Principles of Biology 2nd Edition PDF Free Download [Direct Link]

Principles of Biology 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

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Here’s the complete overview of Principles of Biology 2nd Edition PDF:

Overview Inspired by recommendations from the AAAS vision and Change Report. Principles of Biology is reflective of the shift taking place in the majors biology course from large and detail rich to short and conceptual, with a focus on new, cutting-edge science. A succinct and inviting text focused on central concepts, Principles of Biology helps students connect fundamental principles while challenging them to develop and hone critical thinking skills. Five new chapters introduce cutting-edge topics that will benefit students who continue their study of biology in future courses (Chapters 11, 16, 24, 41 and 47)

Features of Principles of Biology 2nd Edition PDF

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Robert Brooker (Author)

Rob Brooker (Ph.D., Yale University) received his B.A. in biology at Wittenberg University, Springfield, Ohio, in 1978. At Harvard, he studied lactose permease, the product of the lacY gene of the lac operon. He continues working on transporters at the University of Minnesota, where he is a Professor in the Department of Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development and has an active research laboratory. At the University of Minnesota, Dr. Brooker teaches undergraduate courses in biology, genetics, and cell biology. In addition to many other publications, he has written two undergraduate genetics texts published by McGraw-Hill: Genetics: Analysis & Principles, 4th edition, copyright 2012, and Concepts of Genetics, copyright 2012.

Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents offered inside Principles of Biology 2nd Edition PDF:

1 An Introduction to Biology

Unit 1: Chemistry

2 The Chemical Basis of Life I: Atoms, Molecules, and Water

3 The Chemical Basis of Life II: Organic Molecules

Unit 2: Cell

4 The Evolutionary Origin of Cells and their GeneralFeatures

5 Membranes: The Interface between Cells and their environment

6 How Cells Utilize Energy

7 How Cells Capture Energy via Photosynthesis

8 How Cells Communicate with Each Other and with the environment

Unit 3: Genetics

9 The Information of Life: Structures of DNA, RNA, chromosomes, and DNA Replication

10 The Expression of Genetic Information via Genes I:Transcription and Translation

11 The Expression of genetic Information via Genes II: Non-coding RNAs

12 The Control of Genetic information via Gene Regulation

13 Altering the Genetic Material: Mutation, DNA Repair, and cancer

14 How Eukaryotic Cells Sort and Transmit their Chromosomes:Mitosis and Meiosis

15 Transmission of Genetic Information from Parents toOffspring I: Patterns that Follow Mendel’s Laws

16 Transmission of genetic Information from Parents to Offspring II: Epigenetics, Linkage, andExtranuclear Inheritance

17 The Simpler Genetic Systems of Viruses and Bacteria

18 Genetic Technologies: How Biologists Study Genes andGenomes

Unit 4: Evolution

19 Evolution of Life I: How Populations Change from generation to Generation20 Origin of Species and Macroevolution

21 Evolution of Life II: The Emergence of New Species

22 The History of Life on Earth and Human Evolution

Unit 5: Diversity

23 Diversity of Microbial Life: Bacteria, Archaea, Protists,and Fungi

24 Microbiomes:Microbial Systems On and Around Us

25 Plant Evolution: How Plant Diversification Changed PlanetEarth

26 Invertebrates: the Vast Array of Animal Life without backbone

27 Vertebrates: Fishes, Reptiles and Mammals28 flowering plants: Plant Behavior

Unit 6: Plants

28 An Introduction to Flowering Plant Form and Function

29 How Flowering Plants Sense and Interact with their environment

30 How Flowering Plants Obtain and Transport Nutrients

31 How Flowering Plants Reproduce and Develop

Unit 7: Animals

32 General Features of Animal Bodies, and Homeostasis as a defining Principle of Animal Biology

33 Neuroscience I: The Structure, Function, and Evolution of nervous Systems

34 Neuroscience II: How Sensory Systems Allow Animals to inter act with the Environment

35 How Muscles and Skeletons are Adaptations for Movement,Support, and Protection

36 Circulatory and Respiratory Systems: Transporting Solutes and Exchanging Gases

37 Digestive Systems and Excretory Systems: Maintenance ofNutrient, Energy, Ion and Water Balance

38 How Endocrine Systems Influence the Activities of other Organ Systems

39 The Production of Offspring: Reproduction and Development

40 Immune Systems: How Animals Defend Against Pathogens andOther Dangers

41 IntegratedResponses of Animal Organ Systems to a Challenge to Homeostasis

Unit 8: Ecology

42 Behavioral Ecology: the Struggle to Find Food, Mates and to Pass on Genes

43 Population Growth and Species Interactions

44 Communities and Ecosystems: Ecological Organization at larger Scales

45 Biomes: Worldwide Patterns across Global Scales

46 Biodiversity and Conservation

47 The Age of Humans: Impacts on Natural Systems

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Product Details

Below are the technical specifications of Principles of Biology 2nd Edition PDF:

  • File Size: 336770 KB
  • Print Length: 1104 pages
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education; 2 edition (January 10, 2017)
  • Publication Date: January 10, 2017
  • Language: English

Principles of Biology 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

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