Cannabis For Dummies 1st Edition PDF Free Download [Direct Link]

Cannabis For Dummies 1st Edition PDF

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Here’s the complete overview of Cannabis For Dummies 1st Edition PDF:

Pot is hot―for good reason. To date, 30 states have legalized medical marijuana to the tune of nearly $11B in consumer spending. Whether it’s to help alleviate symptoms of an illness or for adults to use recreationally, more people every day are turning to marijuana.

Features of Cannabis For Dummies 1st Edition PDF

Here’s a quick overview of the essential features of this book:

  • Decide for yourself if marijuana is right for you
  • Manage aches and pains
  • Gain insight on the effects and possible symptom relief Enjoy both sweet and savory edibles
  • Navigate the legal requirements

Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents offered inside Cannabis For Dummies 1st Edition PDF:

Introduction 1

About This Book 1

Foolish Assumptions 2

Icons Used in This Book 3

Beyond the Book 4

Where to Go from Here 4

Part 1: Getting Started with Cannabis 5

Chapter 1: Taking the Nickel Tour 7

Exploring the Basics of Marijuana Consumption 8

Considering medical use 8

Looking into adult recreational use 10

Acknowledging the potential drawbacks 10

Knowing What Makes Cannabis So Special 11

Recognizing the Diversity of Cannabis Strains 13

Buying Cannabis 14

Knowing where and where not to get it 14

Understanding what you’re buying 15

Avoiding rip-offs 16

Exploring Different Consumption Methods 16

Smoking or vaping 16

Edibles 17

Tinctures 17

Topical or transdermal applications 18

Getting Up to Speed on Cannabis Laws 18

Being a Safe and Responsible User 19

Grasping the Basics of Cannabis Production 20

Growing cannabis 20

Harvesting and curing cannabis 21

Creating cannabis, extracts, concentrates and infused products 22

Making Money in the Cannabis Industry 22

Recognizing the challenges 23

Getting a job in the industry 23

Starting your own cannabis business 24

Exploring ancillary business 25

Investing in the industry 25

Chapter 2: Brushing Up on Cannabis Anatomy and Chemistry 27

Getting to Know the Plant from Top to Bottom 27

Examining the structure of the two primary strains 28

Checking out the buds and flowers 28

Taking a peek at the seeds 29

Combing through the trichomes 30

Considering the lesser parts of the plant 31

Taking a Crash Course in Cannabinoid Chemistry 32

Assessing factors impacting individual effects 32

Exploring the endocannabinoid system 33

Getting high with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) 35

Feeling better with cannabidiol (CBD) without getting high 37

Reaping the sedative effects of cannabinol (CBN) 37

Exploring the potential health benefits of cannabigerol (CBG) 37

Discovering the potential health benefits of cannabigerol (CBG) 38

Using terpenes to anticipate effects 38

Exploring Cannabis Concentrates and Extracts 39

Concentrates 39

Extracts 40

Products made from concentrates and extracts 42

Chapter 3: Steering Clear of Legal Trouble 45

Knowing the Laws: Federal, State, Local and International 46

Keeping abreast of U.S federal law and enforcement 46

Getting up to speed on state laws 48

Considering local laws too 51

Knowing your employer’s rules 52

Researching international laws 52

Knowing Your Limits 54

Age limits 54

Purchase limits 55

Grow limits 55

Dosing limits 56

Driving limits 56

Consumption locations 56

Your own personal consumption limits 57

Avoiding Encounters with Law Enforcement 59

Responding Appropriately in Encounters with Law Enforcement 60

Taking Responsibility as a Parent 61

Chapter 4: Tackling Cannabis Politics and Culture 63

Checking the Nation’s Pulse 64

Acknowledging the drivers of change 64

Recognizing differences in attitudes about medical and recreational use 65

Keeping pace with evolving attitudes 66

Debunking Misconceptions of Cannabis and Users 66

Examining Activism 67

Tuning in to Cannabis Culture 69

Part 2: Buying, Storing, and Using Cannabis 71

Chapter 5: Buying and Storing Cannabis 73

Evaluating Your Vendor Options: Where to Buy 74

Buying from a dispensary 74

Buying cannabis online or over the phone 75

Checking out cannabis “gifting” businesses 77

Steering clear of the black market 77

Making Two Key Decisions 78

Getting Quality Product 79

Buy from a reputable dispensary and be willing to pay more 79

Check for third party testing 79

Stick with trusted strains and brands 80

Read the label 80

Inspect the goods 81

Avoiding Common Cannabis Scams 83

Storing Your Cannabis 84

Chapter 6: Choosing and Visiting a Cannabis Dispensary 85

Choosing a Cannabis Dispensary 86

Comparing medical and recreational dispensaries 86

Finding a reliable and legal place to shop 89

Comparing purchase/delivery/pickup options 92

Visiting a Cannabis Dispensary 95

Knowing what to expect 95

Sizing up the budtender 97

Getting a Medical Marijuana Card 98

Chapter 7: Consuming Cannabis 101

Going Old School: Smoking or Vaping 102

Smoking cannabis 102

Vaping cannabis 110

Dabbing 112

Eating and Drinking Cannabis: Edibles 115

Using Topical and Transdermal Products 117

Using Cannabis Tinctures or Pills 118

Taking Pharmaceutical Preparations 119

Chapter 8: Using Cannabis Safely and Responsibly 121

Recognizing the Health and Safety Risks 122

Checking out undesirable transitory effects 122

Looking ahead to potential long-term complications 123

Making Dosing Decisions 124

Defining your desired experience 125

Considering the chemical composition of products 125

Comparing methods of consumption 129

Accounting for other medications or substances used 130

Examining your body’s biochemistry 131

Considering the environment or setting and your mood or mind-set 132

Keeping Safety in Mind 132

Using cannabis in moderation 133

Making rational decisions 133

Committing to no impaired driving 133

Dealing with Overconsumption 134

Distinguishing overconsumption from overdose 134

Avoiding overconsumption 135

Responding to overconsumption 135

Considering Underage Development 136

Part 3: Reaping the Potential Benefits of Medical Marijuana 139

Chapter 9: Using Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes 141

Understanding the Current and Ongoing Status of Medical Marijuana 142

Choosing Medical Marijuana Products 143

Seeking Symptom Relief for Specific Conditions 145

Acne 146

Addiction 146

Alzheimer’s 147

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) 148

Anxiety 149

Appetite loss 149

Arthritis 150

Asthma 151

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) 151

Autism spectrum disorders 151

Autoimmune disorders 152

Bipolar disorder 153

Cachexia (Wasting) 153

Cancer 154

Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS) 155

Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity 155

Depression 156

Diabetes 157

Eating disorders 158

Epilepsy 158

Fibromyalgia 159

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) 159

Glaucoma 160

Hepatitis C 161


Huntington’s disease 162

Inflammation 162

Insomnia 163

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) 163

Lupus 164

Menopause 165

Migraines and headaches 166

Multiple sclerosis (MS) 166

Nausea and vomiting 167

Pain 167

Parkinson’s disease 168

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) 168

Restless legs syndrome 169

Schizophrenia/psychosis 170

Sexual dysfunction 170

Skin conditions 171

Sports medicine 172

Tourette syndrome 172

Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease 173

Accounting for Potential Adverse Side Effects 174

Chapter 10: Using Pot for Pets 175

Recognizing the Potential Benefits of Cannabis Treatment 176

Consulting Your Veterinarian First 177

Treating Specific Conditions in Pets 178

Anxiety 178

Appetite loss 178

Cancer 179

Digestion issues 180

Epilepsy/seizures 180

Nausea/vomiting 181

Pain 181

Palliative care 181

Tumors 181

Noting the Potential Adverse Effects of Cannabis on Pets 182

Administering Cannabis to Pets 182

Deciding on a way to administer it 183

Choosing an initial dose 183

Monitoring your pet’s reaction 184

Adjusting the dose 184

Preventing and responding to overconsumption 185

Obtaining Commercial Cannabinoid Products 185

Preparing Your Own Concoctions 186

Part 4: Grasping the Basics of Cannabis Cultivation, Post-Harvest, and Production 187

Chapter 11: Growing Cannabis 189

Wrapping Your Brain Around the Cannabis Growth Cycle 190

Choosing a Cultivation Method 191

Indoor 191

Outdoor 192

Hydroponics 193

Soil 193

Creating a Grow Room for Indoor Cultivation 194

Tackling the initial setup 194

Simulating the desired climate 195

Focusing on air flow 195

Setting up grow lights 198

Deciding on a watering/fertilizing system 201

Using a hydroponics system 202

Keeping your grow room impeccably clean 204

Preparing for Outdoor Cultivation 204

Choosing a site 204

Hardening off your plants 207

Supporting and protecting your plants 207

Prepping Your Soil or Other Grow Medium 208

Planting Seeds or Cuttings 209

Acquiring seeds or cuttings 209

Germinating seeds 211

Planting seedlings 212

Cloning plants 212

Transplanting 214

Keeping Your Plants Healthy 214

Ensuring proper temperature, humidity, and lighting 214

Watering and fertilizing your plants 215

Checking and adjusting the pH 216

Battling common pests 216

Preventing and treating common diseases 217

Pruning your plants 218

Training your plants to maximize yield 218

Prepping Plants for Harvest 221

Stop spraying the foliage 221

Flush your grow medium 222

Cultivating Cannabis in an Industrial Setting: Special Considerations 222

Considering space locations and rules 222

Considering the use of pesticides and nutrients 223

Handling green waste 223

Arranging third party testing 223

Tracking plants from seed to sale 224

Chapter 12: Harvesting and Post-Harvest 225

Deciding When to Harvest: Timing is Everything! 226

Keeping an eye on the trichomes 226

Observing the pistils and stigmas 227

Tracking leaf senescence 228

Find out the strain’s expected time-to-harvest 228

Harvesting Your Plants 228

Weighing and Calculating Your Yield (Dry/Wet Weights) 229

Determining the plant’s wet weight 229

Weighing after bucking or shucking and maybe rough trimming 230

Weighing green waste and wet bud 231

Drying, Curing, and Trimming Flower Post-Harvest 232

Drying your plant or buds 232

Curing dried cannabis 236

Trimming bud 238

Storing your buds 239

Packaging for commercial use 239

Chapter 13: Making Concentrates and Marijuana Infused Products (MIPs) 241

Grasping Concentrate Basics 242

Exploring Different Extraction Methods 242

Non-solvent extraction methods 243

Solvent extraction methods 244

Creating Your Own Concentrates 247

Making kief (dry sift) 247

Making dry sift hash 248

Making bubble hash 248

Making dry ice hash 250

Making rosin 252

Making charas 253

Make your own cannabis butter 253

Make your own tincture 256

Cooking Up Edibles 257

Preparing Tinctures, Lotions, and More 258

Part 5: Getting Down to Business 259

Chapter 14: Starting Your Own Cannabis Business 261

Working with a Federal Schedule I Drug 262

Choosing a Business Type 263

Grower 264

Retailer 264

Manufacturer of infused products (MIP) 265

Processed product brand 267

Profiting from cannabis with an ancillary business 268

Addressing Common Challenges 268

Dealing with money issues 269

Adhering to state and local laws 272

Applying for licenses in other states 276

Staffing for Success 278

Filling key positions 279

Providing the necessary training 281

Getting your people certified: Badging 282

Setting Up Shop 282

Choosing a facility 282

Establishing your supply chain 283

Tackling transportation issues 283

Acquiring the necessary equipment 284

Creating a website/blog 286

Building your point of sale (POS) system 287

Maintaining a Positive Public Image 287

Attending community hearings 288

Handling public affairs 288

Communicating with the press 288

Catering to the customer 289

Chapter 15: Finding Work in the Cannabis Industry 291

Scoping Out Job Opportunities 292

Grow master or grower 292

Cultivation technician 292

Trimmer 293

Joint roller 293

Cure associate 293

Nutrient chemist 293

Extractor 294

Quality assurance manager 294

Dispensary manager 294

Budtender/sales associate 295

Dispensary receptionist or cashier 295

Packager 296

Edibles chef 296

Courier/delivery driver 296

Buyer 297

Sales representatives 297

Compliance manager 298

Communications director 298

Human resources (HR) manager 299

Trainers 299

Public affairs administrator 300

Laboratory worker 300

Security manager or officer 300

Accountant 301

Marketing manager or team members 301

Facilities manager 301

Technology manager 302

Exploring Jobs in Ancillary Industries and Professions 302

Finding Employers 303

Improving Your Odds of Getting Hired 304

Brush up on cannabis culture and law 304

Attend industry events 305

Get your cannabis badge or state clearance 305

Become a cannabis activist 306

Chapter 16: Investing in Cannabis 307

Sizing Up Current and Future Investment Opportunities 308

Considering the current market 308

Exploring publicly traded stock on the Canadian market 310

Looking ahead to the future market 312

Performing Your Due Diligence 312

Seeking Private Investment Opportunities 313

Considering Investments in Ancillary Businesses 314

Investing in Cannabis Real Estate 314

Part 6: The Part of Tens 317

Chapter 17: Ten Tips for Growing More and Better Weed 319

Choose the Right Strain 319

Choose Top-Quality Seeds 321

Use High-Quality Soil 321

Upsize Your Containers 321

Maximize Bud Production with Topping, Training, and Scrogging 322

Use the Right Nutrients in the Right Amounts at the Right Times 323

Get the Lighting Right 323

Ensure Proper Ventilation and Circulation 324

Be Patient Near Harvest Time 325

Dry and Cure Your Weed Properly 325

Chapter 18: Ten Tips to Enhance Your Cannabis Experience 327

Choose Top-Quality Products 327

Experiment with Different Strains 328

Try Different Consumption Methods 328

Try Hash and Other Concentrates 329

Set the Mood 329

Chill Your Bong 330

Boost Your High with Certain Foods 330

Exercise Regularly 331

Break the Monotony 331

Take a Tolerance Break 331

Chapter 19: Ten Tips for Buying Cannabis 333

Choose the Right Dispensary for You 333

Find a Knowledgeable and Helpful Budtender 334

Describe the Specific Effect You Desire 335

Buy Legal Cannabis 335

Visually Inspect the Product 336

Smell It 336

“Feel” It 337

Taste It 337

Ask About the Cultivation Method 338

Compare Prices 338

Appendix: Cannabis Recipes 339

Index 361

Cannabis For Dummies PDF Free Download

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Cannabis For Dummies 1st Edition PDF


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