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Campbell Biology in Focus PDF

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Here’s the complete overview of Campbell Biology in Focus PDF:

In 900 text pages, Campbell Biology in Focus emphasizes the essential content and scientific skills needed for success in the college introductory course for biology majors.

Each unit streamlines content to best fit the needs of instructors and students, based on surveys, curriculum initiatives, reviews, discussions with hundreds of biology professors, and careful analyses of course syllabi. Every chapter includes a Scientific Skills Exercise that builds skills in graphing, interpreting data, experimental design, and math—skills biology majors need in order to succeed in their upper-level courses. This briefer book upholds the Campbell hallmark standards of accuracy, clarity, and pedagogical innovation.

Features of Campbell Biology in Focus PDF

Here’s a quick overview of the important features of this book:

  • The carefully chosen and thoughtfully crafted content of Campbell Biology in Focus emphasizes the core content of biology. For example:Chapters 2 and 3 quickly review chemistry so that students get to the cell chapters sooner. If students need more review in chemistry, MasteringBiology® offers 84 assignable chemistry tutorials and activities that are automatically graded.
  • Units 1-3 give students the solid foundation in cell biology, genetics, and evolution that they need in order to understand modern biology.
  • Unit 4 tells the story of the history of life by focusing on key events in the evolution of diversity, giving students an overview of life on Earth through time in four chapters.
  • Units 5 and 6 provide carefully selected examples and a more focused perspective on the interrelationship of form and function across diverse species of plants and animals.
  • Unit 7 applies the key themes of the text, including evolution, interactions, and energy and matter, to help students understand the fundamental principles and processes of ecology.
  • Make Connections Questions relate the content of a chapter to material presented earlier in the course to help students see how the different areas of biology are connected, from molecules to organisms to ecosystems. Automatically graded Make Connections Tutorials are also available in MasteringBiology and include answer-specific feedback for students.
  • Campbell Biology in Focus does not skimp on pedagogy.Throughout the chapter, students are encouraged to interact with the content through Concept Check Questions,
  • Make Connections Questions, Figure Legend Questions, Draw It Questions, and What If? Questions.
  • End-of-chapter Summary of Key Concepts Questions and Test Your UnderstandingQuestions encourage higher-level thinking and prepare students for the kinds of questions they will see on exams. The Test Your Understanding Questions are organized into three levels based on Bloom’s Taxonomy: Knowledge/Comprehension,
  • Application/Analysis, and Synthesis/Evaluation. Question types include multiple choice, Draw It, Scientific Inquiry, Focus on Evolution, and Focus on a Theme (Organization, Information, Energy and Matter, or Interactions).

Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents offered inside Campbell Biology in Focus PDF:

1. Introduction: Evolution and the Foundations of Biology


2. The Chemical Context of Life
3. Carbon and the Molecular Diversity of Life
4. A Tour of the Cell
5. Membrane Transport and Cell Signaling
6. An Introduction to Metabolism
7. Cellular Respiration and Fermentation
8. Photosynthesis
9. The Cell Cycle


10. Meiosis and Sexual Life Cycles
11. Mendel and the Gene Idea
12. The Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance
13. The Molecular Basis of Inheritance
14. Gene Expression: From Gene to Protein
15. Regulation of Gene Expression
16. Development, Stem Cells, and Cancer
17. Viruses
18. Genomes and Their Evolution


19. Descent with Modification
20. Phylogeny
21. The Evolution of Populations
22. The Origin of Species
23. Broad Patterns of Evolution


24. Early Life and the Diversification of Prokaryotes
25. The Origin and Diversification of Eukaryotes
26. The Colonization of Land by Plants and Fungi
27. The Rise of Animal Diversity


28. Plant Structure and Growth
29. Resource Acquisition, Nutrition, and Transport in Vascular Plants
30. Reproduction and Domestication of Flowering Plants
31. Plant Responses to Internal and External Signals


32. Homeostasis and Endocrine Signaling
33. Animal Nutrition
34. Circulation and Gas Exchange
35. The Immune System
36. Reproduction and Development
37. Neurons, Synapses, and Signaling
38. Nervous and Sensory Systems
39. Motor Mechanisms and Behavior


40. Population Ecology and the Distribution of Organisms
41. Species Interactions
42. Ecosystems and Energy
43. Global Ecology and Conservation Biology

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Product Details

Below are the technical specifications of Campbell Biology in Focus PDF:

  • Series: Campbell Biology in Focus
  • Hardcover: 1080 pages
  • Publisher: Pearson; 1 edition (January 18, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0321813804
  • ISBN-13: 978-0321813800
  • Product Dimensions: 9.3 x 1.5 x 10.9 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 4.8 pounds

Campbell Biology in Focus PDF Free Download

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Campbell Biology in Focus PDF


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