Anesthesia Machine/Room Check Nursing Mnemonic: “MS MAID”


Nursing in the field of anesthesia demands meticulous attention to detail, careful planning, and a sharp focus on patient safety. One essential aspect of this practice is the thorough evaluation of the anesthesia machine and room before any procedure. To aid healthcare professionals in this critical task, the “Anesthesia Machine/Room Check” mnemonic comes to the rescue.

This nursing mnemonic serves as a memory aid, guiding nurses and anesthetists through a comprehensive checklist that covers crucial elements necessary for a safe and successful anesthesia experience. By breaking down the process into easily remembered components, the mnemonic ensures that no step is missed and no equipment goes unchecked.

Anesthesia Machine/Room Check Mnemonic

Letter Component
M Monitors (EKG, SpO2, EtCO2, etc.)
S Suction
M Machine check (according to ASA guidelines)
A Airway equipment (ETT, laryngoscope, oral/nasal airway)
I IV equipment
D Drugs (emergency, inductions, NMBs, etc.)


Anesthesia MachineRoom Check Nursing Mnemonic


Happy learning, folks! 🙂


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