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Here’s the complete overview of Emergency Medical Responder PDF:

Emergency Medical Responder: A Skills Approach is the essential guide for students preparing to enter the paramedic profession. Thoroughly Canadian, it incorporates case studies drawn from the authors’ experience, as well as perspectives, legislation, and procedures that are particular to Canada. A variety of enrichment materials are included throughout the book, as is expanded coverage on working with other members of the health care team and the importance of written reports and accurate documentation.

Features of Emergency Medical Responder: A Skills Approach 3rd Edition PDF

Here’s a quick overview of the essential features of this book:

The third Canadian edition features updated CPR standards, review questions, and visuals. As well, the authors have worked significantly on expanding the section on diseases of concern, the glossary, pertinent medications, and corresponding NOCPs (National Occupational Competency Profiles of the Paramedic Association of Canada). Their dedication to creating a current and thorough textbook is clearly reflected in the fact that it has been a student favourite for more than a decade.

Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents offered inside Emergency Medical Responder: A Skills Approach 3rd Edition PDF:

  1. Emergency Medical Responder A Skills Approach
  2. Emergency Medical Responder A Skills Approach
  3. Patient Assessment Plan
  4. Brief Contents
  5. Contents
  6. Preface
  7. PAC National Occupational Competency Profiles and Curriculum Blueprints
  8. Approach and Organization
  9. Features of the Fifth Canadian Edition
  10. New to the Fifth Canadian Edition
  11. Supplements
  12. Notices
  13. Part 1 Preparatory
  14. Chapter 1 Introduction to the Emergency Medical Services System
  15. Objectives
  16. Introduction
  17. Section 1 Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  18. Dispatch
  19. Scene Assessment
  20. Primary Assessment
  21. Classic Components of EMS
  22. Access to EMS
  23. Levels of Training
  24. In-Hospital Care System
  25. Section 2 The EMR
  26. Your Role
  27. Your Responsibilities
  28. Section 3 Medical Control
  29. Medical Director
  30. Direct and Indirect Medical Control
  31. The EMR
  32. EMR Focus
  33. NOCPs
  34. Review Questions
  35. Section 1
  36. Section 2
  37. Section 3
  38. Chapter 2 The Well-Being of the Emergency Medical Responder
  39. Objectives
  40. Introduction
  41. Section 1 Emotional Aspects of Emergency Medical Care
  42. Death and Dying
  43. The Grieving Process
  44. Dispatch
  45. Scene Assessment
  46. Dealing with the Dying Patient
  47. Stress Management
  48. Recognize Warning Signs
  49. Make Lifestyle Changes
  50. Keep Balance in Your Life
  51. Seek Professional Help
  52. Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD)
  53. Defusing
  54. Debriefing
  55. Accessing CISD
  56. Section 2 Preventing Disease Transmission
  57. How Diseases are Transmitted
  58. Diseases of Concern
  59. Hepatitis B and C
  60. Tuberculosis
  61. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
  62. Other Diseases of Concern
  63. Body Substance Isolation
  64. Handwashing
  65. Cleaning Equipment
  66. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  67. Immunizations
  68. Reporting Exposures
  69. Section 3 Scene Safety
  70. Hazardous Materials
  71. Motor Vehicle Crashes
  72. Violence
  73. EMR Focus
  74. NOCPs
  75. Review Questions
  76. Section 1
  77. Section 2
  78. Section 3
  79. Chapter 3 Legal and Ethical Issues
  80. Objectives
  81. Introduction
  82. Section 1 Scope of Practice
  83. Legal Duties
  84. Ethical Responsibilities
  85. Section 2 Patient Consent and Refusal
  86. Patient Competence
  87. Dispatch
  88. Scene Assessment
  89. Patient Consent
  90. Express Consent
  91. Implied Consent
  92. Minors and Incompetent Adults
  93. Advance Directives
  94. Patient Refusal
  95. Section 3 Other Legal Aspects of Emergency Care
  96. Common Assault
  97. Abandonment and Negligence
  98. Confidentiality
  99. Volunteer Service Acts
  100. Preservation of Evidence

[… and continues]

Emergency Medical Responder: A Skills Approach PDF Free Download

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Emergency Medical Responder A Skills Approach PDF


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