inquiry and Reasoning (Question Type)

For those who do not know, the biggest bank in this study resource is for Chemical and Physical Foundations of the biological systems which contain 60 questions.

What to check out some questions? Here’s a free one for you: πŸ™‚

Find out Union Test Prep’s Free MCAT Question Bank below:

Access Here

Khan Academy MCAT Question Bank (1500+ Questions)

I am sure you all very well know Khan Academy – they’re the undebated pioneers of online free MCAT preparation. It offers an amazing free MCAT question bank that can use to excel in your preparation. It is also linked with the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) which means all study material offered by them is authentic and highly relevant to the actual exam.

You will also find incredible video explanations for all MCAT content. It offers the following MCAT Q-Banks (section-wise):

  1. Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Practice Questions (400+ questions)
  2. Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems Passages (400+ questions)
  3. Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems Passages (500+ questions)
  4. Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behaviors Passages (500+ questions)

The Q-Bank is broken down into easy-to-understand sections and subsections. In addition, to help you prepare under exam circumstances there is a timer to help you track your progress as you solve your questions.

The Khan Academy MCAT Question Bank is a gold standard free MCAT question bank and we highly recommend it to our users.

Check out the question bank by using the button below: πŸ™‚

Access Here

That’s all folks. I hope that you people have enjoyed reading this article and that you find these free MCAT question banks useful in your exam preparation. Cheers! πŸ™‚


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